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  1. For us very new to Disasterhate tell us how the band came to be?

The band formed in early 2005 with the following line-up: Reitia (vocals, guitar), Klaudia (vocals, guitar), Rise (bass), Raven (drums), from the ashes of each member's musical past experiences. After some good live performances' responses from sicilian metal scene the band began developing in songwriting, evolving to something more powerful, expressive, due to the confluence of impact, melodic cold atmospheres. In may 2007 Raven left the band due to different musical intentions and projects. In september 2007 Giando joined the band. After promotional activities, gigs and reviews of the new born first Ep "Sacrifice to Eclipse", Disasterhate started songwriting the upcoming full lenght, recorded at Sound Empathy Studios by Fabio Monaco, Vittorio Blanco, mixed and engineered by Graziano Manuele at Ueickap Home Studios. In september 2011 Giando left the band and Danilo Ficicchia (drummer yet of sicilian thrash metal band Nemesis) joined, forming the actual line up. At the end of 2013 the work on our debut full-length album was completed, “Mirroring The Abyss” is a reality. The album is supported by Club Inferno (a My Kingdom Music sublabel) who will take care of the promotion and of the digital distribution of the album which official release date is fixed on September 22, 2014.

  1. From listening to the band I hear bands like Crisis, Made out of Babies, Kittie, Doughnuts and My Ruin I dont hear anything to do with thrash or power metal like Nevermore or Forbidden. The music is much more raw, hardcore, melodic Death metal  and punk in elements?  What bands influenced you?

We have a lot of influences, maybe the primaries are alternative rock and darkwave among non metal genres, but surely modern thrash and swedish death have too much influenced our inspiration and our sound. The bands you mentioned are not into our primary influences. Probably the raw and hardcore approach you refer to is completely unintentional, and it’s all about the best way to express in music the feelings we want to.

  1. How did your come to work My Kingdom Music sub label Club inferno? It seems to a label with only you on it?

Club Inferno is new sub label of My Kingdom Music, it refers to the same work but concentrating especially on promotional activity and digital sale.

  1. Whats the story line or theme of " Mirroring the abyss"?

The album talks about the abyss of our mind, with all fears, obsessions and whispers sleeping inside of us. It’s like a kaleidoscope of soul.

  1. The vocals are so much power , aggression and that Post Hardcore elements as that is where I hear the mighty Karyn Crisis or Julie Christmas in your style. Was the very Aggro style of voices always a major focus?

Again I think there’s no post hardcore intentional influence in the way we use vocals. Me and Klaudia (we’re both singers on each song we write) take inspiration from the thrash/death metal screaming vocal techniques, trying to alternate ‘em at our best with clean vocals to ensure better musical expression.

  1. Here is did the name Disasterhate come from? it's rather an original idea and presentation of the sound of the band as well.

When we chose the name Disasterhate (9 years ago!), we had already written many songs for the first EP “Sacrifice to eclipse”, full of apocalyptic inspiration and themes. But we looked also for a name one-word made, not too much complicated and with an effect of impact.

  1. What are the members of the band currently reading and listening to any thing that would surprise us?

Probably anything referring to metal music, haha.

  1. How does the live show different from the album as whole?

The live shows are an essential part for us and the album find it’s real meaning to be in contact with people. We like to perform, it’s an authentic way to do music, far from the big show business and near to the reality of the great part of the bands. During live performance we look for the quality of the stage, the adrenaline, the interaction with people, the possibility to express our emotions in a natural way for all of us. It's a very emotive moment, very intense, and we try to give the best to communicate the deep meanings for us lying behind the songs. We pay much attention to the emotive impact, so we like to introduce the songs before to play, to create a sort of confidential corner with audience…but especially to make a fucking good headbanging!

  1. If you could make a professional long form video for any track or track which would it be and what would they or the video look like?

We’re working on it to make a professional video and we’d like to find images that fits well on our music. It would be great.

  1. What do you want the underground music scene to come away from after listening to the album?

Surely we’d like underground music scene to be impressed by the content of “Mirroring The Abyss”,  both musical and lyrical. It’d mean a lot for us.

  1. Are the members of Disasterhate fans of social media and digital music frontier or is it just a needed evil in 2014?

Social media and digital music are necessary to promote music through this era.

  1. So the members of band play in other projects or is this the focus for the music you all create?

The members of the band plays in other musical projects, various and interesting. Anyway Disasterhate remains our little refuge for creativity, the perfect asylum to express our darkest and deepest being, to turn negativity into positive energy… sort of a cure for us and our need to scream (our precious quote) .

  1. There are some melodic moments that very much remind me of bands like The Gathering or 3rd and the Mortal ? If you know of these bands this they show any influence to you music?

We know and appreciate very much those bands, but there’re many more who influenced our music, especially for melodic and atmospheric inserts.

  1. Where do you see the next album musical going as they say you have a lifetime to write your 1st album and moments to write everything else?

We hope the next album will lead us to beautiful musical experience as for “Mirroring The Abyss”.

15. Three powerful minded women and one guy behind the kit . Does women in extreme music even matter anymore or is it just does the music kick ass or not ?

Being a woman and playing extreme music is not a strangeness anymore, there’re many good female musicians in extreme music too. I’m even more convinced that the only thing that matters is fucking good music, nothing else.

16. Are there any bands from your area that are not getting the hype they should that you want to turn my thousands of readers on too?

(Band did not answer the questions…..)

17. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here

Thanks Absolute Zero Media for the interview. For more info, support, get in touch, have a chat or purchase ”Mirroring The Abyss” please join us on our Facebook page
“Through various atmospheres, through various colours, “Mirroring the abyss” is not only a metal album, but is an inner travel in what we are. Music born by rage and fears, by whispers and dreams, we painted all the colours of our naked soul. Our abyss is revealed with no veils, we play what we are, and we hope that you could find a fragment of your “abyss” in our music.”

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