Father forgive me for we have sinned ... And it was fun!

Officium Triste- The Death of GAIA-CD/ Digital (Transcending Obscurity )

This Dutch musical force has been making  soulful and emotional Doom metal for over two decades. Officium Triste are  Epic Gothic Death Doom with some of the most lush and beautiful Orchestral movements in Doom. The remind me of bands like  Tristania, Saturnus, Anathema, Novembers Doom and  My Dying Bride. This band should have years ago gone to  Peaceville or Avantgarde labels as this is where there sound would have thrived. Also wondered why labels like Displeased and Hammerheart did not push this majesty band more.  The Death of Gaia is achingly fantastic in every way from production to stunning arrangements , power strings, synths, Death growls and those Anathema and Saturnus guitar tones. I just hope that  Transcending Obscurity and finally get the respect this band truly deserves.

Peter BJARGO- Structures and Downfall- CD/ Digital/LP (Cyclic Law)

This is the gentleman that got me into Dark Ambient,Darkwave and Neoclassical music. Arcana, Sophia are stunning works from Cold Meat a label that went away far to early in its amazing life.  With this his 4th proper solo records this really take over where Arcana was and is . Passionate and Stunning  Neoclassic  Dark Industrial music that comes across as somber, hopeful and sorrowful all at the same time. Those Deep spoken and Baratone vocals remind me of Nick Cave and Brendan Perry (Dead can dance) there are some amazing Lycia like moments too. I going to say again there is a strong element of 3rd and the mortal here but much later period when the metal all but stopped for them.  The Fragile and Spacious movements are just more then words can say . Peter as made an album that will truly make you rethink how others create music in this genre over all. So so good...

Sifting- The Infinite Loop-CD/ Digital (Eclipse Records)

There are moments when Prog metal is just a step above the rest and the cream has risen to the top . There are times when a ban just gives you musical and aural chills from moment go. Sifting is that such band mix elements of  Sons of Apollo, Haken, Devin Townsend, Fates Warning and Prospekt to to name a few. This is as Tech,Melodic and Composed as it's Prog ideal comes to be. The vocals are just amazing what else is there to say the blend with the harmony guitars.The groovy off time signatures are all you can ask and more. This is a work of theatrical  wonderment. Love those very Jazzy and Funky elements as well. This were bands like Savatage and Iced Earth come into play as the Power metal is strong with Sifting in that way . I'm not sure were else to turn with an album like  The Infinite Loop is needed to be heard to understand. I also hear so much  Devil Doll in this album MR Doctor himself would be proud to know theses composers. AH something Prog Rock is just what you need to scratch that itch... Thank you ...

Mother's Tomb- Absent not dead- CD/ Digital (Redefining Darkness)

So reading a bit about this band it looks like Jason Schwartwalder of Brutality has made this is new home  and yes this a Death metal experience but with classical, melodic, thrash and grinding overtone. There is also members of  The Absence here . This has that very modern Death metal feel to it in the way the guitar and drums are very much in the front of the mix and bass and vocals come for as an accompanyment to all that is presented here. Not that the vocals or bass are buried just not in the forefront of the creation. There is a very Earache , Century media and Nukeblast from the 90's writing style and that is where that Grinding and thrash element comes into the Death metal sound. I also like the Black Death vocal approach it works very well over these 4 songs. Mother's Tomb has a very impressive debut and I look forward to hearing more .

Knaaves- The Serpent's Root-CD/  Tape/Digital (Confluence Records)

Pissed off,Nasty, Dirty Hardcore with a Crusty Deathcore over tones.This is the kind of band that kicks you right in the dick and  after it all  they will tell you that they love you.  There are element of  At the Gates, Oathbreaker, Converge,  Venom Prison,  Tragedy, DropDead, Agrophobic Nosebleed and Nails .  The best of both Metallic Hardcore and Crust is what you're getting here. Fuck I love this album. I'm just going to make this review short and sweet because we need to stop talking and you need to start listening NOW!!!!!!