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The Neptune Power Federation- Memoirs of a A Rat Queen- Digital/ CD/ LP ( Cruz Del Sur )

Space rock meet 70's Glam Rock meets Proto metal all epic and theatrically fronted by the female voice of Screaming Loz Sutch . If Motorhead, Diamond Head and Judas priest were inspired by 80's pop metal but really 70's rock fans I think this what The Neptune Power Federation are all about. This really is one of the more infectious and fun records I have heard in a very long time. It so damn catchy you just want to rock out with it . Are you a fan of The Sword, Clutch, Jess and the Ancient ones or Zodiac Mindwarp you will very much feel at home. I just can't say it enough this album is drawing me in and makes me want to clap and sing along . Well enough of me rambling on with this . Listen and your going to love this  70's Glam Rock opera ...

TRAGEDIENS TRONE -Tragediens Trone - Digital/ CD / LP ( Osmose Productions)

This reminds me of more melodic , orchestral and atmospheric Black metal that I love in late 90's and early 00's.  There is an industrial and esoteric musical over tone going on through out the release as with all band that have this over the top presentation. The arrangements and production is second to none. TRAGEDIENS TRONE have something very occult going on and I think the keys to this will unlock as you listen to the words and see that unfolds from track to track.  Post Black metal at times is really coming from what I'm hearing then again this has a very theatrical over tone as well maybe these reviews are just pulling me into that cosmic direction.  The more I listen its like  Behemoth, Satyricon and Dimmu Borgir can forth and have a love for Limbonic art and Thorns.  Now is the time to pull the blackened veil and you make the choice of where  TRAGEDIENS TRONE takes you .

SIJJIN- Angel of the Eastern Gate - Digital/ LP / Tape ( Sepulchral Voice )

Words that are coming from my lips... " This is a demo ????"  I can not believe it these 5 songs from  German Blackened Thrash band  SIJJIN sounds better then many albums I have reviewed of the last 10 yrs. This is digging into the past with some of my favorite bands of this style  Sodom, Kreator, Possessed and Celtic Frost ... The vocals are that of Possessed and Tom G Warrior for sure. I just want to keep listening to this over and over again and it really is the best mix of  Extreme Thrash bordering on early Death metal and that early Black metal that  bands like Bathory and Venom brought to the world. I really should not have to say anymore . You are going to love this or its going to be way to retro of an idea and style. SIJJIN I hope you come to North America so I get the chance to see you live.

Worm - Gloomlord- Digital/ LP/ TAPE  ( Iron Bonehead )

So when the corpses begin to slowly decay and sorrow and despair come full circle this is the band one should be listening too. A mix of  Doom/Death, Funeral Doom and Black Doom.  Dusk, Dolorian , Cianide , Thergothon and Disembowelment come pouring from the speaker when I'm listening to Worm. I love the very reverbed and swampy vocals that come from Worm.  There is just enough  Black and Death metal over tone to make this sinister and Doomy as all hell.  Worm have those Bolt Thrower mid tempo blasting drums and bass lines going on that just make Gloomlord heavy as fuck. Yes you hear me right . This album get better and better as you listen to it more and more . I almost feel this band go trapped in time and woke up 25 to 30 years after forming and recording an album that we never got to truly hear. 

Track off  album

Nobody - Gospel of the Goat- Digital/ CD ( Inverse Records)

From Finland on a Finnish label comes Nobody a one man  Acoustic Black metal band . Yes I shit you not ... Black metal vocals and an  Acoustic guitar. As Solitary and Grin and as any one thing get get . So you know how Xasthur does Nocturnal Poisoning which is blue grass inspired. This sound like  Blues and Americana guitars with Grim vocals. Nobody is really something I was not expecting or ready for but as I go through the five track there is a beautiful and ugly darkness to the atmospheres that are going on through out all the tracks. I want to call this a Satanic Folk album and at the end of the day I really think this is just that. Words will not be able to help you understand what is unfolding here . Its not your time to experience Nobody and see if it moves you the same way it has just done to me.