These are my thoughts on Aural outputs not yours...Be happy you got these...

Hath- Of Rot and Ruin- CD/LP/ Digital  ( Willowtip )

Progressive and Technical are two things that draw me too Black Death and then when you at Post Hardcore elements into the picture I just done ... With Hath you have something that I want to Call Prog Deathcore but I know that is too Simple as there are Blackened movements, With on Heavy Proggy Death rock moments, Classical and Epic metal times and then the fury and chaos that could clearly take the paint off the side of a house. Complexity here is second to none and it makes it all the more special. Ok folks what do you want from me here . I love this album and Willowtip is a perfect home and the stronger fringe extreme metal bands that have a very Tech Death overtone seem to find them. Hath you keep the melodic elements with all the nightmarish elements too and for that you have made 2019 a better musical landscape for this reviewer/ musician.

Autumn Tears- Colors Hidden Within The Gray -CD/ Digital ( Dark Symphonies)

Ted and Dark Symphonies have a dear spot in my heart as this is the label that released an album for me and really got my name out there musically. So I have heard Autumn tears for a very long time and with each release they have become more and more a force and a goto point for anymore into Neoclassical, Dark Orchestral and Progressive Folk music. The beauty and passion behind the song and skill of a band like this is a mastery of love and madness. I could not begin to understand the undertaking of something so majestic. The lush female vocals, soaring and somber pianos, strings and synths. The music goes from hopeful to heartbreaking to uplifting to stunning all sometimes in the same song. Autumn Tears is truly in a class all by itself. Thank you for one more journey into the Gothic and Classical music world.

INTRCPTR - II-Digital (  Pax Aeternum )

Oh look this becoming like a family reunion of sorts. Ben Carr of 5ive also helped release an album of material on his Odd Halo label many years back for me. and now he is recording with a Pelican members and making some wonderfully fuzzed out metallic post rock that I would say has a warm doomy overtone as well. This just two tracks  so damn them for onlyu giving me two new songs but they are brilliantly noisy , dronish , doom like and hypnotic all at the same time. I hope this Duo gives us a third chapter but if not this was impressive as all get out . There is odd harmony going on with these tracks that I just can not get out of my head now. So awesome for that and damn you at the same time.

ABYSSIC- High The Memory- CD/LP/ Digital  ( Osmose Productions )

Ok Holy Fuck this is the Doom metal album of my dreams . Imagine just for a moment Epic/Orchestral Doom/Death with Blackened elements and then just for shits and giggles you add Mellotron, Minimoog and upright bass. This album by Abyssic is literally chilling me to bone. The Black/Doom Vocals work so well with the music being presented this is as Doloron, Paradise Lost, Katatonia and Early Opeth all got together of the love of bands like like  Shape of Dispair, Skepticism and Unholy.. I really don't know where else to go with this review other then Osmose you have unleashed a masterpiece in the making. Words are do just fail me .