New Reviews 9/13/2008

Evergrey-Torn-CD (SPV Records)

Dark Symphonic Gothic Metal with a very power guitar , bass and synth moving mixed in with some amazingly well done deep clean sung vocals is what I'm hearing on the 1st track. reminds me of bands like Amorphis, Iced Earth and Tiamat . Torn is so bass heavy is just makes the ribcage rumble. There are wonderful melodic harmony guitar and synth moments that sweep through out the release as well. The drummer while never over played is very tasteful and fits the mood and style of the project very majestically. There is a Bluesy soulful sound to this that you just can't fully put your finger on but it's there esp in the vocals and guitar tone. Tom S. Englund is one amazing vocalist. I almost want to call a power metal vocals but he more reminds me of prog metaller but Everygrey never get that techinical though close at moments as they like to add a lot of textural layers into there music and work. Holy Shit the 3rd track kicks in like the last day before armageddon!!!! The Love of Rage or Dio is fully on here!!! Well worth checking out...


I'm not sure what to like about this Neoclassic Metal/ Prog force. I know the man was in the Hard Rock band The Scorpions in the 70's. This seems to be very much in the Ayreon and Rage with Orchestra vein of Metal Choirs, Orchestral, Synths, Percussion and Guitar movements. This is a very epic undertaking so say the least. There is a very heavy prog movement as there are times I swear this is E.L.P, Early Genesis, Jethro Tull . Under a dark sky will not be a release for everyone as its got so many layers and sounds going on with this story line . It's something I think that TSO fans would love very much as its almost a Rock opera in the making. I don't know if Uli has won me over as in some parts its just to avant rock and a little to poppy in sound for me but with this in mind. A Grand undertaking like this must be awed and respected. Check it out for yourself.

Netherbird- The Ghost Collector-CD (Pulverised Records)

Netherbird are a mix of many sounds but most close to bands like Bal Sagoth and Cradle of Filth in the Hyper chaotic Blackened Fantasy metal sound. If you have " Dusk and her Embrace" by Cradle of Filth and "Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule" by BalSagoth. You have the style and sound that Netherbird is going for. It's quite a blast for the past on these old ears. The mix of Melody, Symphonic Grim and Clean Epic sung vocals. Mid tempo'ed blasting percussion and the guitars melodic but still very dirty and blackened in sound. There are moments that I heard bands like Dawn and Dissection trying to come through. I'm sure this has to do with the Swedish up bringing on the band leaders. Netherbird are really amazing at creating a dark and foreboding backdrop with there music and themes. Pulverised has one hell of a band here. Keep an eye on this one.


What we have here is plain and simple a love of Death Grind with a healthy dose of harmonic complexity in their sounds. If you a fan of Napalm Death, Impaled and Abcess then you have come to the right place. The vocals are pissed off. The guitars are razor sharp the bass is brutal and the drums are mammoth. The production on this is second to none and that is very rare these days as most grind influenced project want that raw and muddy sound but with " Tank Gasmask ammo" it could not be further from the truth. There are even some very catchy moments going on here. Another surprise release from a Asian label I knew very little about until receiving this batch of CD's to review for them.

Impiety- Dominator-MCD
(Pulverised Records)

Impiety is a face fuck of Black Death are brutal and fast and steeped in the 90's sound as possible. This is what the days of Denim are all about. A blast of guitars, bass and drums with vocals the tear at your very soul with those reverbed moment were a line with echo in your mind for weeks. Impiety just want to hit you with as much metallic force as possible in the vein of Bathory or Sodom does. They have a strong love for bands like Carnal Forge and Hellhammer too. Dominator is not for the weak. Being an EP they come in and out very fast and leave you wanting more and I think that is Impiety goal so score another win for this Asian Death metal power house. 15 minutes of fury my friends remember " Angel of Death" was a classic at 29 minutes. We may have another here!!!!

Darkestrah - The Great Silk Road-CD (Paragon Records)

Pagan Black metal has seem to lay low over the last few years but with Darkestrah it seems to be making a powerful comeback. There is a very ritualistic element in the tools and primitive instrumentation that is being used almost with in eastern European flare. I want to say I have a feel that Vlad the impaler or Erik the Great will be rising from the grave do try and drive off the infidels off from there Father or Mother land. The music and feeling comes form a much more black metal sound very similar to Graveland and Drukdh to my ears at time even bands like Burzum seem to hold a key to the over all mood and tone of the music. The Atmosphere is very important here. Darkestrah have released a extreme metal album that few will be able to or want to match. Original, Innovative and more the anything interesting with multiple listen. kudos!!!

October Falls - The Womb Of Primordial Nature -CD (Debemur Morti Productions/ Moribund Cult)

Why do I even need to review this as I'm sure words like Perfect, Brilliant , Mindblowing are to simple of a thought or ideal for bands like October Falls . Everytime these 2 labels get together and release music its magic for any listener. October Falls are my Heathen/ Folk Metal heroes as of late. I use to be band like Falkenbach, Thryfing and Bathory. As we move into 2008 October Falls add all the elements one needs the acoustic guitar, drive black metal the epic arrangements, the cold feelings of the past winters and springs of rebirth. The massive vocal and string movements. There are moments where I hear bands like Opeth and Katatonia come through in the melloncoly feels and spirits of all but the Heathen soul always comes back to soar its banner high to the world. If you don't adore a band like this then your christian ways have made you lost to your true faith and humanity. Remember in the end its all about you and the nature and your surroundings. With bands like October Falls at least the ways of old can never be forgotten. Just Fantastic release we have here!!!!.

Arckanum - Antikosmos-CD (Debemur Morti Productions/ Moribund Cult)

Oh look another collab from these 2 label I wonder if this release is worth the merit I gave October Falls. If you like your Black metal of a much more older and vicious nature then you are going to kneel down and thank the Swedish metal gods for this release. Arckanum is a one man force of anger, aggression and spite to a world that give him no respect and kicks him in the teeth each and everyday. This is yet another project to remember there past and with the runes and heathen overtone I give Shamaatae full respect and honour. Antikosmos is about the darker side and the power it has for your beliefs remember when Black metal was something that un nerved you and you got your Cds by mailorder only from places like, Osmose, Redstream These are the feelings Arckanum present and remind me of. I really like that its sung fully in swedish as the nordic tongues seem to make Black metal all the more special. Another release I would highly recommend.
Rudimentary Peni- No more Pain -CDEP (Southern Records)

UK Aggro Punk from a band that has been around for a very long while and seem to be just as nasty noisy and pissed off as ever. I love of The pistols, The Deadboys, Dead Kennedys and Nausea is very strong here and I here were bands like Neurosis, Antiseen, Buzzoven, Eyehategod came from. As the Crust and Dirge sounds that are almost metal are here. I never followed the band and have only ever heard select songs before but I can clearly see why the band has such a cult and loyal following from this ep alone. They are very good at what the do even 25 yrs later. With listening to No more pain I'm going to have to dig deeper and see what the buzz about this band really was. Good to see 25 yrs later a band can still keep the fire going. Check this out for sure if you like Noisy Punk with a message.