Exile on Mainstream Artist- Treedeon Interview up

1. Being you are new to many tell us how Treedeon came to be?

Treedeon started with Arne & I playing an acoustic show at the South of Mainstream Festival just outside of Berlin. We had both just buried long-time bands that we had played in, and were anxious to fill the vacuum that was left behind. At the second show, our now drummer; Boomer walked up and asked if we might need a drummer, because he was available. What he didn't know is that we were an acoustic duo, only due to lack of drummer & bass player.... We both came from very loud aggressive band backgrounds. So we tossed the "find a bass player" plan, (cause everyone knows that having a drummer is more important than a bass player lol) and instead I picked up bass, and we asked Boomer to jam with us.

2. After recording Lowest Level of Reincarnation did you ever imagine the LP would be as heavy and bombastic as it is?

Is that what you think? Awesome. We had hoped, prayed and wished for it.... lol

3. You mix elements of Doom metal, Fuzzed out 70's rock, Sludge and Hardcore elements to make a down right pissed off heavy album. If someone was to ask what the sound of Treedeon is how would the band explain it?

Sludge-Punk? Aggro-Sludge?  (Satanic Punch? Death Cream?)

4. Your working with Exile of Mainstream how did this partnership come to be?

Andreas, (The Kanzler), is the brilliant man behind the South of Mainstream Festival, and has continually backed us with all kinds of crazy help, so we were thrilled when he asked us to put out a record with his label Exile on Mainstream.

5. If you could make a professional video for any song on the new LP which would it be and why?

Actually, we're working on a pretty unprofessional video for Terracide at the moment lol, (does that count too?) We don't have a bunch of money so expensive, as in >paying everyone< would be unfortunately out of the question, but sometimes a good idea and the "free beer to all that can help "counts, so we'll see what happens... Terracide is about the destruction of Earth, so I have a couple of ideas already :-)

6. Is there a theme behind " Lowest Level Reincarnation"?

I think the main ribbon throughout the 8 songs is: frustration at the of lack of justice this world has to offer.

7. Was the plan to always have two vocalist esp the male and female interplay?

Arne & I are both long time Vocal abusers, so we just had no choice. It would have led to an all out fight if we had had to decide between one of us, who could scream better longer & faster.... So we both do. We've both never done something like this "vocal duel" before, but it is a hell of a lot of fun for us, especially live.

8. What is the music scene like in the area of Germany your in. This there a thriving extreme music scene?

We live in Berlin, and here there are approximately 10,000 rock bands(?) (OK, that's an old figure, probably way more these days).. It's a wonder that you can get ANYONE to come out to your show with this high saturation. But yes, the scene is thriving due to the stubbornness of the typical Berlin musician... The shear numbers attract a huge diversity of styles... Treedeon is incredibly grateful to the crazy people who come to our shows!!!

9. I read you started out as an acoustic band has is very different then were it is now. What made the change in sound and tone?  

All in question number one :-)

10. What are the members of Treedeon currently listening to ??

EHG, MoE, Yob and any other three letter bands. :-)

11. Do the three of you play in other projects outside of Treedeon currently?

Boomer plays in Kaeng, & Arne and I are still playing acoustic songs(!) (Not yet calling it Treedeon unplugged lol)

12. Would you be interested in every coming to North america and performing or is Europe a better stronghold for this music?

No one should have stronghold on music! We would love to play in the US.

13. In 2015 is social media and good Pr team all a band needs to get the word out or is it all about touring and getting the word out city by city still?

We do post a lot of our band activities on the net, especially to let people know when we are playing, but we still do the old fashioned bit of hanging posters in our area and in bars of course. We are a passionate live band, so we hope nothing can take the place of a show. As for the record, Exile on Mainstream works a lot with diverse printed press, as well as web sites dedicated to our type of music.

14. I really hear a Melvins over tone are the something of  a special band to the over all output of Treedeon?

Yes, we like (the) Melvins :-)

15. If you have any closing thoughts please place them here.

Thanks for the interview and the interest in our band, we do it all for therapy, but love it when anyone else is interested in our delusions :-)
Have a balanced day!!

-Yvonne Ducksworth