Nightmares came be fun if you play them right ...

Enragement- Burned , Barren, Bloodstained- CD/ Digital ( Inverse Records)

While shades of  Melodic element ebb and flow through out the new Enragement album this at the heart of its own sound is a good mix of Tech Death and Extreme Brutal Scandinavian Death metal there are movement that come across as Black Death too especially when the more harmonic and catchy moments come where they do happy and you get that headbanging call you. The vocals are vicious at the tamest of times. You could very well have had this released on a label like Unique leader or Comatose as it would have fit those as well. There is nothing here that is going to fool you on what Enragement is creating here. This is over the top Death metal with some real skill and musical acrobatics . That really play into the full vision of this band from Finland. The very guttural vocals at times take a bit to get used to as when they are more that 90's USDM or British Death sound its when Enragement really shines.

Khazad-Dum- Garmadh- CD/ Digital ( Wraith of the Tyrant)

We start off with a full on Neoclassic synth based intro that reminded very much of Summoning or Falkenbach and we move on too the next and proper track we have a very ethereal Black metal experience that is raw and hypnotic all at the same time it would say it reminds me of early Polish and Finnish black metal metal . There is a very punk and thrash side to the band as well that mixes into the reverbing black metal that is going on and on . The vocals are grim and tormented and that work well with they hyper speed of the guitar and drums through out the album. As we move along throughout the album there some very folksy metal spirit as well and were off to the races for more bombastic ethereal black metal. This have a very heathen and blackened Pagan metal course through out. You need to love that demo feel to your music or this will drive you insane. This very much give me the early days feel of Pagan Black metal.

Burning Hatred- Carnage- CD/ Digital (Morbid Skull Records)

Wow the 90's Buzzsaw Death metal sound is alive this these madmen. All I can hear is  Dismember, Altar and Sinister ... This is noisy and dirty Death metal not looking for your praise they are looking for our obedience and will take it from you if need. Burning Hatred is the kind of band that will punish you to your knees with the power of the guitar and vocal assault coming at you non stop. You can hear those early Displeased and Nuke Blast death metal band here through out the album and makes you want to come back for more as this is what us old timers remember what was took us away from the more polished sounds of the 90's Thrash and give us a taste of what was to come and make us hunger for tape trading and ordering the mailorder hulls from overseas labels as you could not get any of this in the USA yet. Horns up high on this one folks.

Brume- Rooster- CD/ Tape/ Digital and 2X LP ( Doom Stew )

This is more of a Traditional Epic Doom band that is female fronted and comes across a bit on the Stoner and Retro side. The are very melodic and power female vocal and then burst musically into something you would expect from band like Cathderal , Mourn, St Vitus and even  Sabbath Assembly and ides of Gemini . This is the fringe side of this musical style that always ropes me in as it's heavy enough to crush and the angelic haunting female vocal gives it that other worldly vibe that make its more of an ethereal and droning doom ride as well. Doom needs to be slow and flowing and with Brume you get this plus an odd eastern or oriental metal feel to it at times too. The artwork on this album is totally kick ass too. From top to bottom this is a really stunning release that needs more exposure for sure.

Proscrito - El Calvario- MCD/ MLP/ Digital ( Iron Bonehead)

This comes from a place I love That Crusty, Sludgy Doom world were bands like Cavity, Damad, Noothgrush, Grief and Corrupted . Do I really need to say more. There are some moments of bands like Graves at sea too. This is one of the dirty nasty sounding Doom band I heard in a while its more full on Squat Heavy Punk music with at Dirge you want when they are so pissed off you can even leave the room with out wanted to break something. This is a powerful as hell Mini album and I look forward to the next installment of this nightmare to pass my review area.

God Body Disconnect- Sleepers Fate-Digital and CD ( Cryo Chamber)

This is the 1st time I've heard a more  Post Industrial Cinematic side to the Cryo Chamber label they like to focus on more Dark Ambient and soundscape release mixed in from time to time with Darker themes. This is a movie put to album as there are spoken word moments that come in as give you a picture or a world in the not to distance future of a very Blade runner like world .  Were the world is struggling with progress and regression. Were technology and reality are a blur for many and the machines and man seem to be one and the same more often then not. God Body Disconnect is chilling adventure of ambient, post rock, electronics, noise and drift into a new evolution of music and sound. I know I'm making this rather cutting edge and avant but that really is what I'm hearing and feeling here. There really is much out there like this , It part Troum, Mandible Chatter and Steve Roach .. We are turning a corner on experimental music that will be the next wave and I think this is were it's starting . 

Expulsion- Nightmare Future -CD/LP/Digital ( Relapse)

Oh Relapse so we meet again this time is something that seem that crosses the future and the past for you. I could very well seen this as a Relapse/ Release product in the late 90's as Expulsion mix two styles very much  Grindcore and Industrial metal.  This is brash , extreme , noisy and fast all things that relapse knows how to bring to us. I hear elements of Brutal Truth, Nasum and Phobia in this with elements of Lawnmower Death and Exhumed for good measure. There is a strong punk side in this album too my friends. At the end of the day strong, fast and the future that is what Expulsion is bringing you in the best of possible ways. I love this kind of band as they are no none sense and will deliver you the goods over and over again if you just stay of of they way and let them. Good shit boys keep it up .

Funeralium -Of Throes and Blight- CD/ Digital ( Weird Truth Productions)

What happens when you marry crushingly slow Doom and Suicide metal . You get this very clearly this is what some would DSBM . Depressive Suicidal Black metal but this more bring in elements of Bethlehem, Deinonychus, Evoken, Thergothon and Grief into a Crusty, Doom and Dark Metal evolution . Look at the cover of this album there is not a ray of sunshine here and the music is just that as well.  Bands like this are not for many . It's for those that can hear the madness before the album plays and this just make the world seem a bit more correct and less confusing and how the masses can walk with a smile thinking it's all going to be ok.  We need pain and nightmares in music to make us feel alive this is a step in that quest. You been warning about bands like Funeralium . Now if you ready this a fantastic journey into the abyss slowly.