Made out of Babies Interview Oct 1st 2008

1. For those new to Made out of babies tell us a bit of how you came to be.

B- We formed to play Julie's sisters birthday as a joke. We got together practiced for a week and wrote a few songs and then played the party. We were horrible. But it was fun so we just kept going.

2. You just released a new CD on The End after having a few releases on Neurot. Why the change of labels??

B- Just time for a change. We did 2 records with them and we just felt like trying something different. Nothing bad happened, no juicy gossip. Everything about this record for us was about trying new things and the change of label was just one of many.

3. The Ruiner seems to be a bit more epic and melodic then Coward CD. Do you feel that youve added a more melodic element here.

B- Like I said, everything about this record was about trying new and different things. We were very conscious about not limiting ourselves in any way. We didn't want to NOT do anything, if that makes sense. If something cameup and it sounded too pretty or too corny or whatever we just went with it to see what would happen and 9 times out of 10 we really liked where it went. And it would just give us something we never even knew we could do.

4. Being from NYC , Brooklyn actually how do you feel the club and venues in NYC are supporting indie music these days do you miss places like CBGB's Continential, Coney Island High and Lamours.. Is it hard for a Noisey rock band to find venues to play these day???

B- Yes and Yes. Certain places I do miss, certain ones were dumps and I don't give a shit that they're gone. But one thing for certain is that there are less and less venues that are independently owned and operated and that often makes it difficult for bands that want exposure in this city. We are lucky enough now to be able to play the places we want when we want in NY now a days but that is only a recent thing. ut actually now there are a few more here and there that are opening and others that have had the capabilities for a while but are just now getting it together and putting on more and more good shows.

5. Is there a Theme running through The Ruiner.

B- We prefer to leave that up to the listener. The lyrics on this record were decidedly less obscure than the previous ones, but still we prefer not to tell people what meaning they are "supposed" to get from the songs.

6. Julie's voice is so expressive it works so well with the drive bass and dissident guitar tones. How did this sound come to be.

B- We all do what we do and I think it has now just been so long that we have been playing together that we know what works with each others playing and singing and we have just now begun to realize what our potential has been all along. If you are asking about specific technique or things like that I have no idea. I just know for me personally that playing with these three other individuals is now just the most natural feeling thing as far as music goes I have experienced.

7. Made of out babies is an interesting name were did you come up with this ??

B- It was a joke that stuck. Let that be a lesson to us.

8. If there were any artist or group Made out of babies could collab with who would it be and why?

B- We all have very different tastes in music, which is what makes the music we make sound the way it does. If I could pick anyone I would say Johnny Greenwood or Warren Ellis. I also like those Beirut people a lot too. Ooo and I would write a song for Scout Niblett anyday.

9. What your thoughts on the Digital music age as a band are you for or against it. Does it help or hurt the artist in the end.

B- Good and bad of course. You get a lot more access but it is also impossible to be paid for music that you make, so in turn you get way more of the crap that big labels that have a marketing and more secure plan of getting their money and the smaller people have no hope of ever seeing a dime for what they put so much work into. As far as recording though I have to say that I am not with the recording purists that are completely against it. It is just another tool to expand the palette of recorded music.

10. There is such a feeling of dispair and hope all at the same time with Made out of babies. Are the dueling thoughts there on purpose

B- Isn't that how most people feel all the time? You swing back and forth between the 2. I do anyway.

11. If your were asked by someone that has never heard Made of out babies . How would you describe the band to them.

B- Loud, creepy and cute.

12. DO you prefer to Perform live or is the studio the place the band would rather be?

B- That is really hard to say. I used to love playing live above all else. But now I love the studio so much. Ever since I built the studio in my house here in Brooklyn (where we did a lot of the preliminary work for the new record as well as much of the overdubbing) it has been an incredible experience learning how to write and record music in a wholenew way. Plus touring is hard, it is a lot of work and sometimes you get very little back in return. But there are those rare occassions that the crowd is good and into it, we are all in the right mood and we are playing really good. It is those times that make playing live the best thing ever.

13. Did you ever think the band would reach the levels it has touring worldwide. releasing albums on larger indie labels and getting worldwide press?

B- No, never.

14. At the end of the day and when the Band runs its course what does Made out of babies how to leave as there mark on the world

B- The same as any band. A few good songs and many memories.

15. Your website while simple is really beautiful is it more about function then form???

B- Simple is best.

16. Do you feel Myspace is a manditory evil in 2008?

B- Yep. Sucks. But it is what it is.

17. Any closing thoughts please place here

B- Thank you so much for asking us to do this.