Journey with me to Prophecy and Beyond...

Bonanist- Ecosystem-CD/ Digital/LP (Aural Music )

With the term Green metal were do you start well with Avant Post Black metal from San Franciso with features  Davide of ( Ephel Duath, Gospel of the Witches and Howling Sycamore) This reminds me of  Heathem Black Folk mix with some of the more left of center bands like  Fleurety, Solefald, D.H.G. Sigh, A Forest of Stars and Enslaved with many very Prog and Dissident movements going on. The last album was on the very avant label called The Flenser . There is nothing simple or easy about listening to this band. I swear at times they an almost Vaudville  meets  Theatrical over all feeling . There are some strong elements of nature and making sure we keep that in harmony. There is a broken and almost frantic and manic way of this album mix with early 1900 th century musical ideals. I really hear bands like  Sleepy time  gorilla museum, Frantic Bleep and  Secret Chiefs 3. The oddity of all that Bonanist creates is what it is driving me back to them album after album. Ecosystem is really a ground breaking album in style mix  Americana, Post Black metal, Proggy Death and Avant Theatrics and you are very in the pocket of what  Bonanist is and will be...

Disillusion- The Liberation-CD/Digital/LP (Prophecy Productions )

Well them here we go with a very Progressive  Metal band with some major love of  Goth Doom, Heathen Folky Melodic Black metal all into a stew of a few bands that I would like to say  . What I hear is elements of  Samael, Early Opeth, Paradise Lost and Celtic Frost going on through out  The Liberation. I want to use the word Majesty but the album maybe too dark in it's design to be called Majesty maybe  the better phrasing is  Grandious and  Regal. There is something  so dark, beautiful and  sinister all going on at the same time with Disillusions. I really like the Gothic and acoustic element with in that Very amazing Proggish Doom vibe going on. There are some vocal and guitar passages that are just giving me chills through out the album. I think Anathema would have sounded like this if the kept on the path they were going with " The Silent Engima " . There are some strong  Anathema and Antimatter feelings going on here too. Well at the end of the day  this is a stellar album and I look forward to growing to hear more I love listen after listen.

Kayo Dot- Blasphemy-CD/ Digital /LP (Prophecy Productions )

Toby Driver ever since I met him in Maudlin of the well  and were were label mates on Dark Symphonies  . He has been on a musical journey to mix  Classical, Avant, Electronic and Extreme musical sounds into something that make you puzzled, disgusted, enthralled and panick all at the same time. Were Maudlin of the well was just too free formed for me Kayo Dot has been mixing the boundries of Indie Rock, Kraut Rock, Doom metal, Prog Rock and Electronics into something that as been drawing me int with Blasphemy I really feel the have done a course correction where the last album on The Flenser really took a journey to into  Death rock and Cold wave . With Blasphemy the  extremity is back into the fold with fringe that makes them so impressive . I love the  Killing Joke meets Dolorian  meets Sisters of Mercy vibe and its working so so well. There are time it sounds like  Chelsea Wolfe, David Galas and Russian Circles . I'm not sure many of you like that more Dark Rock and Electro Goth elements they throw in but for me. It's an honor to know Toby even though we have not talked in a decade and see him still creating  vibrant and vital music all these decades later.

Pinewalker- Migration-CD/ Digital  (Self Released)

SLC,Utah is were Pinewalker hails and this is one of the more wonderful  Dirgy,Sludgy, Ugly  Heavy ass Doom albums I've heard this year. It was all the  bluesy over tones that are needed to come an play with all the heavy weights on labels like  20 Buck Spin, Southern Lord, Black Bow, Svart and all the rest of them out there. I love the old school  Cathedral, Crowbar and Kyuss vibes I'm feeling in the Bass and Drums. This is that kick ass  C.O.C and Clutch element going on here as well. Pinewalker you know how to throw down one hell of a riff and make it want you to move.  I hope you released this without label because you chose this path as there will be labels lining up for the next record.  Love he Crusty Hardcore side of the band that comes out on many of the tracks as well. It doesnt have to be slow to be heavy has fuck  .. Napalm Death and Bolt thrower have shown that time and time again. Do not pass on this album Pinewalker is a stand out of 2019 for Dirgy Low end madness. Time too witness the next wave of the extreme underground.

Curse of Denial- Coming For your soul- CD/ Digital ( Redefining Darkness)

From the Bowels of bands like Decrepit, From the Depths, and Descend comes Curse of Denial. This is Guttural low end Doomy Death with some strong  Black and thrash elements . There is some very  Northern European Death metal Flares going on here with this unit out of Ohio. I hear alot of of that Swedish and Finnish Death metal love going on through out  Coming for your soul.The vocals go very in and out of that  Carcass, Marduk, Hypocrisy and Dissection ways so this is were that Blackened element really comes from . I also hear elements of Incantation for that Blackened Death layer. The have a love for that extreme dirty thrash that bands like  Kreator, Exciter,Sodom and Atrophy were creating back in the day. Curse of Denial are another strong notch on the belt of  Redefining  Darkness ever expanding roster of extermity .

Funeral Oration- Eliphas Love- CD/ Digital/LP  (Avantgrade Music)

Italian  Black metal that has many retro, Nasty, Thrashing and Avant elements going on through out the release. We are talking heavy occult moment as well.  Imagine if  King Diamond, Profanatica, Inquistion and  Black Witchery had a love child  you would be very close too this  creation. The synths and raw over tones work so well with the spoken and shreeked vocals that are being brought forth.  I hear elements of bands like  Devil Doll, Feg Slough,  Cult of Fire and  even Opera IX at times. This is very wierd mix of 80's Underground metal,Black metal, Folk Metal and Occult and thrashing elements. At times it even has those early Greek Black metal bands going on through out the album. I just going in circles now with Funeral Oration. All I know its interesting and bizzare and makes me want to listen to it. I even hear Absu elements here . Check them out they will not dissapoint it you like  occult folky Black metal..