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CENTAURUS A - Side Effects Expected
Centaurus- A- Side Effects Expected-CD (Listenable Records)

Listenable has a way of making extreme metal a bit more interesting. All the bands the sign have an amazing full sound and production. That is the 1st thing. They like to sign bands that have an avant or futurist sounding element to there metal as well. Centaurus- A like to mix Melodic Death, Scifi and Prog elements all into one sound that is much more there own then most. The vocals go from clean , spoke to deep growled. They remind me of Pain of Salavation mixed with Gojira. There is a heavy catchy groove to all this and a strong jazz element in the guitar and bass arrangement. The Swedish Death sound does shine from time to time if your a Soilwork or Earlier Inflames fan this will make you very happy. If this is the future of Death metal then is see a very bright one indeed.

Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism cover (Click to see larger picture)
General Surgery - Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism-CD (Listenable Records)

Now look Listenable has thrown me for a loop. This is blistering , short, punkish and grinding. General Surgery is from the old school earache days of bands like Napalm Death, Carcass and Bolt Thrower. There is a super punk like element going on in this Grind bands style and expression. I makes me long for the days of really independent extreme music before myspace and videos. Those all hand made copied zines and tape trading. When you were the only one in your area listening to that demo for the 1st time. It was exciting and you felt like maybe you were doing something a little bit bad or wrong listening to music the world thought was evil and sick. You know what thank you General Surgery for bringing those thoughts and feeling back to mind.

Crógacht cover (Click to see larger picture)

Suidakra - Crógacht-CD (Wacken/SPV)

Raise the Ale horn in praise of the AllFather!!! Suidakra are back with all viking/ folk metal majesty. You can hear the even a celtic heathen element's with the bagpipe in the songs always making them the more interesting. With a lot of todays viking/folk metal going more brutal and gutteral its wonderful to see bands keeping the tradititions alive that bands like Skyclad, Mithotyn, Thyrfing, Falkenbach do so well. I understand some will find this very silly but to all our heathen clans out there remembering and respecting out lost or hidden roots bands like this play a very important role in the world. The Germanic cry must never be silenced!!!!

Nashville Pussy- From Hell to Texas-CD ( SPV Records)

I know for a moment in time this was a band to watch but the hype never met the music for this listener and there still very much what they will always be. Bluesy Southern hard rock band . If you can see AC/DC mixed with Monster Magnet and bit of ZZ Top then you have what Nashville pussy is going to offer you each and every time. This is every bar bands dream sign an indie record deal. Tour the world and live your music. Nashville pussy are right where they want to be and congrads to them for that. Enough Said...

Hels Vite cover (Click to see larger picture)

Thyrfing - Hels Vite-CD (Regain Records)

Ok so here's a make that over the years has given me a lot of mix emotions. Sometimes the make the most brilliant Viking metal on this planet as we know it other times then want to be a symphonic fantasy death metal band. I miss th early releases as this is when Thyrfing was hitting perfection for me . I mix the viking /folk element which the seem to busy now in there music a lot more in 2009. I wish that Thyrfing would return to the Valdr Galga days but I know this is wishful thinking. It's not that I dislike the new material is just that it seems so over the top and missing the passion the old material had. I think it has to do vocal style I think the current vocalist Jens Rydén is too gravelly and deep to really fit the material. Other then this the music does keep a heathen sound alive from time to time. You decide as always the new or the old .

Derek Sherinian-Molecular Heinosity-CD ( Insideout/SPV)

If you know anything about Insideout label its the home of Prog and Synth rock mastery. Derek has worked with Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol and so many more. He writes symphonic rock opera's. If your a fan of the progressive side of rock and metal this will be all for you. Take the vocals out of the mix you have a Ayreon release place and simple. This is amazing to just sit back and listen too. The Synth/ Keyboard work of Sherinian is breath taking to say the least. On this release he even has the guitar wizardy of Zakk Wild on it. The best thing of it all is its very tastefully done. There is a bit of show boating but that is what is needed on a great prog rock release. Inside out just know there genre better then anyone. It's great to have another great synth based prog album in my collection.

KARL SANDERS-Saurian Exorcisms-CD (The End Records)

Yes we have the 2nd solo CD by Guitarist/Mastermind behind Nile and yes it maybe his best work ever. I don't want to call this Ambient Rock but its the closest way to explain what is going on with this albums. The middle eastern elements are strong here as with all nile releases. The difference is the brutality is gone to let the sounds of the mystic lands of old travel through your soul and explore places that with Nile you could never do so. It almost could be a soundtrack for an Indiana Jones or Mummy movie. The heavy percussive element with the classical and textured guitars mix so well with the eastern arrangements with male and female chants and invokations. I really think Relapse was holding back the artist with The End there letting Karl expand on the sound from his debut solo greatly. This may push experimental non metal music to new level and I have to say this is a great moment for ambient/experimental music with a title of this power and skill. A must listen!!!!

Dirty little rabbits-Simon-CD (The End Records)

The End making yet more twists and turns in the sound the label is exposing to the world. This is a very mellow yet distrubing alt rock experience. Dirty Little Rabbits is one part The Gathering mixed with Jarboe with a healthy dose of Cardigans and Bee and Flower thrown in for good measure. There is a pop element to this but the unstable/ jazzy/just creepy organ and drifting string arrangements are just all so weird. I just love it . Its very much where The End is going with STG, Tubring and Made out of Babies just a less agressive side of this anti rock movement. The female vocals really make a sweetness goto another frightening level too. Julie Christmas and Jarboe will be proud. Something interesting is coming and no one will be sure when it does but Dirty Little Rabbits has the master plan under lock and key!!!

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