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Gollum-The Core- CD (Rotten Records)

Rotten records loves the sludge bass sound in there metallic acts. Gollum come from a Thrash/ Hardcore crossover vibe there is a strong Leeway and Cromags vibe to all things that go into Gollums sound. The vocals are very raw and is that throaty style that fit well with the very thrash guitars at time have a very good harmony going on other times I'm waiting for John Joesph to come just the band as there vocalist at time has a very early cromags hardcore sound. This album in 1992 would have been huge in the US crossover scene. Though now it sounds a bit retro. This isn't a slag but more of a love of there musical past which is very clear. Gollum at time even remind me of the very underated Mucky Pup. If you miss a more experimental Hardcore element in your music then Gollum is your cure. Enough said...*LPqNAAPD18sy*ViGVBiVEJTXG*KgZzbvpLTX9lCQXI46*S3z8jz6nS82YuqwsvtNr/Leprous.jpg

Leprous- Tall Poppy Syndrome-CD (Sensory Records)

Well this band has come out of left field for me by good God Damn does it impress me. Sensory is known for its Avant Prog Metal bands but with Leprous your getting Pop, Jazz, Melody, Death Metal, Prog Rock and More. Leprous remind me alot of Opeth and Katatonia current day. SO the more electronic, epic less Death but still very metal.The Majestic guitars, clean vocals interwined with the Grim/ Growled vocals and the very Bluesy/ Jazzy guitar / bass movements is all the more to love this 5 piece from Norway. The Piano and Synth work just elevates the band to another level too. The Drums are complex and laid back all in the same song and these track are Epic to say the least. There from the Same home town as Emperor and the Synth player toured with Emperor on US reunion tour. Tall Poppy Syndrome is a CD that must be experienced not just heard live this must be simply amazing. Another notch in the belt of the best Prog Metal label in the world Sensory....

Ever Onwards

Towards global holocaust- Ever onwards- CD (Scattered to the Winds Productions)

Chaos, Madness, Suffering fucking Black Metal these are the 1st words that come to my mind when hearing this ep from Towards global holocaust. The vomit vocal and blast beats, raw blistering guitar, bass rumble and just the noise and whirlwind of sounds coming from the first few tracks makes me goto bands like Bahimiron this is an all out war on the world. A more perfect home would not be Moribund Cult or Drakkar in France. If you like your Metal for the end of days then look no further . There are some slow almost harmonic moments but they just add to the over all atmosphere to a world on the brink of extinction. The vocal just keep taking me to the edge of madness. Ever onwards is a Black metal release like very few other. Well worth checking out...

Locrian- Drenched Lands-CD ( Small Doses/ At war with false noise)

I received this and I'm going for broke as I've never heard of Locrian before. Drenched Lands is a lot to take in at just one sitting it's over an hour in length and it mixes many styles, ideals and sounds. If there is Ambient Post Black metal drone then I'm going to say Locrian are the kings this duo from chicago are mixing bands like Earth, MZ412, Lustmord, SunnO))), Ten Horned Beast and making it all there own. There is a bleak and desolationist over tone going on and some of the tones and noises going on here are just out of shear pain and emotion. Black Drone is very hard to do well and Drenched Lands is throbbing and oozing with a level of success and mastery most don't achive in several releases. There are a few project out there I think Locrian would call brothers in arms. Kerovnian (RIP), Sleep Research Facility two name a few. Small Doses you need to send me more material to review this was total enjoyment to hear a drone band take sounds and make them into this!!!!! The fuck up vocal cries are just beauty to my ears!!!!

Dead Sea Surfers-S/T-CD ( Dead Phish Records)

Why did i get this Goth Rock or Death Rock is just weak at best and this band is just a total rip of of Sisters of Mercy and Peter Murphy right down to the guitar tones and vocal effects. The Cult with electric even did a better just of ripping of Sisters of Mercy. I'm sorry but the one dimensional synth arrangements are just too much for me to go any further. Major Pass....

Mothra- Dyes- CD (SelfMadeGod)

So I will be the 1st to say I have not been a fan of a lot of the titles SelfMadeGod have put out but Mothra is the exception to the rule as this CD is kicking my ass. Mixing all the elements of Post Hardcore, Death Metal and Grindcore I love to make its one balls out attack to the aural area. If you could put the best parts of Entombed, Godflesh, Neurosis, Isis and Sick of it all into one package you will come close to what Mothra have unleashed with Dyes. The edgy tone to the manic guitars, stop on drum/ bass stop/ start movements. The love of the old school Death/Grind vocals is the icing on the top of this amazing metallic cake. Mothra are a band on the rise enjoy!!!!

Egoist-Ultra Selfish Revolution-CD (SelfMadeGod)

Wow has SMG made a change for the better no more 3rd rate gore or grind bands on this round of Cd's sent out . Egoist reminds me of Strapping Young Lads meets Voivod in a electronic haze and Prog metal assault. This is one of the coolest/ hippest Avant Metal records I've heard in a long time. There is a Jazz element but its more in the controled chaos of it all. There are break and drum and bass elements going on that add sounds familar to newer Ulver, Massive Attack, Tricky etc. There is a strong love of Industrial metal here as well I mean more in the Thought Industry/ Screw/ Revolting Cocks Industrial metal side too. Egoist is just something that came out of left field for me. SelfMadeGod may have one of the releases of 2009 with Egoist for this review.....


BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY - Hieros-Gamos-CD (Autumn Wind Productions)

Ritualistic Ambient, Occult Industrial. Black Seas of Infinity are just want a band with this name should sound like . Unnerving, Spacial, Drifting with heavy chanting and dark sounding drones and chimes. It does get almost Neo Classic in a minimalist way at times with the percussive blasts. This is music to open the door ways to other realms and to the days of Heathen Past gone by. If you want to speak to the God's of old look no further as Heiros-Gamos will take you there. The invokations are being spoken very clear. This is 4 track over 70 minutes of chilling soundtrack material. Housed in a beautiful digipak with a huge booklet of amazing full color artwork. All should check out Black Seas of Infinity as this is a true labor of love.

A MINORITY OF ONE - Bathe in Fiery Answer Digi-CD

A Minority of one- bathe in fiery answer- CD (Autumn Wind Productions)

All I know is The main man behind the almost perfect (At the head of the woods) is a member of this project his name is James Woodhead and this should be listened to just for that. I will say the 1st 3 minutes is not winning me over its a vocal layered piece of a Bass and Alto and it is getting very long winded at this point. There both talented vocalist just seems to be even to minimalist for me. I never thought I would say this but maybe this is just way over my head and way to avant for my understanding. There doesnt seem to be any focus at all . Its mixs Tribal, Ritualistic, Chanting, Industrial and Percussion that is never ending. Its like a field recording gone wrong. I've never disliked a AWP release. I think there needs to be a 1st time for everything. A Minority of one is just not something I can love or even like. I can respect what there doing at an art just not needed to be put on CD. I bet live in the right setting this could be very cool.

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