4 New Reviews 4/25/15

Abyss- Heretical Anatomy- CD/ Digital ( 20 Buck Spin)

With a name like Abyss I was thinking I was getting myself into a Black metal review but this is the is not even close to that . Abyss is a Grinding Thrashing full on Death metal force very much in that style that bands like  Napalm Death, Exhumed, Carcass and  Even early Sepultura showed us. This is a vicious assault on the very sounds around them. This is not a happy sound or a group of smiling gentlemen.  Abyss is about bringing extreme metal to the forefront and taking no prisoners. The solos are razor sharp. the vocals are a mix of that nasty thrash and guttural in a way to make every around them take notice. I do hear bands like Incantation and Terrorizer in the music and riffage a well. This would have been an Earache release in the late 80's early 90's without a doubt. Just let Abyss mix it Punk, Grind, Thrashing web layered with Crust and Raw Death metal borrow in and once it's there its going no where!!!


Pandemia- At the Gate of Nihilism- CD/ Digital ( Mighty Music)

Swedish Death metal is something that seems to come and go in the world but bands like this take a huge nod from bands like  Dismember, At the Gates and Grave. The buzzsaw attack of the guitars the warlike drumming . Out of no where come some eastern/ Oriental musical elements you would hear out of bands like Nile and Orphaned Land then right back to brutal  and sinister attack of the Death metal sound . This album is just that a thrill ride of musical nightmares . At times Pandemia likes to add these very odd and creepy melodic moments then as the melody subsides it's right back on course to the onslaught of massive metallic interludes.  Horns high for this one folks!!!


Garden of Worm-Idle Stones- CD/ Digital (Svart Records)

This is very much a retro proto doom band that likes to mix elements of 60 heavy fuzzed out rock, 70's prog elements with the love of bands like  Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Cream and Iron Butterfly as well has traveling similar paths as labelmates Sabbath Assembly and Hexvessel.. There is a very spiritual element to this music as whole as well as a theatrical movement flowing through out . It's more like a musical journey then just an album or singular thought. This feels like there are many more parts of this story to come. The music and lyrics are very thought out and done in a deliberate fashion. I and you should be very interested where is project is going not where it currently is. I look forward to the future with Garden of Worm as the adventure has just begun.


Sabled Sun- 2147-CD/ Digital ( Cryo Chamber)

As most the music is very ethereal or dark ambient based with Cryo Chamber as a label but each artist or band on the label is very different from there.  The story line here is this is album 3 of the journey as a man awoke from hibernation and is on a wasteland destroyed from what looks to be a war between man and machines. Some of the machines remain and there is suppose to be a space center still left where he may find some answers. The music is very much spacial and deep dark drifts with a glaring Sci fi over tone. I get a Haywire, Blade runner and Logan's run vibe  going through out this . The very interesting radio/ spoke passages are spooky and play very well with ambiance and electronica mixed through out. A with many artists in this style its very much headphone music and you paint the images with your eyes closed. There is sorrow and hope. Pleasure and Pain. Darkness and Light with this album and this is with any good story there must be a glimmer of hope or why continue. Sabled Sun your massive under taking is paying of with this release well done.