6 Events ,5 Justified Edition

Krypts- Cadaver Circulation - Digital /CD/ LP (Dark Descent Records)

Finland really know how to bring an edge to extreme metal in general so listening to Krypts they are adding two of my favorite elements to the style. Slow and grinding Death metal with some strong moments of  ultra low and slow  Doom. These six songs are an amazing journey into  the sinister side of  Death Doom with a very atmospheric overtone throught out the release. Production is molasses thick and you yet you can hear everything without fail. The time crafted into the song writing is clearly there with all the movements and changes, Now onto the artwork it reminds me of something you would see from a post or  avant Blackmetal band. At times it does have a blackened feel but never moves to that direction esp. in the way the vocals are effected. Dark Descent really again is the label that comes through with a Dark/Doom album full of Death metal magic. This reminds me of bands like  DemiGod,Tomb Mold and Outer Heaven on this release and I think its very much more the other way around .


Vaura- Sables-CD/ Digital/LP ( Profound Lore )

Can you just imagine what kind of musical/ aural experience you will get with Members Of Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Kayo Dot, Tombs, Azar Swan? You wil not even begin to my friends this is a Avant Post Punk, Gothic, Cold wave meets Fragile Prog rock event and yes I mean event!!!  If you could mix  The Mission,Sisters of Mercy,Anathema, Peter Murphy and Nick Cave into something epic then guess what Vaura is born. We are about you ride on one emotional train of sounds, hope, heartache and reflections. I want to say this sound a lot like  Canaan and This Empty Flow as well. They have a love of the darker sides of bands like  The Cure and Tenhi as well too.There is almost a sinister feeling to this album at time as they are taking you to darker places and many listener of this style would go. The fragile dark beauty of this is what is keeping me coming back over and over again. Check it out I don't think this will dissapoint period.


The Lord Weird Slough Feg- New Organon - CD/Digital/LP (Cruz Del Sur Music )

Truly have you been living under a rock and listening to metal music for the last decade and not know who this is? This is  Sluogh Feg tenth album mixing elements of  Doom,Thrash,Classic rock and off the wall proggy elements.This band is from San Franciso and you can tell with every note that they are from a rich heritage of metal and prog music ideals. I love very clean and elegant sung vocals that remind of 70 and 80's Prog Rock and Classic metal. Yes  Priest,Maiden, Diamond Head, Manilla Road, Saxon etc all are here stewing around with early proto Doom and  Early Power Metal meets Thrash. What else to you want from a band like this. Slough Feg are just fucking good and that will never change.


Smoulder- tTmes of obscene evil and wild daring- CD/Digtial/LP (Cruz Del Sur Music / Gates of Hell Records) 

Yes lets get this out of the way the vocalist is a member of BangerTV so I'm sure its getting bigger press then normal because of this . I going to be clear this album kick ass its mix of  Classic Doom and Power Metal in a way that doesn't sound shitty and cheesy. Sara's vocals are full , melodic and work so well with the style. Its like St Vitus or Cathedral had female vocals there are so many other bands too. I'm think this is very similar to Madder Mortem and Mourn vocally at times too. The driving bass and mid tempo style of the band really works to mix it that epic Power/Viking Metal style as well. I will not gush over this but I will say for this style anyone into Rhapsody, St Vitus or Maiden could get into any album like this. Good shit by a good band now get it .


Sühnopfer- Hic regnant borbonii manes- CD/Digital/LP ( Debemur Morti Productions ) 

You know there are times when you just need a good Black metal band and then Sühnopfer shows up and all it right with the violent and choatic world again. This is  Blistering and melodic Black/Death in the only have it should be be done like  Dissection or Emperor with both side of the style are very much covered here with some Marduk and Dark Funeral love going on as well . I would even say there are moments of Old Man's Child going on here . Sühnopfer are super talented let's get that into your head to begin with and the arrangements are stunning and epic. You again can hear every note plus the tormented vocals.The cold melodies are really what makes this stand out though with the acoustic and spoke word movements. Remember it doesn't have to reinvent the wheel to be amazing and with "Hic regnant borbonii manes" . We have a brilliant Black metal album.


Mutilate- Contagium -LP/CD/DIGITAL (  Iron Bonehead )

Well it had to happen there came an album I just don't get or understand why it was made.The production is like it was recorded with mic's underground and every song sounds the same . The same riff and vocals are played over and over again. I get underground , raw and brutal but when it sounds like D level Death metal and they have atmospheric and progressive parts that you can't really make out . The question isn't why. It's go back and do it better as this band could be good " Could " is the word that needs to be understood. Mutilate did just that to  " Contagium". Why did I go 4 songs into this album and why do you want to sound like Beastial Warlust on every track.. Someone being arty and weird doesnt work and here is a clear cut time.