Horror Gore Industrial Metal Madmen Invertia interview is up

1. Your based in New England how is the extreme metal world in the frozen north?

Well to be honest right now I have ice caught in my tires and it's making my car shake haha!  But in all seriousness, it is definitely inspiring when the winter comes.  We get a lot of writing done because it's too cold to do much else. 

2. You have a few releases before "the crimson screen vol.1" how do they differ as this is a blackened post industrial metal undertaking?

The new ep is different lyrically and we started to experiment with some slower tempos and some different sounds from the rest of our material. 

3. I really hear elements of bands like Mayhem, Code , DHG and  Abyorm to name a few with great gore and noise samples. What sounds make Invertia tick?

You pretty much nailed it!  I can't say I have ever heard of Code but the rest of those bands are some of our biggest influences.  Of course now I have to go check out Code!  We both have very different influences and that's what makes us sound the way we do.

4. The album.cover of " the crimson screen" almost looks like a religious intervention. How does cover play into theme and story of tracks?

The cover is a sort of an exorcism.  The priest is trying to cast out a werewolf from the man in the chair.  There is a song on the ep call Lycanthropos which has to do with a werewolf.  Also it has to do with the monster we all can become at times.  Which is the worst horror of all.

5. Why do DIY again we have had label support before?

So we can keep whatever money we do make and hold all rights to be honest.  No other reasons.

6. What bands are impressing the duo of Invertia?

I'm big into old school black metal from the early 90's but I like Death Grips which is experimental hip hop and the new Converge is nuts as well.  New Nokturnal Mortum rules too!

7. Death metal , electronics and grindcore seem to creep thier way into the tracks too from what I hear correct?

Yeah sure why not! Death Metal and Grindcore from the early 90's are a big influence as well so they sneak in for sure.

8. If you could make a proper video of one of the new tracks . Which one and why?

Probably, Cast No Shadow only because it's the one we are most proud of and it's also the one people like the most...and typically it never works out that way haha!

9. Do the members of Invertia create music in other styles or have other projects you would like to talk about?

Sure I'm working on project that's basically straight forward black metal.  Tim has multiple projects as well in much different genres.  Again, it's why we sound the way we do.

10. If a bigger label came along and wanted to sign band is that something that would interest Invertia or no?

Depends on the contract I suppose.  I would never say never.

11. What is or would a live show be like for Invertia in 2018.. 

Complete chaos I would hope!!!  We don't play live much but when we do all hell breaks loose!

12. Does Bandcamp, You tube , SoundCloud and good Pr seem to be all a band needs to get exposure in 2018?

I think so, it can't hurt these days.  We take advantage of some of those sites without a doubt.

13 . Thank you for time any closing thoughts here .

Check us out at invertia.bandcamp.com and thank you so much for this interview!  Be well.