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Obscene (U.S.) -Sermon to the Snake- TAPE ( Blood harvest)

We have a 4  song Demo that is  is really something Special for this reviewer. I mixes  Black Death in the way  band back in the late 90's did and has some very raw elements as well especially in that  raspy vocal style. There are some great slower  Melodic Death metal moments going on here. I love the more polished approach to what they are creating . I does not sound like a demo at all. There are some very Swedish Black metal movements on this a well and really like that.  You can hear elements of  Marduk and Edge of Sanity here esp early stuff. Really impressed to say the least. I would even dare to say there are some Dissection and  Grave influences going on here. At the end of the day good Old School Death mixed with Doomy and Blackened style and they are a US band shocking right .


Saintorment - Defective Mind- CD/ Digital ( More Hate Productions)

So the  1st thing I got when I starting listening to this was " Where is  my Jacket with the band patches" this is late 80's early 90's retro extreme thrash. Are you a fan of  Nuclear assault, Kreator, Sodom,  Faith or Fear and ever Exciter then damn have you found you're new fave band there are some of those great Crossover elements like  DRI  had. Do you all remember a band called Realm this has a lot of this element going on in the manic style of thrash your throwing at us. This super talented and full of  Guitar acrobatics for they way you remember Thrash was as it was going into a more Death metal love. Ok enough already time for you to own this . Oh yes  they are from Latvia too so some eastern European love too.


High Priests -Spinning- CD/ Digital / LP  (Triple Eye Industries)

Gee  a band from Chicago  Playing Noisy post Hardcore what a fucking  Shocker. I will tell you know what you are getting and going to either love or hate it .  Its Totally in that  Jesus Lizard,  Chokebore, Drive like Jehu, , Deadguy and Tar style of  Noisey indie stuff. They could very well be on labels like  Amrep,  Magic Bullet or SST back in the day. I not sure were else to go with this as its  Noise, Hardcore, Experimental and full of fury. So please to have  another  record to add to the collection of ones that I go weeks at a time and listening to my noise rock adventures. Great work gentlemen.


PERPETRATÖR Altered Beast- Digital/ CD  (Caverna Abismal)

When one looks at an album cover like this you come to hope its going to have a extreme overtone to music. For it to be  nasty, dirty sounding and just over all naughty in the themes and tones it going to take. Well my friends fear not this is a Punk and Trash adventure that likes to also add the heavier elements of  Classic metal too. There can even been what is called  proto Death metal elements but Extreme  Punk / Thrash is really what you are getting it sounds huge and noisy and the chaos it  presents to the world is so good. This would have been a thrash band on  Combat or  Nuke Blast back in the early days. I could very much hear this on Roadracer too. I'm not  going to band drop here but fuck San Fran and  German Thrash fan united for for a ride of  a life time . This unit from Portugal is well worth more  then a few listens /


Malformity -The Rapturous Unraveling  - 7 " ( Boris Records )

This  two  song juggunaut is a mix of two things  Grindcore  and  Melodic  Tech Swedish Death metal if you need me to say more then I'm not sure where to go with you . if  Dismember and Brutal  Truth  could have a love child then you would have Malformity. I'm going to make this a short one as it's two songs  and I will be looking forward to a new full length .. 


Grafvitnir--  Keys to the Mysteries Beyond - CD/ Digital ( Carnal Records )

Atmospheric Black Metal is what I'm hearing as this album begin and Majestic is a term that I would say goes with it.  This is very much in that  Dawn, Dissection, Dark Funeral and Dimmu Borgir side of musical spectrum . Wow four black metal bands all starting with D..  Grafvitnir is one of those  Frozen North Black metal band they do have a very Norse and Finnish feel to. I could see them on Misanthropy, Woodcut or Moonfog. As this is where  we move on to the Candlelight Days on black metal .. You can hear earlier  Emperor and Mayhem in the music as well. Grafvitnir is  what is called Grim and it needs to be. It has enough frantic elements to be one of those Osmose Production bands from late 90's too. We need Black metal to keep making bands like this as they are a bridge between Grim  and Post  Black metal. This is a journey I will be traveling more .