Yes this time you get FIVE you heard me...

Death yell - Descent into hell- CD/LP/Digital (Hell's headbangers)

After two Decades in the shadows this band from Chile has reformed and is making music again this time for Hell's Headbanger. What I hear just from listening to a few tracks 90's extreme Thrash mixed with Black Death . You now there are many bands that have done this before and its going to have a familiar vibe for sure , Very much that Bathory, Celtic Frost , Kreator and Goatwhore sound. This is catchy and infectious in the way the music is created and presented . The Venomous Toxic extreme thrash element is really what i hear coming from the speakers with a like a more melodic Blackened Death metal like Destroyer666 or Beherit . Death Yell have the South American blackened Death element in spades. At the end of the day another strong retro edge extreme release for Hell's Headbangers. 

INK- Loom- CD/ Digital ( Tritons Obit )

This Greek unit mixes some very interesting genre of music if you will allow your mind to soak this in. I hear elements of Screaming Trees, Tiamat, Tool and Godsmack. Yes I know very different but  Grunge, Goth, Prog and Heavy rock elements are flowing through out this band with such a simplistic name as INK.  The 3rd track on this album sound like like a cross between The Cult and  Sisters of Mercy. There is so much goth rock coming from this band I can not feel like they are all former Deth rock musicians that found a love for 90 Grunge and INK was born. Not sure this is going to be for many of my readers but I can tell you I'm really digging it. The Tiamat and Godsmack elements really stand out the most. Take a risk and INK many be very rewarding to you.

As Paradise Falls- Digital Ritual- CD/ Digital ( Eclipse Records)

So we go to the land down under from As Paradise Falls. This is a full on Tech Deathcore band with no shame in what they are creating . Hands down slam moments, screamo vocals , monster breakdowns and a futurist modern electronic element to the music over all. I do very much like this and as they years go by I have begun to love this style more and more as it adds electronic and post hardcore element more into mix and less of the rapcore that early deathcore found a need for. There is a wonderful melody that comes in and out of this band and just bands the band even more sticky to listen too. The melodic vocals are really a shining moment with those Hardcore guitar and drum break downs. I can not say it even. The production is on point too. Damn this album is getting better as it moves along the mix of  Extreme and Beauty is what music is missing today. There is some strong love to Tech Death too . I hear a lot of bands like The Red Chord and Gigan at times. Chris your label is one of those not afraid to take risks keep it up sir.

Bloodlust At the Devil's left hand- CD/ Tape/ LP ( Caverna Abismal)

Black Thrash we have no other way to talk about this band also from the land of OZ. If you're a fan of early Venom, Bathory, Slayer, Marduk and Gosphel of Horns. I will not stay on this long as it's something you love instantly or move on to the next records. You have be from a time or mindset where you loved copied fanzine, going to record stores and looking for underground music as well as loving to have you demin jacket with your cult band patches. Everything 80's is cool again so this is right in line with that something I miss . This is the kind of music that got me into metal .. Maybe this is help you do the same... Horns up ..

Prospekt - The Illuminated Sky- CD/ Digital ( Sensory Records)

Oh dear this band is making my heart weep with joy . Power Power, Jazzy and Heavy rock and metal brilliants. I going to mention a few bands I hear right out of the gate .. Fates Warning , Symphony X, Zack period Savatage, King X and Rhaspody all combined in to sound that is as majestic as it is complex and melodic . This is the kind progressive bands that never fail to impress and the talent is there to shine over and over again.  The guitar work and odd time bass and drum work is just so cutting edge with a vocalist that has the full potential to really sing is heart out. Sensory which is part of The Lasers Edge family of labels is one of the bright sides of Prog music in 2017 with Inside out an My Kingdom music in Europe. I really don't want to stop listening to this album as it's that good but I have more to do . Prospekt you are going to be listened to over and over again I promise you that.