Goes Cube Interview



1. 1st off what the hell does Goes Cube mean?

In a roundabout way, it means "go die." Take those words, translate them into German via the Babelfish online translator, and then translate the German back to English. You'll see what I mean.

2. Your sound is mix of Post Hardcore, Indie rock, Punk and Pop music. where did the interesting sounds come from?

We're always interested and sometimes surprised when folks tell us how they hear our music. We're not a the kind of band who is opposed to labels or categories. But, at the same time, it's also something we've never been concerned with or self-aware of. I suppose the simple answer to your question is that it came from our influences. I can tell you that we listen to death metal, punk, hardcore, thrash, artsy post metal, post rock bands (whatever that means), country music, and classic rock. And more. We strive to play really, really heavy music. But we also are huge riff addicts. And, I (the singer/guitar player) am not much a fan of the so-called cookie monster vocal styles, and prefer the more straight up screaming and singing. At the end of the day, we write songs based on what we're hearing. If we like what we're hearing, we go with it - regardless of whether it sounds like At The Gates, At The Drive In, or any other band or genre. Damn, I wish there was another band that started with "at."

3. How did you hook up with the mighty The End Records?

It involves a ritual that takes place at midnight, some cloaks, goat blood, chanting, a deal with Satan...and really fucking awesome songs.

4. What is the running theme of Another Day Has Passed?

Well, I write all the words, so from a lyrical standpoint, it has something to do with all the hard work we've put in as a band, all the waiting we've done, and it also has a lot to do with getting older, and trying to figure out my life as a person apart from the band. I think, at the end of the day, it's a reflection of this band's entire existence. It also documents my evolving views and opinions about how my life is going and what I'm doing with it.

5. Does Goes Cube prefer to perform live or make madness in the studio?

Can I be boring and say both? I mean, there's nothing in the world like when those magic ingredients come together: good sound, good performance, and good crowd. Then again, for us, we're very focused on songwriting. In my view, our band is our songs, and the studio is where those songs are documented and performed at our absolute best. So, both things---playing live and recording---are great for us. The truth is: When we're on tour, we can't wait to be in the studio. When we're in the studio, we can't wait to be out playing live, where perfect tunings and all that take a back seat to energy.

6. I see there is a new video for Goes Cube Song 30 this this an official video that will be on the video channel outlets???

Actually, that video's from back in 2007. An incredibly talented guy named Jacob Hensberry made it. That song is on our full length, but we re-recorded it. So the version that video is attached to is not the same (nor, in our opinion, as good) as the one on our record. As far as what will happen with it, I have no idea. By the way, here's a fun fact: It was filmed at Southpaw in Brooklyn.

7. If Goes Cube were not from NYC area do you feel the band would have a very different sound. There is a very NYC Hardcore element from what I hear on your debut.

Short answer: No. But, I think if Kenny and I had not grown up, learned about music, and played in bands right outside of NYC (Morristown/Morris Plains, NJ), we wouldn't have the same sound. Of course, Matt---our bass player---is from the midwest, but he also is very well versed in NYC hardcore. So, one thing's for sure, the influence you're hearing is probably there.

8. Are you fans of the digital age ( Digital audio, Myspace, webzines, Sat radio) or do you miss the days of old Radio, Print zines and CD or Vinyl releases ?

We miss the old days of zines, tapes, writing letters (with paper and ink), and underground radio. I also miss carburetors, and not having a cell phone. But we also know and appreciate that the digital age aids in the awareness of music; our music, for example. We'd be way too righteous to give the middle finger to technology, and all that. It's been good to us.

9. Will there be any full scale touring going on in North America?

Oh yes. That's the plan. We've done it before, and we'll do it again.

10. Being a newly signed band to a larger Indie label out there do you have any words to newer bands how to do so?

We're astonished and beyond grateful for our good fortune. The End Records is amazing. Our advice is nothing new. But it's old for a reason: it's tried and true. Work hard, be persistent, try your best, and sacrifice. It's like anything else: athletics, business, whatever. Our signing to the End has been the result of good fortune, yes, but also a hell of a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

11. Are there any new bands out there that impress you?

Yes. There are some bands like Mastodon and Isis who really don't need our endorsement. So let me mention Jones Street Station, Constants, Giraffes, Austerity Program, Necropolis, our labelmates, Hull. Those are just a few. And I can tell you that when we see any of those bands, we are not only impressed with them as bands, but we're jealous of their skills as musicians.

12. Does your earlier material sound anything similar to Another Day Has Passed style??

Some of it. In fact, one of the songs ("Goes Cube Song 30") is an early song, and it's actually on the record.

13. I read somewhere that Goes Cube was signing to Warner Bros a while back did anything happen with that or did the The End turn out be be the best home?

We signed a distro deal with a subsidiary of Warner Music Group a few years ago. It was not a good situation. Not that anyone did anything bad or malicious. But it was an ill-advised deal, bad timing, and... well, I'll stop there. That relationship is long past now. We are 100% ecstatic about our signing to The End. They treat us so well, and their roster is incredible. It's humbling.

14. Thank you for your time any closing thoughts place
Sure: If you think this record is good (which it is), wait'll you hear the next one.