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Diskrepant is a Swedish unit that seems to have 3 releases out on various labels such as Fin de siecle media. This will be there 4th and they seem to like the darker organic side of deep drones and musique Konkret. It sounds like something that would be very much in tow with Muslimgauze, Daniel Menche or even Steve Roach at times. There is a very haunting other world feeling to all the recordings. If you like the creepier side of Schloss Tegal then your going for the right direction. Cold Spring, Soleilmoon or Malignant records fans will find this amazing and magical in the layers of field recordings and minimal builds. Though it never become a noise release there are very noiseish moments. If the dead can talk to the living I do feel this is the soundtrack they would communicate with. Fantastic release for Fractured Spaces and a genre improving release ....

KADAVER -MOLESTED INTO FORM-CD (Fractured Spaces Records)

Power electronic in the harshest sense of the word this time from Israel not a normal place for this style at all. This is a full on face fuck on pain, aggression and madness and this is just the begin of the nightmarish journey. I would have so say this is were projects like Sutcliff jugend and Sickness has left off. Michael Zolotov is a one man tour de force on this project. At times Molested into form makes me want to pull my eyes out and punch my neighbor in their face. So he is clearly doing his job with Kadaver. The 2nd track sounds like what the poor sould trapped in a torment of eternal hell would sound like on a second like basis. Oddly enough its called " Embracing the tomb stones. Harsh noise and power electronic like this if not done right can come across as foolish or very weak sounding. This is very much the opposite. You don't really get project with this much pent up anger anymore. The old CMI sub label Death Factory or Slaughter Production (RIP Marco) is where these sounds use to be housed . Again for another odd tid bit Kadaver was suppose to have a release on Slaughter Productions but Marco passed on before its release. Kadaver truly lets the plague that is Harsh Noise live within its layers!!! Bravo......

Tribulation-The Horror-CD (Pulverised Records)

Some loves Kreator and Sodom more then a little bit and you know what I'm more then fine with this . Thrashing Death Metal is always a kick ass ride if done with the fury these madness create it with. Blistering riffs full on meaty tone and killer synths mixed in with a Drummer looking to make his own vortex with blast beats and power behind the kit. The bass lines rumble like a battlion of horses running across the plains. The vokills are just that straight out of the 90's Strep throat / Graveled style that maked both bands above icons in the scene. Tribulation adds all the right elements into this release. There is nothing original here but if there was you would lose the magic there creating here. Just listen those leads right out of early Slayer or Exodus!!!!! There are melodic moments mixed in and it just makes it all the better when the whirlwind of metallic sounds come gunning for your . Hell ya Tribulation... Hell YA!!!!!

Deceiver- Heavy Thrashing Metal-CD (Pulverised Records)

Mercyful Fate Tribute band or just way into the sound and style of King Diamond. You make up your mind here my friend. The front man might as well put the King's make up on and run arounf the stage. This is good but it just sounds so retro like its a lost release from the 1980's. I not sure if that is really the sound you want to go for when you sound just like a lot of the Heavier Metal acts from that time Diamond Head, Iron Maiden etc. I just don't get it maybe you will. Every song starts to sound the same by the 5th track. Pass on this one for me.

Wolves In The Throne Room-"Black Cascade" CD (Southern Lord)

Where do you really begin with a band like WITTR. They are the best at what they do. Wolves mixed the elements of Black Metal, Swedish Melodic Death, Doom, Folk, Post Rock and Avant rock into a cauldron of sounds that is very very unlike 98% of the music out there there are really just two bands that even can be considered genre mates to this reviews one would be Death Spell Omega (Anja Offensive) the other would be AZRAEL (Moribund). The Sick and twisted melodies that Wolves in the throne room can create are just stuff of legends. The Northwest just does something to most of the bands there esp Oregon and Washington State . The thing that really cuts this band above the rest is the Ritualistic/ Occult element that the band writes into all of the music and ideals. All the tracks again are 10 plus minutes but for songs to breathe and grow properly especially in this style need the time my friends. Wolves in the throne room are so much more then a Avant Black metal band so to those writers calling them so. Don't cheapen this brilliant project by making them one dimensional. Southern Lord you a music history in the making with this band. Thank you for giving me the chance to even talk about it. Run don't walk to get this if you like extreme music at all.

Orcustus-S/t-CD (Southern Lord)

Southern Lord has become a leader in Black metal over the last few years and with this Orcustus full length release there still ripping through the blackened horizons with the best of the best. The only place the matches there majesty is Moribund for this writers say. Norway is the birth place of the Black metal sounds and this is where Orcustus was born. There is a very thrashing and raw element to them and its what makes it good Black metal. I love the razor sharp vocal attack it just give Orcustus the added kick hope for in Anti human/ Loathing life sound this band presents. If you miss your Black metal raw, fast, noisy and full of hate then welcome back to the reason music like this was created to begin with the ritual cleansing of bullshit in your personal world. Orcustus are the weapon !!!!

Goes cube- Another day has passed-CD (The End Records)

Post Metal is an odd term for me but should it be as Post Rock never was but then again I came at Post Rock at a newbie in the 90's. Metal is my baby and the reason I pick of a bass in the 1st place to make music. Goes cube is an odd place in 2009 . If you will let me explain a bit I hope to make sense of this as there are 3 side to this band. The 1st side is the Post Hardcore Doom side. These elements are Neurosis, Isis, Mastodon. The 2nd side of this triangle would be the Post rock sound of bands like Mogwai, Radiohead and Russian Circles. The 3rd and final piece of the pie is the avant side where bands like Tub Ring, Made out of Babies and My Chemical romance come into picture , The love of punk, metal and emo all mixed into one. Now see this band fits into two sides of The End roster too so it makes it all the more interesting. The will have fans that come at this from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Giant Squid & Agollach side then there will be the others that come from Tub Ring, Made out of Babies and Stolen Babies realm. Both are totaly justifed its just that Goes cube meet somewhere in the middle oddly enough. I hope I've been helpful in indie musical 101 in 2009 now. In the end Goes cube kicks a major amount of ass so get off your lazy ass and get the album...

NADJA-When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV-CD (The End Records)

Nadja is just one of those bands you love or just don't understand and with this release of cover songs they are trying to tell you where they came from and the loves of music and artists that made them who they are. Shoegazing, Metallic, Indie boys like most of use now. I'm the 1st to admit I love My Bloody Valentine as they were the most aggressive and noisey of the Shoegazer movement and just played a good role in my 20 something development. Codine was totally underated band on Subpop the made Drone pop Doom. The Swans (Gira and Jarboe) made to me what Post Industrial sounds were suppose to sound like and created Post rock for this writer. There are others on here A-HA that just a great song so I understand, The Cure we were all a little bit goth for them come on. Elliot Smith was just a great song writer, Slayer is just fucking Slayer wear it as a badge my friends. An Kids in the Hall was the best sketch comedy to come out of Canada in the 90's (were Nadja are from). Here is the track listing for you all. Just get this as Nadja is amazing at these cover and makes me want to relive a lot of the orignal bands again too.

01. Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine)
02. Pea (Codeine)
03. No Cure For The Lonely (Swans)
04. Dead Skin Mask (Slayer)
05. The Sun Always Shines On TV (A-ha)
06. Needle In The Hay (Elliott Smith)
07. Long Dark Twenties (Kids In The Hall)
08. Faith (The Cure)

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