6 New Reviews April 19th 2015 ( getting back to reviewing edition!!!)

MRTVI- Perpetual Consciousness Nightmare- CD/ Digital ( Into the Night Records)

More wonderfully twisted  Post  Black metal with a  Prog and Jazz overtone were bands like  Voices, D.H.G, Virus and Mayhem really shine . So you clearly know what you getting from the go here. This is one of those chaotic journey that leave you as confused as thrilled when listening to it. MRTVI is very much one of those fringe bands your going to think this is the greatest release you've heard or it's just going to leave you scratching your head and say is this even really music and my review reading masses this is something very special indeed the musical structure is  very avant and open but that were all the  skill really comes. I dig into Post  Metal, Avant Rock, Minimalist idea's and then full on  electro grinding moments. If you are  a fan of  bands like  Aborym, Havoc Unit, Thorns etc then you will be in full agreement MRTVI is  a must own releases. There are many one man bands these days but this is a cut above many full bands. Get this.


Gruesome- Savage Land- CD/ Digital ( Relapse )

So what do you get  when Exhumed and  Malevolent Creation members come together and create a new project . Some stellar retro Death/ Thrash metal that is very similar in style and skill to bands like Death, Disemember, Deceased and even Autopsy in over all vibes. It's all about that  grindy, mid tempo heavy old school death metal sound and with this metal fan . Those Nuclear Blast, Roadrunner, Earache and early Relapse days are just magical to me. There are some moments a swear are out of Entombed and Slayer at times too.  There are even Deicide elements flying through out the album. Relapse just  thank you for seeing the magic in mixing  Extreme Thrash, Old School Death metal a bit of punk and full on love of Grind and Crust into something primitive dark and melodic all at the same time..


Dawn of Azazel- The Tides of Damocles- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

This  Death metal juggernaut from New Zealand has released albums of  Ibex moon ( Former label of  John of Incantation) and Unique Leader and now have forged out on their own. This is a complex technical death metal release with many layers and time and  tempo changes all staying within that  melodic death metal realm. The album sounds massive as well. There is a very strong thrash element in this as well as a prog metal feeling going on through out. The Oceanic theme of the album is something that makes it all the more impressive as well.  With The Tides of Damocles they are  expanding the sound to  add post metal sounds as well. I can release tastes of bands like  Mastadon and Gorguts mixed with some very adventurous Death metal bands like Gigan and  Incantation. This is a war on the senses for sure. The structures of the songs make this something of an album that needs to be listened to several times to full get all that is going on.  Just Excellent.


Choking on Illusions- Rest/less- CD/ Digital ( Bastardized Recordings)

Hardcore is something that you had to grow up with to understand and I see that more and more and Melodic Hardcore with metallic elements is something that is even a fringe stream deeper. Being I grew up going to CBGB's , ABC NO RIO, City Gardens, Pipeline and Brighton bar in NYC and NJ this all has a very soft spot for me as I came to shows for these bands that were a mix of  Hardcore/Metal and still had a melody all there own from the Punk scene and this is where I hear the sound of Choking on Illusions coming from. If your a fan of Victory records, Many of the Roadrunner bands and stuff like Cromags, Sick of it all, Leeway etc then you get where bands like this are coming from. I will never call them Metalcore as they has to much NYC, Boston and So Cal hardcore elements even though they are from Germany to be a metal band.  This album is a catchy as aggressive and explosive and that is what makes you want to listen to it over and over again. Labels are just that a guideline so you don't wandering in to a pop or country album if that is not what you looking for. Good music is just GOOD MUSIC!!!!


Hypothermia-Svartkonst-CD/ Digital ( Agonia)

From the beginning moments of this album I feel the shoegaze black metal vibe come on strong with a very bleak dark metal overtone and oh surprise this has members of lifelover in it so the depression factor will be high on this album I'm sure. The tones and sounds on this are very unsettling to say the least and the horns which i swear I can hear are making the album as whole rather an uncomfortable journey . With this style of music its what you are  completely looking for . Why does Post Rock, Jazz, Black metal and Shoegazer music work so well together I will never know all I can say is Hypothermia has one hell of  a stunning release going on with Agonia records and anyone that hear's this your thoughts of music will be altered for sure. This is what some would call Suicide Metal and I would not steer them away from it as that is very much the way the music is slow and plodding full of reverb and depression. I love the instrumental music when done is this manner and I tell you no vocals make this a strong album at least on the 1st few songs I listening too. I will be listening to this album often and you should as well. 


Encyrcle- S/T- CD/ Digital ( Unspeakable Axe)

Wow is this 1989 or 2015???  This sounds like all the  great  Speed/ Thrash albums I got through out the years. Do you remember bands like Forbidden, Overkill, Grim Reaper, Annihilator, Destruction and even Sanctuary at times.. This band is so retro is crazy sounds even like it was recorded in the 80's for Combat or Hellhound records.  I don't know how to review this any better and yes it a short review to say the least but when you make great if not amazing retro 80's Speed thrash metal you should just be listening to it and not talking about it other then to get the word out !!!