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Noctilucant- Oblivion to you all- CD/ Digital ( Self Release)

Sinister, Foreboding and Down right unsettling is what this Horror focused Dark Ambient Project presenting to us with the 2nd full length release I have heard from Noctilucant. This is something out of  "Max Mad" or even " The Road". The hopelessness of it all is what makes me what to come back to Noctilucant more and more. With this album it has an early CMI feel with bands like  Aghast , Sephiroth and Raison D Etre in it's vision and over all presentation. There is pain that you get in the pit of your chest when you know there is no happiness or joy left and the sounds that come from this album are just that. I masterful presentation of a world that is simply just going to cease to be and those left just have to live out the torments till that day comes. I really have no more to say other then. God help us all if the world comes to this conclusion as suffering will be more then any could bare.

Suffer Yourself- Ectoplasm-CD/ Digital/ LP ( Cimmerian Shade)

Doom Death is something that is a very personal musical form for me as I performed it for years and there strong elements of it in my new recordings too.  Suffer Yourself Comes from the world of Epic Doom Death with strong Funeral elements. I here Thergothon, Anathema,  Dusk, Skepticism with major movements of bands like Mournful Congregation, Shape of Despair and Bethlehem. The Torments that come from this Poland band are very normal emotions to those of us that really create the Doom metal sound and ideal. The Slow and  Lumbering riffs with the reverbed filled guitars, synths and Guttural and Chanting vocals . I feel like I'm listening to early Peaceville, Avantgarde or Misanthropy Label releases.  At times I so hear Dolorian and Unholy in there music too. Suffer Yourself has that sorrow filled tone that many of the bands on  Prophecy Productions have too. They follow into that Dark/Black metal realm from time to time as well. All I can say is we will always look into the shadows and darkness for music of this quality and talent. Keep the Grey Flames burning for majesty music like this .

Ruinous- Graves Ceaseless Death- CD/ Digital ( Dark Descent)

So what do you think you will hear if this project has members of Goreaphobia, Incantation and Disma. Were not talking about love songs and power ballads are we? This is sinister, dark and  relentless Death metal coming at you from all corners till you either submit or perish. I just love the massive sound of really powerful Death metal that likes to incorporate Black, Doom and Industrial element into the music to make it even more of a fringe journey into nightmares and terror. The vocals are so intense the just work with the amazing mid tempo Death metal drumming and guitar work. That very tightly wound bass tone works so much with this as well. If you like your Death metal with edge and bite then this is going to be an event not to miss. 

Ten East- Skyline Pressure- CD/ Digital ( Small Stone )

What is it with  Desert Rock, Fuzzed out Rock and Prog Doom bands mixing it up with Post rock so much as this is something I love because the vocals aren't there . This is a mix of some of the best sounds of bands like Mogwai, Earth, Kyuss , Monster Magnet and Karma to Burn. I'm not sure what else to say other then I do really dig this and the delicate guitars mix with the noisy and fuzzed out tones really make me want to see Ten East live. They are one talented as all get out bands and need to really hear more . I dont want to know the other bands they are in as I'm sure it will lessen my love of thismas vocals really play a role in music for me.  Keep on doing what your doing as this is impressive .

Riverside- Eye of the soundscape-CD/ Digital ( Inside out Music)

This is a double album and the last of the bands career from what I was reading this to this it seems Riverside has two elements going on a full on avant prog rock album and electro ambient for the other and truly at times the lines blur between the two. There is very much an 80's No wave and Cold wave element to this album that is very clear. I feel like we could be listening to a Can, Kraftwerk or even early  ELP release in the way the arrangement happen. If you like  Steve Wilson solo material this will inspire you as well. I hear a ton of a band called White Willow in Riverside this time out as well. This album is very focus in that outsider Avant electro prog sound. I would tell you to check it out as it will be a departure into worlds of music you may have never stepped into before.

Trees of Eternity-  Hourglass of the Nightingale- CD/ Digital ( Svart )

Members of  Katatonia, October Tide and Swallow the Sun have created a beautiful and breath taking  Emotional  Goth, Post Doom, Ethereal Rock record that hits you on all emotional level especially since the front women on this album has pass on to the other side of the heavens. Aleah Stanbridge is her name and once you hear her voice you will never be the same . That Dark Deep sensual husky female voice has so much soul and blues in it that it reminds me of  Mazzy Star, Lana Lane, Dead can dance and Third and the mortal.  There is such a power and majesty to the music that is so very in that Anathema, Katatonia and The Gathering forefront. I could listen to this for days and not grow bored of the magical release of sounds coming from the speakers. It is very metallic at time but that Ethereal rock tone is really where Trees of Eternity shine. I would talk about this for pages but there is not a need for this . With Hourglass of the Nightingale we need to honor the memory of such a talented and stunning vocalist lost way to early in this world. Albums like this stick with you and Trees of Eternity you made an album for the ages.