7 reviews for 7 voices crying out to be heard ....

Kimi Kärki -Eye for an Eye- CD/ Digital ( Svart )

Finnish musician who as worked with Reverend Bizarre, Lord Vicar, Orne, E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr, and, most recently, Uhrijuhla. Coming from very Doom metal world this is a 180 twist as we have is a total  Neo Folk  album at 1st I hear Blood Axis, Death in June and Wand and the Moon .As we go further into the able this very much stays in that acoustic guitar and folksy vocal style. The Delicate beauty of this album is that makes you listen to it . The lush female vocals in the background make the music and style all the sweeter. The Fragile and Personal manner of how this is present is why Neo Folk will always have a place in my heart.


Soul Remnants -Ouroboros-CD / Digital ( EOne/ LifeBlood)

What he have a a failure to want to love  Black or Death metal enough that we start mixing in hardcore and thrash elements into something even more impressive then I thought it was going to be at the beginning of my listening journey. This Boston Metallic unit is Thrashing Blackened Death Journey for sure . The cross boundaries like I said I hear elements of Skinless, Nile and Carcass mixed with bands like Sadus and Exodus as well. As the heart of this best is Swedish Death metal for sure but it only really shows with the At the gates elements that do come in from time to time.  Soul Remnants have a total groove movement at times to that reminds me of that 90's extreme thrash  scene as well. As I said when I started the failure to focus on one style of music and perfect it is the reason this album kicks so much ass..


Cormorant-Diaspora-CD/Digital ( War Crime)

There are complex moments in one's musical upbringing that will make you gravitate to a style a music vs another and challenging extreme music is something that has always draw me to it with Cormorant were have  Progressive Post Black/ Death metal going on so layers of sounds , many time changes as well a beauty and darkness sometimes at the same time. The symphonic and epic over tones with that brutally is what brought me in.  The Theatrical and way harmonic are put into something so over the top is what is keeping me here. 10 + minute songs in metal that are impressive like this album are game changing for me. Cormorant just keep doing what your doing as the fan will find you . Your music is just too damn good.


Tau Cross- Pillar of Fire- CD/ Digital (Relapse)

So what do you think you would hear from a band featuring members of Ambiex, Voivod and Misery??? Just what you should hear right. A  Progressive Post Punk album with some metallic and Crusty overtone and that's just what we have going on here . It's you could want and more it reminds me of Killing Joke meets Motorhead  with a strong love of Celtic Frost... What else to you need for me to tell you. Get this Goddamn album it's as good as you hope and better then most out there today and a bunch of men that have been at it over two decades are still making impressive groundbreaking thought provoking sounds.. You need to support them now.


Godhead Machinery - Ouroboros- CD/ Digital ( Inverse Records)

Wow this seems to be a popular title for albums huh.  When a melodic Death metal unit that likes to add some industrial and modern elements in to the music to make it a bit for Tech based and experimental in the death metal world. Godhead Machinery like the very dry and snare heavy death metal sound and at times it over powers the amazing guitar and bass work going on. The samples and loops movie and Tv seem to work well with there love of bands like Carcass, Godflesh and  Marduk and Tom G Warrior . At times this could be a Bathory / Celtic frost experience . As  I dig deeper I'm hearing themes of  Edge of Sanity, Opeth and Katatonia as well. There are even some doomy and dark metal times going on through out this album. It's not ground breaking but impressive of an undertaking to say the least. Inverse Records really has been releasing top quality albums for a while and this continues with that trend for sure.


Darkenhöld - Memoria Sylvarum- CD/ Digital ( Les Éditions de la Vieille Tour)

Were back into the Blackened realms again with Darkenhöld.  With this adventure we have an Atmospheric Pagan Black metal journey that really comes at it with a more grim and cold vision of where this style leads . The acoustics that really started with band like like Bathory really shine here as this could be one of those Viking Black metal moments for sure . Black metal needs at the root of it all be nasty, ugly and hateful or it doesn't bring what makes that genre special and different then so many others . With Darkenhöld we get the three side of black metal into something that you can listen to and feel that they stay true to the vision born now almost four decades earlier ..


Laces Out- S/T- CD/ Digital ( Nefarious Industries )

And were going to close out this review adventure with a Noise Rock band how fitting right as I love this style of music and someone loves Drive like Jehu, Jesus Lizard and Tar a hell of a lot this is total Amrep, Touch and Go and SST love as there is bunch of Sonic Youth and Minutemen love going on to mix in a well . Laces Out are clearly fans of that DC Discord Sound as well you can almost feel the brotherhood with bands like Lungfish , Jawbox and Shudder to think . I'm not really sure what else to say other then . If your into 90's Noise rock and Disjointed heavy indie rock this going to a joy to listen to over and over again. As this review is going to go to bed with Laces out on repeat tonight ...