Sometimes an Apple is really an Onion

To Bring the Digital Label to life
A digital comp album called
" Sometimes an Apple is really an Onion "

If you Create music in the following 4 Styles only 

Funeral Doom ( Skepticism, Shape of Despair, Thergothon)
Black Doom ( Deinonychus, Ancient Wisdom, Forgotten Tomb)
Black Noise (  Trepaneringsritualen, T.o.m.b, Staalaggh)
Occult Black Industrial ( MZ412, Valefor, Schloss Tegal)

Division AZM will be releasing it on Bandcamp / CD Baby 

  Major Digital PR campaign
  Web blogs, Web zines , You Tube and Streaming Audio outlets

The Release will be a 50/50 split of revenue between artists and label 

 Seeking 10 artists for this release
Track must be brand new and never released anywhere before even on your own
With tracks between 4 - 10 minutes long 

Looking to release vinyl version as well if digital release is a strong success....

 Submit a track by November 30th 2015 for chance to be on compilation