Few more reviews from yours truly... Jan 19th 2015

A Forest of Stars- Beware the sword you can not see- CD/ Digital ( Prophecy Productions)

This band continues on the Post Metal journey with a bit more of an atmospheric side with this album and they are going back to some Post Black metal elements well with the guitar and synth tones over all its a mix so many sound even folk and Americana elements. The vocals go from a blue grass vibe to full of Black Death to even an over the top Prog element. There is a strong love for bands like Devil Doll, Arcturus and Borknagar going of here  also Fen and Solefald are two bands that come to light listening to this new album.  A Forest of Stars is one of those bands that you have to either love or will drive you insane as they are not just one thing , Its the complete vision and theme with bands like this. The strings and acoustic passages really are what makes this with the avant vocals . The band always surprises and I hope this never changes. 


Helrunar- Niederkunfft- CD/ Digital (  Lupus Lounge/ Prophecy Productions)

This is more of a Black Doom release to me . Listening to Helrunar gives me that Ancient Wisdom, Dolorian, The Chasm and Bolt thrower feeling . There is some great slow moving black sounds going on with a ton of pagan element and there is just this sorrow to the style as a whole that works so well with the album then out of corner comes in that full on Pagan Post Black edgy taste of aggression. Helrunar has that Punk/Thrash movement that  Nordic Black bands had in the 90's as well. The guitar have such a Katatonia and My Dying Bride thing going on often . Such a cold feeling on desolation on this album that makes it all the more appealing to listeners like myself as well.  We have what is called a fringe band and I would want it no other way they are the most creative and interesting. They are cut from bands like Bethlehem and Shining and nothing wrong with that.


Negura Bunget- Tau- CD/ Digital ( Lupus Lounge/ Prophecy Productions)

Heathen Folk inspired Black metal in the highest of orders. If you don't know who Negura Bunget is then you have a lot of catching up as there is just an element of majesty to everything they create and the folk/ nature element over every release as become strong and strong and works so well. If you like bands like  Tenhi, Drudkh, Wolves in the Throne room and In the woods, I know this is rather short review but the band is go talented you really just need to hear for yourself to understand were this style leads. It's Symphonic, Delicate, Bombastic and Epic all at the same time. Just check it out .



Code- Mut- CD/ Digital ( Agonia Records)

With their last release I became a bit worried as it didnt hold the same power and creativity as  "Resplendent Grotesque " but with MUT  CODE are full on back in a way i can only say is a mix of Proggish Post rock, Jazzy Metal and Post Black sounds . It's if Ved Buen Ende, Mid period Opeth, Beastmilk and Ihsahn all at the same time converged to one band that is on a mission to take on the underground and win . There is a passion to every note being played and the vocals being sung.  Ulver could not be more proud either as they have a very modern feel of Kris and company at times as well. They do like to head that Prog Folk movement into the very jazzy post metal sound as well, The power and massive sounds are back were it seemed on the last they were struggling to fine there way with new vocalist.  MUT is something very special albums like this don't come often at all do yourself well and get this and listen often and the world will open new doors of thought and ideals. 


Earth and Pillars- Earth I -CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

Seems to be making a come back is this Atmospheric Nature Based Black metal with a strong doom over tone. Earth and Pillars from Italy is another in the long line of bands that are bring this back this is more in the Wolvserpent, Locrain, Velvet Cacoon etc. There is a mystical realm these bands show up from and if you are not part of that deep elder forest realm you can not make these sounds . It's just the way it is. Earth and Pillars are that wall of dirgy black noise that is oh so melodic its almost smoothing but it adds that sorrowful doom tone to it so you know that the end days are very near in there realm and they have come to warn us if were not careful the same is going to happen to us. There is a ritual going on with every note and you are either going to be part of the next level or you will see your demise . There is no middle ground. Music for the Apocalypse this is not . This is music for the next level of human and spirtual evolution .  Earth and Pillars music gets into my very marrow and changes me in ways I would have never done so before. The empty feelings this music gives you right before the wall of sonic revelation comes is is all i need to end with. Musical Shaman this is what Earth and Pillars are....


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