Dark Descent Artist Ghoulgotha Interview up

1. I love FATHER BEFOULED, ENCOFFINATION but this is something about the Black Death inspired doom of Ghoulgotha. How did this come to be?

I don't write any of the music for those bands, so it's going to sound different. I'm the drummer in those and the guitarist in Ghoulgotha.

2.I hear so much of that Peaceville and Avantgarde style. Early My Dying Bride, Unholy and Anathema just come through the speaker with bands like Disembowelment and Incantation. Where these some of the influences?

Some of those are, but I wasn't trying to be like anyone else. I just write what I feel like and don't worry about anything else.

3. Is there a running theme behind "The Deathmass Cloak"?

Not really.

4. How did you come to work with Dark Descent? You seem to much more at home with a more doom inspired label?

We are just as much Death Metal as Doom so I see it as a good fit.

5. What is the live show all about ? how does it differ from the album?

We don't have any special stage show or gimmick. We just play our songs as close to the album as possible.

6, The production on the new album just has that 90's Doom/Death vibe how did you get the tones so full and low . Its very similar to Thergothon and Shape of Despair in that fact?

Using real amps and drums and cranking them up. There really isn't much studio trickery. It's just bare bones like it used to be.

7. If you could have any song turned into a video for Ghoulgotha which and why?

We've already done a couple videos for Gazing Into Melted Night and Austere Urns. We will do another one for the opening track on the MLP we just recorded.

8. Does Social media play a role in really underground music like thisn in 2015 is it more about good PR and the power of a live show?

It helps, but it boils down to people either liking you or not. The stuff we play isn't ever going to be big and trendy and I'm fine with that.

9. What bands and artists are impressing Ghoulgotha currently? Any band live that has been mindblowing?

I just heard some advance tracks from the new Bokluk that are really solid. 

10. IF you could tour with any band who would that be and why?

All the bands I'd want to tour with are long dead and buried.

11.  Even the artwork of " The Deathmass Cloak" has that 90's Death metal vibe is this just when music was best to you?

Yes. I love the Seagrave style art.

12.Where do you see the sound of Ghoulgotha progressing too?
It'll basically stay the same but it might get a little weirder over time.

13.  Which side pulls you stronger Slow Death metal or that guttural doom element . Or as I hear it the best of both to a point where it makes the listener just weep for more?

I always preferred Doom/Death with atmosphere over senseless speed and technicality.

14. Who would Ghoulgotha like to partner with on a long tour and why?

We're working on that now.

15. Any closing thoughts here...

Thanks for the interview. Contact us at ghoulgotha@live.com 

-W. Sarantopoulos - Guitar/Vocals 
GHOULGOTHA - Unorthodoom/Unorthodeath from San Diego, CA.

Debut full length "The Deathmass Cloak" available now at the link above.