3 Visions into the Underground...

The Drowning- The Radiant Dark- Digital/ CD ( Transcending Obscurity)

These Gents are from the UK and fully remind me of the amazing  Doom /Death with those Gothic and Epic element bands like  My Dying Bride,Anathema, Paradise lost, Saturnus, Trail of Tears and  Silent Streams of Godless Elegy is what I'm hearing . There is a Majestic as well as dark and gloomy Death metal vision going on here. This is music that labels like  Peaceville, Candlelight, Avantgarde and Napalm were legendary for in the late 90's early 00's.  The production is full and stunning and you can hear every note and sorrow filled moment . The Drowning like to add  bit of the more grinding elements bands like Disembowelment, Mindrot and Cereimonium did as well . Those the Symphonic's are a bit more in the backdrop they are there and add amazing touches to the over all presentation.  For Doom metal fans at the end of the day this is not an album to be missed .

Zarraza- Rotten Remains- CD/ Digital (Self Released)

There from  Kazakhstan do you even know here that is ? I Borders  Russia ,China and Mongolia and yes there are strong Eastern and Oriental elements through out the album . Zarrara mix Extreme Thrash, Melodic Death, Power Metal, Grind and Hardcore into something like  if  Early Opeth,  Machine Head and Strapping young lad went to see  Kreator and Exodus in the 90's. Extreme metal that is really all over the place that sounds monsterous and magically and just plain massive. There are very strong  Mid period  Sepultura and Nailbomb moments going through out this bastard as well. I makes you want to get on the pit floor and cause a scene. If you respect Metal music with  vision, talent and venom that is not going to dissapear hell ya. I here bands like  Vader, Hypocrisy and Behemoth at times too for the Death metal bursts that come in and out. Zarraza is a very interesting force of music and needs to be more widely exposed to the underground.

Netherbird- Into the vast uncharted- Digital/CD/LP ( Eisenwald)

Swedish Black Death by former Amon Amarth member and mastered by Dan Swano . Holy Fuck do we have something impressive in store. Yes it is every thing you are expecting  are you a fan of  Edge of Sanity, Dissection, Dawn, Rotting Christ and Immortal . The war like  meets melodic death meets Swedish Black metal elements are all here. You can even hear the heathen and Pagan moments through out the album. This is a stunning record and Netherbird have something that is down right infectious to listen to over and over again. Though there are harsh moments there are massive harmonic and catchy parts to this extreme album from all corners of the speakers.The Blackened almost commanded from the pulpit it  what I love most.There are even Ihsahn and Dimmu Borgir vibes through out  " Into the vast uncharted" . You need to listen to an album like this several times to even start to understand what you are getting into here. Netherbird have one of the stand out metal albums of 2019 for sure.