Massive New Reviews March 15th 2015.... 10 reviews !!!!!

Volahn-Aq'ab'al-CD/ Digital- ( Iron Bonehead/ Ajna Offensive)

This is one the more interesting releases I've heard in 2015 it mixed  Space Rock , Post Black metal , late 70’s Prog rock and some of the most avant rock I’ve heard in long time. This is very much an extreme metal experience all the way around. They love to add the theatrical to the over all tone of the release the delicate and the bombastic is very much the interplay with this release. There are the Latin and ethno element going on throughout the the release as well. Organs and acoustic play a big role in the way the album transitions as well. Though when the  Black metal comes in its  a wall of  power  and frustration that is on a mission to leave nothing in its way. There are very much moments of experimentation on this album and without it you would be missing the true dark magic of the release. Well worth several spins to see where it takes you.

Desolate Shrine- The Heart of the Netherworld- CD/ Digital ( Dark Descent)

Just from the  beginning of the  release you knew this was going to be  a dark a twisted Journey . This  Finnish Force mixes  Doom/ Death and Avant Black metal into something that is very much like a steam roller of sound and nightmares. It reminds me very much of bands like Aosoth, Ofermond and Death Spell Omega and I'm just fine with that. This is about how tones and the darkness around the rituals can make you feel and change you and with a band like Desolate Shrine there is  a occult element that take a hold and never lets go. Though if you are of true pagan heart you know its just one of the steps of the journey we all need to make to find one real self.  I can not say how impressed I am with the over all presentation and the massive sound of thus album. This is the way epic underground metal should always sound. This is not for the timid or weak...

Avoral- War is not over- CD/ Digital ( Club Inferno)

Folk and Power metal into a  very heavy classic metal over tone is all I'm getting though out the album this is a worship of bands like Blind Gaurdian and  Slough Feg in the way its created , arranged right down to the  vocals and guitar tones. There is a bit of the very over the top Rhapsody moments but as a whole I like this but its nothing I would listening to day in and day out there are many other bands already doing this  Folksy Power metal sound and have mastered it years about without Iron Maiden and Helloween bands like this would have  never been..

Pryapisme-Futurologie- CD/ Digital ( Apathia)

This is electro metal wierdo music to put it lightly it mixes elements of  When, Arcturus, Mr Bungle and Kraut Rock and full on early Proggy Industrial music from the 70's. There so much oddness going on here I'm sure were to even go with this. It's just wonderful to hear the creativity in a band not afraid to mix the orchestral with the avant and mix something that you will either adore, hate or be so confused you will need to talk to someone about it. If you a fan of  some of the  James Plotkin stuff like Flux and Phantomsmasher you will worship this. Its like a  sound track to a  movie to some unreleased video game or if Bal Sagoth became an 8 bit video game band... I know so bizarre and awesome...

Decline of I- Rebellion- CD/ Digital ( Agonia)

What if for a moment you could just  let genres fall to the side and just say the mix the best elements of Several bands that really don't play a role to each other but as whole make this genre expanding sound. What I hear is elements of Elend, Third and the Mortal, Aborym, Havoc Unit etc you get this and where I'm going . If you want something that is going to be a change and make you again re think music and how it fits perfect packages then Decline of I is just the release you are looking for . The Magic and  Madness are on same levels here. You have to be slightly off in the head to love this or to really get into it. This is not for the passerby of Black or Extreme music. You need to be ready for what your listening to. This is another gem in a growing crown for Agonia as label over the last 3-5 yrs..

The Whorehouse Massacre- Altar of the Goat Skull/VI - CD/ Digital ( Transcending Obscurity)

Sludgy Doom with a  Grinding and Crust element . They have a lot in common with bands like Dusk and Disembowelment  as well as bands like Noothgrush and Grief just in the way all the track come together. This is no low fi . This is the way of riff, The rumble of the down tuned tone. The glorious feedback of a guitar giving it's last rites to a uncaring world. The Funeral is just the beginning with bands like this. The after world is where this slow and creeping tones really begin to explore. Am I making myself clear here. This band is about the slow and complete destruction of tones and and riffs. If you do not like your music like Molasses and the the harmonics in the level of SUB then you will never be able to enter this shrine and see what you next journey will be....

Murg- Varg & Bjorn- CD/ Digital ( Nordvis)

This is the way I remember Black metal was the 1st time I heard it in the 90's when I was buying CD via  Mailorder because of zine and  labels recommendations.  This would have something I would have been waiting for at 21 /22 yrs old coming from Red Stream , Osmose or Relapse where all my hard earned money when for import Cd's This is Cold, Ritualistic, Blackened , Grim with the speed and fury you want from epic black metal from the frozen north ...  Murg you have just brought me back to a time when music was new and every release was a new adventure for me. Nordvis you have  a classic Black metal release in the making here and never forget that..

Treedeon- Lowest level reincarnation-CD/ Digital ( Exile on Mainstream)

Wow where the hell did this fuzzed out  low end doom gift come from . Oh they are from Berlin so Germany you fool. This is the kind of warped doom I love that has that stoner element. Just mix Melvins, Burning Witch and Solace in to a pot and throw in early Cathedral and St Vitus in for good measure and what you have is where I thought Electric Wizard was heading in. It's clear why they did not now as that would have lost that crown to Treedeon.. This is one pissed off front Women and  Man Duo... and you know what more power to them. This album is so heavy so heavy so damn heavy YES!!!!!!! Please keep invoking bands like  Damad and 13 as well as there is very much that Crust Dirge of those bands going on here as well. There is a major old hardcore sound going on with the Doom.... This album is going to be spinning with me for awhile...

Lighting Bolt-Fantasy Empire- CD/ Digital ( Thrill Jockey)

Fuzzed out hardcore Noise Rock Duo from Providence RI have been making this sonic racket for over two decades. I remember seeing them play at Fort Thunder and other hole in the walls in late 90's early 21st century. How two guys could make a wall of  sonic chaos like this with  bass, drums, vocals and effects was always amazing to me and now with the sixth album this time on the  Chicago Thrill Jockey label that have come back after 6 yrs to take back the crown and show the kids how masters of the craft make a Noise rock album. This is every thing you love from those Amrep bands back in the day... Lighting Bolt second to none in this style and this album actually adds some more experimental and even prog elements to the sound as whole that makes it sound even more original and ground expanding...

Father Murphy- Croce- CD/ Digital ( The Flenser)

This Italian prog noise occultist make musical hymns in the same way bands like  Sabbath Assembly and Ides of Gemini create such. The difference is Father Murphy like to add Industrial, Noise  and Metallic over tones to make it as fierce as it is outlandish and outsider.  There is very much a primitive and tribal vibe that goes on through out most of the music I've hear from the band. The constant rhythm of the machine is what I like to call it. There is something that is speaking through this band to bring these sounds. It could very well be inter dimensional or other worldly I don't know . There is just  a higher purpose for Father Murphy and their musical releases. If Jester records was still around they would have for sure been picked up by Kris  and the Ulver crew for the label as this fits so well with When, Bogus Blimp and Ulver.  Father Murphy is theater for the mind and with that I will leave you to experiment with their music on your own it's the only way to truly understand.