Everything old in new again...


My amazing readers and followers. I still can not believe after 10 + yrs I'm still doing this. We have over 7000 unique readers a month now.. I'm glad you all enjoy this labor of love. 

I'm writing to you as the last 20 + months have been a struggle, learning experience , new adventures and strange explorations. With this said it all is coming full circle in Feb 2014 I moved from  Phoenix AZ to Dallas TX then in April 2014 we went from Dallas to Nashville TN and in Oct 2014 we landed in Las Vegas NV and now April 2015 we are making the circle heading back to Phoenix AZ . I have taken a new job there and once settled I will be working on Video interviews with bands at shows and Google hangouts.. I will finally be working on new As All Die material with Aries we have two songs done already..

I will also be working on my 1st proper solo release in over 4 yrs...

The label will with all luck have it's 1st official Vinyl/ Digital release in Sept 2015.. You will be impressed with 1st artist I promise. right now looks to be 7" picture disc... limited to 300 copies

Again thank you for all support and 2015 will be the best year ever for blog/ zine and my musical output..

Clint Listing / Owner