Svart Records artist Jess and the Ancient Ones Interview is up

1.  Tell us at bit about  the  Fuzzed out  Whirlwind of Psych rock that Jess and the ancient ones create and how did it come to be from what i would say were extreme metal folk?

We create music that we enjoy to listen and perform. No idea is too wild, as we dont keep ourselves cornered within genres. All of this has been of natural growth. Its true that extreme metal dominated my life for many, many years, but I also grew to love all great music in the world. Jazz, blues, surf, garage, funk, soul...everything goes.

2.. You have been with Svart Records for a while now . What makes this label so special and differ the bands on this label just for the ones I love Sabbath Assembly. Beastmilk, Exploding eye Orchestra, K-X-P,  Hello Black Hole and Skepticism. Is there something special in that Finnish water?

I think the guys from Svart have a nice ear for different styles of music. They are not genre slaves, but release music and art from a widespread scale. Maybe the Finnish waters are poisoned with mind altering drugs? Who knows...the goverment perhaps?

3. To continue on this theme what is is like music scene wise in you town and area?

Thomas: Underground activity is strong. Metal, pop, rock, rap, etc. There are also some good DJ’s here, who blast out garage, raw soul, and some rhythm & blues. Sweet shit one might say. Me and my girlfriend love to go dancing to those tunes!

4. If you could collab with any band and make an album or  a few songs  . Who would it be any why?

Maybe a split with the Electric Prunes would be sweet, as they are still around. Much respect! Infact, I tried reaching them through email, but did not receive an reply. If you know them, spread the word!

5. How does image and visuals play a role in the over all in the creation and future of what Jess and the ancient ones visions of the band?

There needs to be an symbiosis within every release we make, and thus the artwork is carefully crafted to fully support the music and lyrics. On the new album, I made the cover art by myself. It’s a collage piece, as my hands do not posses the skills to paint.

6. What is the bands on Social Media in 2017 is it a blessing or  curse for indie Bands?

Social media can be a great help for bands to spread their stuff. Still, it does not help if the songs are not there, you know? So concentrate on the music first, then take on the world.

7. How would you explain the band to someone that has never listened to Jesse and the ancient ones ever?

A rock band that's not afraid of wild ideas. Groovy and edgy, with a twist.

8. What tracks get the best responses live and do you change those track up live when you play them?

Astral Sabbat and Castaneda seem to hit the sweet spot always, but the new songs have also good a really good response.

We do change the set every now and then, and try to serve the audience with a nice selection from all of our releases.

9. What kinds of bands do you like to play with it seems that metal, goth and prog communities all seem to have positive things to say about the band?

We have played with extreme metal bands, as well as jazz, prog, rock, doom -bands, and we always get along really well with mixed genres. We are really friendly and helpful, and there is no rock star mentality to be found. Be kind, it goes a long way.

10. How are the songs crafted for recording are the written live on tour, in rehearsals or is everything done in the recording sessions?

I craft the base back home, and then take the material for the rehearsals, where everyone chips in. We do the arrangaments as a band, so that everybodys "voice" can be heard within the material. I do get ideas on the road as well, and I take a lot of notes. Inspiration may struck whenever!

11. What bands are impressing the members of  Jesse and the ancient ones?

The list is endless, but lately I've been spinning some Autosalvage, The Growing Concern and The Velvet Illusions. Also been digging a lot of old popcorn soul, and some Bo Diddley. Napalm Death also has a solid spot in my playlist.

12. Do the members of the band have other projects they would like to tell my readers about?

Many of us play with other bands as well, but I think there's maybe nothing for the JATAO -based listeners, as they are more extreme bands, hahah. Or I don't know? Maybe you should check out Demilich. Some good old school death metal right there!

13. How does   Postcasts and Youtube change the game for bands in 2017?

They are good channels for tranferring art, but you do have to have something really interesting included in your posts, as there are myriads of channels out there. It's hard to stand out.

14. If the members were not making music what would you all be doing ?

That's a scary thought. I think we would have great mental distress, and a helpless feeling of displacement.

One flew over the cuckoo's nest -kind of stuff.

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

Be all you can be brothers and sisters, and be well. Much love <3