6 Because 5 reviews seemed like a Cop out ...

GoatWhore- Vengeful Ascension- CD/ Digital ( Metal Blade)

Being a 7th album were pretty sure what a band is going to be about correct. Well what to be get from members of bands like  Soilent Green, Acid Bath and Crowbar?? Just want you think a nasty Blackened Death metal band with that southern sludgy tone .. This is one pissed off force Goatwhore. Ben's vocals are as visceral as every and the music is cold and dirty and with those biting Blackened high ends but always wrapped up in the veils of what the essence of Death metal will always be. I like how the punk edge of the old Acid Bath days still comes out from time to time from Sammy on guitar as well. The solos have such a late 80's early 90's thrash element as well as those dueling guitars. Blackened Death Thrash is really what this stunningly talented band present each and every time you hear them. Live the are a power house as well as I have seen them several times live. This band never lets up and get stronger within there genre album over album. Metal blade you have a monster of a band on your roster never forget that .


Soijl -As the Sun Sets in Life - CD/ Digtial (Solitude Productions)

This is Doom you don't hear often in 2017 and it brings me back to the days that Doom metal was something that was very underground and special and you would have smaller but harshly dedicated crowds . Are you a fan of bands like Saturnus, Early My Dying Bride, Officium Triste, Mournful Congregation and Katatonia this is all I hear from this Swedish force. The mix of Clean , Goth and Guttural Male vocals and Angelic female vocals . The sorrowful melodies are there as well . The warm mid tempo is what make this sure a stunning Doom album as whole. You can feel the pain and loss with in the riffs and vocals performed throughout the album. The production is clear and full and the effects and synths add a layer that is missing in a lot Doom today its not all about funeral doom and Doom Death . Doom is suppose to have an emotional connection and this album clear does. Excellent to say the least.


Discipline -Captives of the Wine Dark Sea -CD/ Digital ( The Laser's Edge)

Full on Theatrical Prog Rock on the more epic of scales. This is something you would expect ouf of  70's or 80's rock opera. It's that grandiose I would not even begin to start this review in another way . This album come to me as something like a mix between Yes , Early Chicago, Traffic,  ELP , Styx and Kansas. This album is everything I want i great Prog Rock . My feet are moving and it's making me smile the full time I'm listening to massive undertaking . I telling you can hear early Judas Priest and When in this band as well. Discipline is a complex album to say the least but at the end of the day this album is skillfully done and powerfully laid out to the world to witness. There are some great tongue and cheek lyrical and musically moments that just take the album over the top. Proto Prog metal is very much the closing ideals i get from Discipline. Looking for more so I'm digging into back catalog from this Detroit band for sure.



The Bio keep talking about Black metal and I hear so little Black metal in the band it is much more an Epic Death metal and maybe even Viking metal sound I hear . There is so much going on here in those two genre. The vocals at time become blackened but I would say the Death metal is really hear its mix of Swedish Death and Viking metal for sure. Bands like  Twin Obscenity , In Battle, Thyrfing  , Einherjer etc. Wolvenguard are really talented at what is being created here . Its just I missing the blackened metal . There is even a Goth Metal element that comes from the band . You can hear Sister of Mercy and Type 0 projecting from the speaking. There are moments of Paradise Lost and October Tides coming from this album as well. Ok you clearly get where I'm going with this and if you want to hear some great Viking Metal with a Gothic overtone look no further as it has been presented to you here and now .

TEMPLE OF VOID- Lords of Death-CD. LP, Digital ( Shadow Kingdom/ Hells Headbangers)

Blackened Doom Death with a very full production and an even Grinding element . This reminds me of bands like  Disembowelment , Earlier Incantation , Winter and Esoteric . This the kind of adventurous Doom band we have being presented to us currently. They like that Midwestern  Doom sound I think as Cianide and Dusk are strong influences as I listen to the album more and more as well. There is almost an industrial element to the album as a whole too. Temple of Void are very different in approach but feel similar in when listening to them if you like the bands above.  The guttural vocals are so clear and deep they work amazing with the the atmospheric side of the bands over all sound. I can see myself listening to this over and over again. Good strong material coming from this band of extremists.


  CYTOTOXIN-Gammageddon- CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

So this German Band decided to theme and write about Chernobyl and what we have here is an over the top Hyper Tech Death metal album that will make the most Prog loving Futurist Death metal fan see the magic and fury in a band like this. I feel the album is a bit to punchy sounding at time and sound not have such a high end tone and production to it all . The Drums at times becoming to thin with the overly clean production but you can clearly hear what Cytotoxin is doing here and why it sounds like it does. The band is a talented force second to none. You just have to love the Modern Tech Death sound if you can not get into this going at break neck speed with more riffs in one song then on some album . This will be a hard pill to swallow. The at time have the screeching piggy vocals so if that annoys it will come out of nowhere be advised. Unique Leader really is in the forefront of modern extreme Death metal and this is another milestone for them..