Three to hold you over till the next Assualt !!!

Warforged - I: Voice- CD/Digital/LP ( The Artisan Era )

When I use the words  Epic here there is no joke folks. This is some over the top  Blackened Prog Death going on from Blistering Movments to Fragile Acoustic passages. To full Prog Death . Its really simple to break down moments not the whole lets just say to start we Mash  Ihsahn, Gojira, Meshuggah,  A Forest of Stars into something wonderfully over chaotic and them say we make it even more Prog and Tech with a Sci fi overtone . Am I starting to warm you up on how breathetaking this really is. Well good then . We also have elements of Ne Obliviscaris, Blut Aus Nord and D.H.G. going on . This is one of the more interesting project I have heard as there are really ambient , noise and industrial sounds coming from the speakers too.  Warforged is a full musical experience . I would even say bands like  Oxiplegatz and And Oceans at times comes ripping through the listener . Ok enough is enough right . Time for you to just listen and be blown away at the musical complexity going on before us all .

Accursed Spawn- The Virulent Host - CD/ Digital( PRC Music )

Tech Death is always been a very hit or miss for this guy . As its very well done or a mess of 10,000 notes and burping vocals . Well with  Accured Spawn we have a mix of  Melodic  Death and Tech Death that straddles the world of both styles into something Catchy and intense. Just for a moment imagine the Melodic Swedish  Death metal mixed with Florida and Dutch Death extremity . So yes  Disemember ,Altar, Brutality and Dissection going on through out the speakers there is even some what I call war metal going on there with the bombastic attack going on with the drums and guitar riffing. The vocals are guttural but you can hear them and work so well even with the more melodic side I'm talking and esp with the very Tech side they almost go with the guitar notes at times.Very odd and cool at the same. You can even hear a bit of that UK  Earache grind going on from Bolt thrower and Napalm Death over all really just a kick ass Death metal release that will really get you wanting to move and thrash about .

Eugenic Death- Under the Knife- CD/ Digital   (Heaven and Hell Records)

This is making relive my youth as Eugenic Death is  retro extreme thrash in the way I used to love it  Slayer, Faith or Fear, Atrophy, Kreator, Sodom,  Testament and Sepultura just to name a few . You very much are queued in on where we are coming to with this style. I love great heavy catchy and Techy thrash . I would even say  band like Violence and Exodus come to mind when listening to  Under the Knife. Jesus look at the album cover it should tell you what were about to listening to . North Carolina should be damn proud to have a Thrash unit like this as I would go see them over and over again as it really is that good. Retro is not a dirty word when an album kicks ass like this . They have those thrash hooks even like " Ride the lightning" period Metallica. Your going to lust after this or thrash isnt your thing and that were I rest with this review.