Explore the Dark Side Edition. ( 7 new experimental journeys!!!).. 1/11/15

Alphaxone - Altered Dimensions- CD/ Digital (Cyro Chamber)

Where you are is very subjective. How your feeling is the same. The tones that come from Alphaxone are not in any way shape or form. This is a deep droning ambient journey into spacial realms and distant galaxies from a time when the golden ages of these ancient races thrived. Alphaxone breaks in to drifting beats and loops of hypnotic bliss all with that very dark surrounding shell. There is a strong oceanic theme through out the release as well I want so say this is what Ethereal mix with Beat driving electronic and Spacial Dark Ambient is . There is a kinship to labels like Hypnos and Soleilmoon here with the style and Ideals going on as well as some of the more beat driven stuff from the only Dark Vinyl label days. If you are old enough to remember these then you know where to go with this is not check this out then dig into those three label and be overwhelmed with more amazing experimental sounds..


Ugasanie - Call of the North-CD/ Digital ( Cryo Chamber)

Two releases from the same label and even though they both are in similar genres there is something far more sinister and broken about this release Ugasanie takes you to the place where nightmare of the apocalypse can come true. This much more brooding and unsettling in the presentation. After death in the first moment you understand you are no longer part of the living but don't know where you have been life to spend eternity these are the sounds that would be rushing through you spiritual being I feel. Ugasanie is creating a Dark Pagan Orchestra for the natural surroundings of you new realm. You just know something is watching you and there is nothing you can do about it. The emotional level of sadness, hope and confusion is amazing with this album. Call of the North is headphone music on a mandatory order. The album is heavy without every being loud or bombastic. The layers here all it needs. Dark Ambient music has the next Sephiroth or Sleep Research with this one...


 Apocryphos - The Prisoners Cinema-CD/ Digital ( Cyclic Law)

 Welcome to the new home of of modern Dark Industrial music with the demise of Cold Meat Industry . Cyclic Law have taken its crown and with Apocryphos what we have is a very uneasy cinematic journey into the doorway of the very dark arts that we all want to know more about but are truly terrified to ever move forward on. The Prisoners Cinema is  Occultist Dark Ambient in only one direction and that is of the unlight. Chamber music for the fallen angels from the heavens is what we have and with every moment it's ritualistic hymns drawn me deeper and deeper in. Your mental states will change after fully listening to this as it lets you see the visions of a dark world within the tones and passages created through out. We have a classic in the making for dark ambient sounds here . Though again be forewarned this is a very dark path you are traveling to get to it.


Northaunt - Istid I-II - CD/ LP/ Digital ( Cyclic Law)

11 yrs in the making is this release if you have not heard Northaunt then I will try to explain it very easily as this is one of the longer running acts in what i call the soundscape ambient world. Its a mix of Drifts, lush synths an other worldly wind and pipe tone going on and there is always the very dark ambient backdrop to keep everything  a bit more calm for then the more bombastic heathen industrial elements do peak through. Imagine if you are the 1st person on this new land and your hearing everything around you and just absorbing it all in. This is were Northaunt shines. Do not be confused for a moment there is a darkness this this album but it's more subtle and refrained and thats what makes it all the more special. 


Orghanon-Figures in slow motion-CD/ Digital ( Eibon Records)

What we have is a different project from Sergio of the Mighty Colloquio. With Orghanon this is electronic/ digital broken beats all put in to a jazzy cinematic over tone much like his other works but this has a much different feel at its almost reminds me of post rock in the way its done is the say way Mandible Chatter created sounds many years back on the Manifold label. This is theater a story the way it builds , the way it's layered and given so many special touches. The delicate and fragile nature mixed with the deep tones , static and disjointed sounds is amazing to the ears and mind. Eibon is one of those labels that just doesnt know have to disappoint the Coldwave , Gothic Ambient, Post Industrial genre of fan. The Heavenly qualities of some of the choir moments are so beautiful they will make the toughest of souls weep. This is not an album to pass up.


Melanchoholics-Solar Café-CD/ Digital ( Eibon Records)

So this is the album I'm taken by surprise on as I was not ready for this from Eibon records as its much noisier the the current crop of material they have given us this more like Eibon circa 2000 then 2015. With Melanchoholics were are mixing Noise guitars, Post rock, field recordings, spoken passages, broken tones and loops of reverbed tone over and over to something that reminds me of bands like Subarachnoid space, US Christmas, Gravatar , Skullflower and Molasses . Welcome to the temple of Noise, Tones, Disruption, Drones and the Gospel of Post Rock . This really came out of left field and Solar Cafe is a wonderful surprise to say the least. I hope to hear more from this project and you should all check this out if you are the musically adventurous type..


Sewer Goddess- Painlust= CD/ Digital ( Malignant/ Black Plague)

What can you say about something that is just pure nightmares, pain, madness and hate but in a very cleansing way. This is Black Industrial Music with a huge nod to Doom and Black metal. With each release Sewer Goddess move more into that experimental extreme metal world that bands like DHG, CODE, PHOBOS and Godflesh have lived for a very long time. I really think its time to called Sewer Goddess Industrial Metal but its so much more then that with the way it layers Post Industrial, Electro elements and Drone movements as well. There is not really another band like this for my ears and I don't think there will be for you either as they grab from so many musical genres that they or actually better said She loves. and makes it her own. I feel like Sewer Goddess is becoming more a band then project . Malignant you have had me listen to this album 4 times before I could fully review it as it has dropped my jaw so. It's such the next level for the band that it could be a break out release for label and Black industrial / Doom genre... I will be keeping Painlust on play in my car and at work for weeks to come...