Absolute Zero Media Has Digital Distribution Home with Fossil Dungeon/ The RELIQUARY

Its official we have agree to have Fossil Dungeon as our exclusive Digital distro home for all AZM titles this point forward the 1st two titles under this arm will be

Aries of As All Die and Power Through Will has release a album of old school Industrial sounds mix with Occult Dark Ambient Rituals and some noise for good measure. This is not a simple listen. Noir Magnetik takes you darker regions on your beliefs!!!!

Black Depth Grey Waves- Tumor Throne- AZM-009
The 2nd release by this Black Occult Industrial Force. Born from the Fires of MZ412, Valefor & Aghast…. Black Depths features members of As All Die & Ordo Tyrannis

This will be starting in June 2009

The digital distro will include I Tune, Amazon, Rhapsody, E music and Napster...

So here are the distro outlets for Absolute Zero media releases
North American Distribution thru Malignant Records - http://malignantrecords.com/
Exclusive European Distribution thru Fractured Spaces Records (UK) http://fracturedspaces.co.uk
Digital Distro thru Fossil Dungeon- http://www.fossildungeon.com/fossildungeon/