OTHISMOS Interview is up Crusty/Noise Punk Adventure ahead ...

OTHISMOS Interview

[Filippo “Caino” Masina answering/ bass & main vocals]

1. Tell us about this Crusty Grindy project?

Othismos started in november 2009 when the three of us – our guitarist Luca Migliorucci, our former drummer Giacomo Solla and myself – began rehearsing just for the fun of it. But it became progressively a “serious” project and then we released a self-titled demo, a 3-song ep and two full-lengths. We have never played much live, but we’re happy with what we’ve done, above all because we had the chance to make a couple of mini-tours abroad.

2.Italy has been strong for Crusty  noisy metal music. What bands have inspired OTHISMOS?

It’s hard to say, because the three original members – who have written almost all the material that we have ever released – have very different musical tastes. I can answer for myself, being the main composer of the band.
Actually, we have never been inspired by the most famous Italian punk/hardcore bands like Negazione, Wretched, Impact etc. to which we are often compared. Personally, I barely know them, and I listen to much more extreme stuff. The only Italian hardcore band that somehow inspired us are Nerorgasmo, but we have never tried to play like them anyway.
In different times in our “career”, we have taken inspiration from High on Fire, Young And In The Way, Unsane, Lord Mantis, Amenra and The Secret (and many more that I’m forgetting). As you can see, there’s only one Italian band and all of the above mentioned have not much in common.

3. In 4 words decribe the bands sound to someone that's never heard it?

Desperate, aggressive, harsh, uncompromised.

4.what is the theme behind Separzione album?

“Separazione” has multiple meanings. To name some of them: distance, loss, surrender, failure, suicide, extinction, uselessness, apathy, indifference, hate, despise.
Plus all the others the you wish to add. But for sure not happy stuff.

5. Why self release and not seek out label?

We did seek a label, but we haven’t received any good offer. We’re not willing to pay someone to print our record. We know that it’s common nowadays, but we are not available to pay someone to do something that we can do ourselves. So we went with the digital release only, at least for now. But there are chances, in the next few months, to have “Separazione” released in cd-format by a small, truly indipendent label.
To all the labels out there trying to exploit bands like us (that is, complete losers): fuck off, I hopeyou’ll die soon.

6. What's a live show like for  OTHISMOS?

A complete immersion in our music.

7. If you could make a proper video for any track off Separzione. What track and why?

We are preparing a lyric video for 100 Years Demise, because its lyrics sum up all the main themes of the album. I hope we can release it soon.

8. What bands are you currently listening ? Any local act you like to take about?

The bands that I am listening more right now are Mgla, Cult Leader, Lord Mantis, Wolvhammer, Wiegedood, Ulcerate, Cold Cell. Plus other stuff.
The place I live in is a musical black hole. We are probably the most extreme band that has ever existed over here, and that tells you a lot.

9.  Do the member of OTHISMOS have other projects or is this the main focus for all?  

We’ve all had other projects, but this is our only band right now. The exception is Shmulik, the drummer who played in this record, who -down there in Israel- has a hardcore band called Alert, and some other collaboration in other bands.

10. How has social media , bandcamp etc change the extreme underground ?

The internet changed everything. Without that, a band like ours would have never came out of the practice room. Of course there are two faces for every coin: we are submerged by music, a lot of it completely useless (including ours, of course). But, as a listener, I love the chance to get to know new good bands everyday.
There’s another side effect, in my opinion: bands with some thousand “followers” on their social media feel very important, somehow “superior”. Facebook, Instagram etc. gave us a way to count our “success” based on the likes that we get, but that’s all counterfeit. Many likes, but no records sold, and no people attending gigs. So keep yourself humble, in the real world you’re nothing.

11. Tell us a bit about were you see the bands sound heading?

Actually I have no idea. We would like to develop some pieces and bits of “experiments” that we have tried to do in “Separazione”, as in songs like “Madre”, “Hymn of Victory” and “The Plague”. But I also like quick and rough stuff as “The Fangless Beast”. So we’ll see.
Right now, the four people who recorded “Separazione” are split in 3 different countries, so I guess it’s hard to make plans for the future.

12. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here?

Nope. Thanks for your questions.