Neurot Recordings Artist Corrections House Interview is up

Corrections House/ Mike IX Williams Interview

1. With your 2nd album now coming from Neurot Records where do you see the new albums difference from the 1st?

Mike IX: It's two totally different sounding sets of songs in two totally different moments in time. This new one is a more cohesive and put together album I believe, maybe whereas the first record was the sum of the whole of its parts which was four people making one LP in a 1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1 fashion. This one is more of a pre-structured piece of studio work, with more planning to the song writing, although many elements here are still improvisational. All of this band's music takes a sideways turn in the live setting, so whether fully pre-realized or made up on the spot, Corrections House is what it is and songs change and evolve as time goes on.

2. The mix of old school industrial, post punk and noise rock are well done here. I hear alot of bands like Missing Foundation, Killing Joke and Throbbing Gristle. What brought this sound about?

Mike IX: As an influence on Corrections House it's obviously the fact that we are fans of the style and sound. I've been into those bands since the 80's and my favorites are SPK, Haus Anafra, Test Dept, Cabaret Voltaire, Nurse w/ Wound, Monitor, Non, PiL, Depeche Mode, Atrax Morgue, Women of the SS, the mighty Killing Joke and more mainstream ones like Skinny Puppy & Ministry. So being a fan of Post-punk & Industrial for so many years of my life, I've wanted to do a band like this that's more freedom to be eclectic than any typical 4 piece Rock group. As you can see, we take our inspiration of these genres and incorporate our own new innovations & original ideas as we see fit.  

3. If you could make a video or two from any tracks on either album what would they be any why?

Mike IX: Well first of all, we have made videos. Nothing as of now for this new LP but you and other people should watch the videos that were filmed already for the Hoax the System 7" and first album. 
They mean nothing and they mean everything. Complete abstraction. New video is in the works and in my opinion it could be any of the tracks on our new release, not one or two specific songs. They all are equally disturbing mentally when thinking of concepts for new short films.

4. Does image and mystery play a big rule in extreme underground music?

Mike IX: No, not necessarily and of course not all the time. In this modern day and the advent of the information age mystery in bands in almost non existent and image is seemingly a silly farce of itself. I personally do think its important in entertainment or performance art to have some sort of image, even if its "no image as the image". I have the belief that the militaristic uniforms CH wear bring a primal and threatening feel to our live shows. 

5. Are the members of Corrections House fans of the digital age? How do you see this has changed musical landscape?

Mike IX: I love the old analog days and the newer digital movement. Vinyl records are still a passion of mine as well as physical copies of books, comics, graphic novels, and television but having said that I'm also a total supporter of technology in the 2K's...especially with a band like Corrections. 
Computers have allowed electronic music to step things up when it comes to recording and playing live. We utilize as much of the new as we do the old,... 

6. If Corrections House could collaborate with any one artist who would it be and why?

Mike IX: Impossible question for me. There are too many artists & writers I fucking love & admire.

7. How does the band record as a group, one layer at a time. File sharing? Is it organic because it feels that way?

Mike IX: We record the same as any other band, us in the studio at the same time. Then again some files may be shared and added after the fact to the recordings that way, yes, if a certain member has a part they need to drop in at the last minute but its drums, beds for synths & soundscapes, layers of guitars, multiple vocal tracks and saxophone is usually the last thing on the list.

8. Does the term supergroup or all star project bother the members as this seems very much like a band and not a collection of artists working together on a side idea?

Mike IX: We have NEVER called ourselves a "super" group. That's a music journalistic term that to me is just plain stupid. There is no such thing as a super group, anywhere, anytime. I am super sick of labels put on things that do not need to be labelled. I'm pretty sure the entire group of us

9. The two albums seem to have a common tie is this crazy or am I right in this view?

Mike IX: Hmmmm. No...if there is I don't see it or even know the details of your view. You have to understand, this group is a roll of the dice. We are versatile on stage and studio and we do what we want, anything connected is coincidental. From this to that... blah blah blah. 

10. When you play live it seems very cathartic, what's do you want the audience to get out of it?

Mike IX: The same thing: catharsis. Goes without saying for every band I've ever had; EyeHateGod, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem, The Guilt 0f... I always want folks to have a great challenging experience, whether it's drunk and spiritual chaos or freeing and violent. I love it when the band and the crowd are one sweating, drunken, angry, confused, weeping mob. 

11. In 3 words, please describe Corrections House..

Mike IX: Class War, Volume, Americana...

12. Thank you. Any closing thoughts here? 

Mike IX: Buy our records. See us live. Follow us on Facebook etc... Go to Mike IX Williams on FB and go toMIKEIX.COM.
Thanks to everybody who listens to Corrections House and checks out something out of the norm...