Few New Reviews ( Busy time of year for all of us)

Caligula's Horse- Bloom- CD/Digital (Inside Out Music)

There are moments when a band just talks to your very soul well Caligula's Horse just did that with this reviewer.  We have a Prog Metal band that mixes  Jazz, Blues, Tech Metal, Soundscapes and Pop elements in the same way bands like  Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Winds, Spocks Beard and Yes.. The melodies that are soaring through this are just second to none. There are many power metal elements of bands like Rhapsody and Blind Guardian going on here as well. There is a very much kindship to The Zack Stephens period of Savatage as well.  I can not express how well done and beautiful these track are. Simple textures mixed with complex tech prog rock doesn't always translate like this to were mainstream crowds and music snobs could be in same room and love the band for very different reason .It's very much like what TSO has done live during the holidays. Do not pass on Bloom or it will be a musical travesty for you and those you call friends..

Naught-S/t- Tape/CD/Digital Ep (Battleground Records)

Crushing grim down tuned Black Doom with the speed of thick syrup pouring froma very old bottle. The deep fuzzy out and droning guitar and bass tones. The tormented vocals and almost primitive percussion very much reminds me of bands like Grief, Mournful Congregation, Worship, Corrupted and Burning Witch. I just know this band is painful and sickening for most to listen to and I'm sure worse for those not into the nightmares and sorrows that doom presents at a live show. I can not get enough of this band. 4 songs is far too short and most tracks are 10 plus minutes long. The power of reverb and hypnotic doom riff is what we all need from time to time. Ugly music is cleanses the soul. Naught has done a major cleansing today...


Nuclear- Formula for Anarchy-CD/ Digital ( Candlelight)

Holy Shit is it 1985- 1990 again??? This is classic thrash metal with that amazing hardcore element that bands like  Slayer, Exodus, Exhorder, Nuclear Assault, Kreator and Forbidden evil gave us so brilliantly.  Fast, Brutal and ready take over the world. If you want to feel like your back in the heyday of US/German Thrash metal movement you have to look no further. Nuclear just plain and simple kicks metallic ass. The raspy shouting vocals, soaring guitars and machine gun drum and bass lines. Nuclear why did it take so long for you to come into my life again... Oh well your back and so happy to have more bands that the old guard can not take on the road.  Testament, Death Angel, Anthrax  you hear me right....


Hornwood Fell- Yheri- CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

Post/ Prog  Black metal is something  Avantgarde music has become legendary for releasing esp with their former  Wounded Love Sub label. With that tradition in place Hornwood Fell  is something out of that book are you have of Manes, Kvist , Virus, Saytricon  even later Emperor or Khold.  This is the very elements that Hornwood Fell were born from there is even an  Enochian Crescent or And Oceans.. There is very much something sinister and special about a band like this as they come from a very different elk then most bands . Hornwood Fell want to add major elements of atmosphere to the grim, powerful and horrified tones of traditional black metal as well as a complexity and technical edge to it over all. Very well done and something to keep your eyes and ears on stellar release here.


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