That's right 2018 I'm back with 6 new reviews ... Suck it ......

Untervoid- S/T- CD/ Digital /LP ( Osmose Productions)

We have  some  Disguistingly wonderful progressive  Post  Black metal going on here  under the  banner of  Osmose .  Untervoid have a very strong  Industrial element to what is  circling around the sounds of this band . With the  vocals we have some more nightmarish and sinister like  DHG, CODE and  Mayhem in  presentation . I would even say that Untervoid has something in common with band like Mysticum and Aosoth as well. I think we  are seeing eye to eye on what we have here. This is a fringe Black metal force. This at time even sounds like   Borknagar and Actrurus.  That all I really have to say and if you like what I'm putting out then this is going to be an amazing 4 song journey for you listening pleasure .

Ataraxy -when all hope fades  - cd/ digital ( Dark descent records)

This  album is  like a slithering snake twisting and turning into different style with every change of the riff. I here a mix of  Progressive Black Doom and some very avantgarde post metal movements going on . There is a grim side to this . If you a fan of  Deinonychus, Bethlehem and  Shining (Sweden) you will begin to understand as there are full on Black and Doom sides to this album . You can actually feel the pain and torment through out this release of  Metallic Depression, You can listen to one sanity being lost through out the tracks of  "When all hope fades". The production is  massive on this it has moments of even bands like  Dolorian, Evoken and Esoteric with the way the Doom elements are presented to the listener.  Ataraxy is  really a  stunning  band  and  more need to witness this ...

THE PARASITE PARADISE - "His Only Begotten Son (A.D. MMXVII)- CD/ Digital ( The Cursed Order)

Why is it  always Finland that gives us the  truly fucked up Metal forces in the world . With "The Parasite Paradise "..  We have  Blues Low fi Black and Roll going on here in  something at is mixed elements of Impaled Nazarine, Current Dark Throne  bands like  Mule and  John Spencers  Blues Explosion and  Mudhoney to  this reviewer. Yes I know this sound like a fucked up combo but it works so well. I know this but a  one name creation and very little info have  about him ( ARI  XIII). The Bluesy side of these two tracks are really what  makes the  album stand out and have that left of center Black and Roll sound.  With that this demo ep is well worth checking out goto Bandcamp site below for now..

Hammr- Unholy Destruction- CD/ Tape/LP/Digital ( Hell's Headbangers)

Thrashing  raw  barbaric Black Death is all we  really need to say for Hammr and you can be on your way to listen to the what sounds like Demo turned into full proper album and the raw and retro sounding metal that of Mercyful Fate, Hellhammer and  Venom .. What else would you like me to say about this the cover all in black and whit and primitive art on it  tells you what you are getting with a  band like Hammr. Loud , Blast, reverbed vocals and that black punk thrash crossover that make labels like  Osmose and Moribund a staple of the underground for years. Ok I'm out ....

Tralineate- Ike Antz Leap- CD/ Digital  (Self-Release )

Death metal takes on many shapes  and  forms in 2018 and with Tralineate we have  a guttural force that love to had Tech and  Prog element into a very tight and over compressed sound to make it all the more suffocating  and intense for the listener. The triggered drums are really over the top and the way synths and  electronics are layered over the guitars and  vocals really makes this a dense feeling release. There are even some  blackened Death movements on the album that take it into a more unsettling overtone for Tralineate . All I can say is I wish the drums were not so triggered and drum machine other then that. If has a very interesting sound and style. Disincarnate, Fear Factory & Fleshgod Apocalypse are bands that you can hear through out the album... Keep up the impressive over all release..

Lurker of  Chalice- S/T-  CD, Digital, DLP ( Nuclear war now ! ) Reissue 

What we have  is a long out of print album now reissues for the world to witness once again and if you don't know who Lurker of Chalice is . It's the other project of  Wrest of  Leviathan. With  Lurker of  Chalice we get a much dark doomier more hypnotic kind of release with a very much occult and pagan over tone. I also hear alot of Black noise elements in this it's not so atmospheric  Black that  Levuathan are.  As I listen to this massive undertaking for the 1st time really. I find it a crime that this was not a major underground success when 1st released and this is some of the strongest material Mr Whitehead has ever created .  I'm closing there are some many styles, arrangements and elements going on here  Black, Death, Thrash, Doom, Prog, Noise  and Post Rock ... I just want to listen to this over and over again.. Stellar album that the 2nd time around needs much fan fare...