8 New Reviews @ the crossroads of Temperance

CHHINNAMASTA- Varja-Sarpa- LP/ Digital ( Iron Bonehead)

From all I'm hearing this a Black Ambient Occult Duo out of India . A place more and more bands are coming from in this decade. Metal and experimental music is truly a world wide sonic event coming from every corner of the globe. Into the 2nd track of this 3 song MLP the band turns in for a hypnotic cold Post Black metal band with some assaulting and power vocals. They have a strong love for Burzum and early Mayhem in the sounds that are created here. If you like music from labels like Nordvis, D.M.P and  Anja Offensive then you know where you are going with this band. There are some very other worldy sound coming from the speaker with this Blackened Plague of a project. I look forward to hearing much more as the Noise/Black metal/Occult and Post Industrial styles work so well together.


Scorched- Echoes of Dismemberment-CD/ Digital  ( Unspeakable Axe)

Ok Scorched you not playing fair at all. You play that old school mid tempo Death metal with thrash elements that makes me feel like it's 91 or 92 again. Incantation, Dismember, Bolt thrower and Brutality all come to mind when I begun this journey and then element of band like Hellhammer, Kreator and Sadus come pouring through the speaker as well. There is a groove to this only those amazing extreme thrash bands had really in the mix of Scorched . I would not call it raw at all as there are great synth work and huge sounding guitars and the vocals ego with power and fury. I love the gore and Italian horror touches through out as well. What can be say more other then good metal just needs an outlet and if you spread the word this will be an important Extreme metal release in 2016 thru 2017 ..


Black Witchery - Evil Shall Prevail- CD/ LP/Digital  ( Nuclear War Now! )

Raw, Blistering, Hateful Black Thrash from a band that has been snarling at the world with all its might for over  two decades and It's clearly not going to change any time soon. At times the music is almost white noise with a tortured vocalist that sounds like they are cutting out his vocals chords and he is gurgling on the blood as this is the last time he will be able to get those invocations out to the world . This is nasty, ugly and just dirty black metal the way it use to be and should not ever be changed in any way. There is a very machine like feeling to how over the top everything is. Sometime it really just come across as a nasty tone with vocals and I love every moment of it. Horns high for this album.


Kremlin-S/t-CD/ Digital ( Svart Records)

Spacey, Proggy, Jazzy ( Look at all those words with Y at the end of them) well this is
where this rock band comes from if you could have band like Hawkwind, ELP meet
Up with bands like  Beastmilk, RainbowThe Sword and Monster Magnet you would
have  something close to Kremlin. I hands down love this album as its heavy, catchy
dark and just down right amazing. I hear moments of Dan Swano esp Unicorn and
Nightingales stuff. Kremlin you have that 70's and 80's sound down mixing with that
Retro 90's Space/Prog Metal sound. Oh were to go with this I just don't want to stop
Listening to this. But as with all good bands you can come back over and over again

and I will. I promise you this.


Eufori- Humorsvangningar- CD/ Digital ( Black Lion)

Dark Metal with a Doom and Black metal overtone this reminds me of bands like  Shining , Forgotten Tombs, Happy Days, Bethlehem and Dornenreich  for what I hear and Eufori just with the first two songs as that heavy verbed very clean with some fuzzed tones on the guitar those very primitive but amazing post black metal drums and that shoegazing element while the pain and sorrow comes from the vocals . There is almost a sickly happiness to the tone of the music that makes the madness over all so much more impressive. Once you hear Depressive Suicidal Black metal you will never be able to un hear it and that is the point. It's suppose to change you view on everything and Eufori is very good at this style and we need them to continue ... I look forward to our next meeting if you last till then.


Xaon- Face of Balaam-CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

If you could mix Swedish Melodic Death metal with Epic Viking and Avant Metal I think you would be very close here for a moment mix these 4 bands and you will have Xaon.  Dark Tranquility, Sigh, Borknagar and Arcturus. You need to look no further and just understand what you are gettign with a band like this . It's Orchestral, Aggressive, Progressive, Poppy, Depressive and Massive on all undertaking . Some are going to love this other are going to hate this more then life it self. Xaon is beyond impressive to this review and is almost criminal it was self released unless they wanted to do so . Either way the world needs to hear band and understand that you can be original, familiar and amazing all at the same time . The electro moments mixed into the over all sound is just wow. People what are you waiting for this is an album you should already own no get it in what ever format makes you happiest!!!


Neurosis- Fires within Fires- CD/ LP/ Digital ( Neurot Recordings)

I'm sure anyone reading my zine already knows who and what Neurosis are and what they sound like. Well with Fires within Fires they have mix two very different side of the band into something we have not heard in a while  If you can mix elements of Times of Grace, A Sun that never sets and Thru Silver in Blood you will have the new album the mix some of the most Fragile moments with some of the heaviest moments I've hear from Neurosis is over a decade on this album and the dynamics are just so stellar the album is painful to stop listening to. Over the course of the 5 tracks the band just leaves you drained, thankful and hoping there will be another album in less then 5 years. Post Hardcore, Doom metal and Ambient Drones have never and will never sound as good as when Neurosis does them and with that you need need to put your headphones on and allow Neurosis to change you vision on music once again.


Life's December-  Fatigue- CD/ Digital ( Dark Wings)

So again I have a band they call Djent and all it is to me is a Jazzy, Noise, Prog version of Beath metal and Noise rock put all together in to an ultra crazy and extreme manner. I hear bands like  The Red Chord, Meshuggah, Gigan, After the burial and Periphery. There are those soccer ball bass line and 20 time changes in every song and they are using 8 string guitars and down tuned to were a doom band should be but play crazy Prog Death metal and you know what it all works and works damn well. At the end of the day again Life's December is a band I totally want to listen to more then less and It's so pissed off so how can you hate music in a metal realm that helps your release stress and makes you think at the same time. Great work gentlemen