Experimental Music Review Issue 9/28/2008

Orpheos- Walk in the dark- Promo CD

This is a solo project of Electro Goth with heavy elements taken from electro industrial scene. Very Bauhaus meets Sisters of Mercy's in the vocal style. There is a dance element to music but I would never call it 100% Goth rock as it has to many other elements going on . I hate to use the term synth pop too as there are flavors of Depeche Mode , Massive Attack going on here. I like Orpheos much more when the darker trip hop elements come out esp on track 3 "On the run" . The gentlemen has a very good voice for this style and works very well with the beats and driving rhythms here. If you like the mellow moments of Ulver as well this will be your cup of tea. I was expecting nothing and came away with several track I really enjoyed. Check Orpheos out at his myspace site below.


Goly Grim- Nothing Natural This way Comes-CD (Grim Records)

Some on has a strong love of projects like Godflesh, Swans and Man is the bastard. This is Industrial Doom no other way to say it. There is a darkness, a sickness to the guitar and bass sounds that come through in such a tortured manner mixed with the haunting synths and robotic death drums and vocals just commanding out the orders that this projects demands that you hear. I would say there Black industrial part of Goly Grim as well that would go well with bands like MZ412, In Slaughtered natives. "Nothing Natural This way comes" has a lot to with Halo and Treponem Pal in sound and presence too. I would not call metal in anyway as Goly grim are more akin to the Brutal Punk/ Industrial Doom side of the spectrum but there are metal elements esp in the guitar sound. If you like the bands I've mentions these guys are a mandatory listen.

MICROSCOPIC SUFFERING- We're the pigs in america-CD (Grim Records)

This is one very unsettling Percussive Noise terror unit. Rumbling bass tones, heavy effect vocals that are yelled or grunts in the same way projects like Survival Unit, Slogun or NTT would unlease to the world. MICROSCOPIC SUFFERING have a lot in common with power electronics those they like to mix the tempos and synthetic elements up with an almost dark hypnotic feeling. This is one long 24 minute live track and if MICROSCOPIC SUFFERING sounds this amazing live. There pro done recording will take the the world by storm. Dom if your reading this I think we've found your next project for Hospital Records as they would make an fantastic addition you your roster. There is again a swans and halo worship going on here but is a much more pissed off manner. Check this nightmare squad out asap.


Die Warzau- Vinyl 88- CD (Rose Hip Record)

Do you remember the late 80's/ early 90's when the there was the electro industrial/ Metallic industrial crazy going on with labels like Wax trax. TVT, Mute , Cop Intl etc well this the world that Die Warzau comes from. I'm sure you remember Die Warzau as they were taken the industrial world by storm with bands likeNIN, Nitzer ebb, Front line assembly, Front 242, KDMFM. Well there back with a remix record of some of there more aggro moments with some really ass kicking rhythmic back drops and six unreleased tracks. This really makes me remember the early days of 120 minutes on MTV (then they cared about new artists and exposing new sounds to the world). Vinyl 88 just simply is fantastic and good to see bands like this telling the world look were back and going to smack you in the face once more. The production is 2nd to none here and i love the ethno elements, jazz movements and the subtle neo classic moments all with what I like to call the Pretty hate machine loops as all the bands love those drum sounds from acid or fruity loop. Come back and embrace Die Warzau one of the better unit that create these sounds.



BLÆRG, “Auspices and Vagaries”- MiniCD (Bottle Imp Productions)

Blaerg is something again I should by all manner hate but since my love of trip hop and glitch music has been growing by leaps and bounds thanks to projects like Ulver, Xploding Plastix and When. Blaerg has that jazzy broke beat sound that I can really sink my teeth into and Daniel at Bottle-imp seems to know that and keeps me in my regular fix of the damn stuff. Blaerg is a soundtrack to the thinking mans electronic scene part dj, part movie and video game soundtrack and 100% awe inspiring. What else his there to say other than 4 tracks in just too short and if Blaerg isnt careful they may become my fave beat driving electro project. The packaging for this 3" CD is amazing to multi color full jewelcase and full color artwork in white, red and black. Works very well with the sounds that are created. Nice touch.



Metria, “Leaving The Burning Building”-CD (Bottle-Imp Productions)

Metria is a traveling soundscape of drifting tones and field records with odd samples of spoke words, cheering and demonic voices. Those is seems to be oppressive and dark there is never really a noise or harshness to this release. Metria like to left the feels of fear, confusion and loss and the tools to give you the final vision of a world on the brink of total destruction. If i was to compare the project to other things that have been created that would be very hard as it incorp's elements of the dark or minimal sounds of artist like Sleep Research, Lustmore, Non, EN and Nordvargr. This is a very oppressive sounding release as when it becomes dense you can feel the pure dispair and saddness of the end of days. Metria is a very good voice of the martial electronic scene...


Amnion- Exp1-MCD (Bottle-Imp Productions)

I knew that someday someone would expand on the sounds that Arecibo ( a Lustmord side project). Amnion sounds like distance signals from space or sonar deep with in the oceans of the world. I really dig the spacial and very isolationist sounds that come in the backdrops of this project. Bottle-Imp productions is releasing some very amazing titles too bad on the CDR format only . I really think the world would be interested the titles be less limited. I like how Amnion goes form mellow to building up in tone and texture to a full on blitz of audio frenzy. There is a bunch of melody in the distance as well from time to time. A lot of the more experimental ambient project have left this sound for a more minimal sound. I like the organic movements of it all. Amnion needs a full length release and I hope Bottle-Imp gives it to Amion.


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