New Reviews Jan 18th 2015 ( Few Gems before NFL Championship games fools)

Brothers of the sonic cloth-S/t CD/ digital  ( Neurot Recordings)

Tad Doyle is back with the most crushing of sludge and sonic doom music I've heard in years. It's funeral doom without the organs, Its Doom/Death with a hypnotic edge. Slow and lumbering  its just down right brilliant to hear. Mix elements of Dusk, Morgion, Neurosis and Dolorian and you come somewhere close to this wall of passion, power and ultra heavy riffs, There is a delicate beauty to passages of this as well. If you like TAD and Hog Molly this will blow you away as the elements of both are there but so much more power and retrain is going on here to make Brothers of the sonic cloth is really it's own temple of the way a tone create an emotion that fuels a thought that can rule your destiny. There is a strong elements of bands like Crowbar, Grief and Noothgrush and Celtic Frost as well. I don't know how many ways I can tell you this album completely crushes all things around it. Take every pissed off Dirgy moment off God Ball's and Salt lick and amp it up by 20 and you have this album. Tad if it took 15 yrs to get this masterpiece then every moment was worth it but please we need more in less then 15 .....

Gristnam- Even less- CD/ Digital ( Housecore)

So look at what some members of Haarp are doing and when I say look I mean get on the goddamn ground and pray for your very soul sucker. This is a mix of the Sludge Nola sickness with elements of Grind and  Hardcore vomit flying everywhere.  Gristnam is a sonic punch to the gut then the beatdown begins. There is nothing but aggression, fire and chaos going on with this wall of dense riffage. Best put if  this is in that His Hero is Gone meets Cavity wall of haze with a good worship on early Earache and Relapse Grindcore. This album just never stop from second go. Even less is not for the timid or weak be a extreme music lover or avoid this gem.

Putrid Offal- Mature Necropsy- CD/ Digital ( Kaotoxin )

There is a theme with these reviews today folks. There are are some dirty pissed off and furious albums with Putrid offal we have Grinding Blackened Hardcore in the best way possible I know this band was on Slam a ham classic bleeerghhh releases so you know that just kick some serious ass. This is way I like grindcore no abandon in away and not afraid to mix Death, Black and Doom elements in to it . To make the sound all the more bombastic. There is a very machine like overtone that makes the tracks even more inhuman in feel. France has a Grind band this is just kicking the shit out of me right now. Putrid Offal never stop the magic you create.

Dead in the Manger-Cessation- CD/ Vinyl/ Digital ( 20 Buck Spin)

And to round off this view into the world of the most extreme music we have Dead in the Manger. This is a mix of Black/ Death/ Post Metal and Blistering Grinding Hardcore. If your a fan of mixing bands like  Incantation, Krieg,  Anaal Nathrakh, Brutal Truth, Early Cave in , Isis and Wolvserpent  just to name a few. There is a killer noise and experimental element to them as well but the focus is on the bass tone, vomit vocals and crushing speed of those grinding riffs. When they hit that slower mid tempo dirge element there is something very epic and war like with them almost in the way it becomes a movie soundtrack for a a future that is a bleak but just has a hope I feel this could be an amazing soundtrack for the world where terminators or the matrix ideal happened.  20 Buck spin finds genre defining bands and puts them out to the world and lets us see where there destiny leads. Dead in the Manger has talents that will only come in future releases as they grow with this band the future is what is going to be the most interesting for them and with Cessation they are already a cut above many...

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