Kaotoxin Artist 6:33 Interview is up

6:33 (pic by Yann Lecanu)


1.6:33 is a new project to me but with very similar sounds of bands I love I want to say Dog Disco Fashion, Kontrust, Tub Ring,  When, Devin Townsend and Mike Patton various projects. Are these bands that brought your collective sound around ?
Howahkan : I must admit we're not very familiar with all the bands you quoted, but Mr Patton & Townsend are undoubtedly part of our influences. I'll say we're fond of music, generally speaking, and the main thing we share with all these artists is an open mind, above everything else !

2. Is there a theme for Deadly Scenes or just a collection of wonderfully twisted Metallic Avant Electronic Rock?
Howahkan : "Deadly Scenes" is a kind of concept album. It deals with the Seven Deadly Sins, but we didn't want this idea to be too oppressive. We used this theme mostly as a starting point to create stories, as each song deals with one particular sin, plus a prologue and an epilogue. For exemple, "I'm a Nerd" is linked to wrath and tells the story of a nerd who seeks revenge on his early school days’ persecutors by hacking their computers and ruining their social lives. So I guess we're quite far from "Se7en" !

3. Where did the name 6:33 come from?
Howahkan : Some whisper that it refers to the verse of the gospel of Matthew ("Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you."). Some other think this may be some obscure numerology mindfuck. Other simply tell the band was created at 6:33 AM after a very long night. Who knows ?

4. Whats the live show like is it very similar to albums or something so different to that. As I swear you could to a rock opera live and it it would be amazing?
Howahkan : We try to play the songs as close as possible to the album versions, but there is an extra theatrical dimension, thanks to the masks, the characters we play, the lights. Our songs are very "dense" but we really want to give them an easy, visual and entertaining vibe.

5. How did you hook up with Kaotoxin ? a label really on the rise in last year or so taking some really amazing risks in music and releasing some amazing bands.
Howahkan : We met Nico, the label manager in 2013 when we were about to finish the mixing of "The Stench From The Swelling", our 2nd album featuring Arno Strobl (Carnival in Coal / CinC, We All Die (laughing)). For some reason, the signing didn't happen at this time and we released the album ourselves. With "Deadly Scenes" we really wanted to take it to the next level and thought Nico was the guy who could help us achieving this goal.

6. Was it always the idea to have the male / female interplay on the label as this is very much a nod to some of the works of Devin Townsend as I hear elements of Retinal Circus through out this release.
Howahkan : It was more or less always the idea ! Some female vocals were already present on our previous albums, but not on every song, and used very sparingly. "Deadly Scenes" was written like a kind of Broadway Musical, as it features a huge amount of choirs, backing vocals and other stuff, so we didn't want to rely on our singer alone (even if he's doing a great job !).  Indeed, Devin Townsend has the same approach, but so does Freddy Mercury or Danny Elfman in some of his soundtracks. All these artists are a major inspiration.

7. I just have to ask why the masks?
Howahkan : I would ask "Why not ?" :)

8. Whats the most important to the 6:33 sound is it the odd melodies or the circus like environment to the why the sounds are arranged?
Howahkan : Well, I think our songs can be seen like short movies. There is a story, a proceeding linked to the different "scenes", different moods inside the track. So, I guess neither of them are really essential. The only thing that matters it that the listener gets the right feeling at the right moment. God, that sounds cheesy.

9. Do the members work in other projects as well that you would like to speak about?
Howahkan : At the very beginning, 6:33 was a side-project and we were all playing in other bands. Nicko and Sad were playing Prog Rock, Rorschach and # were in some Fusion bands, and I was playing keyboards in a "prog" Death Metal band, in the vibe of Opeth or Katatonia. 6:33 was here to satisfy a certain urge for musical crazyness, and it grew much faster than we thought it would !

10. Are you fans of social media and digital realm or is music something more personal to you and just a needed evil in 2014?
Howahkan : It's nice to have a connection with "real" people, with no interference. But social media are also a time-consuming beast, and we all know how false and tricky it can be. I have a lot of respect for people who have the ability to master music and social media at the same time, but when I listen to some big-famous-looking bands on Facebook, I often tell myself you apparently can't do both.

11. If you could make a full DVD for album what would it look like and why?
Howahkan : I would love to have a full live version of the album, with a lot of people performing on stage next to the band, real chorists, brass sections, actor performances and... Oh, fuck, Devin Townsend did that already. :)

12. What are the members of the band currently listening and reading?
Howahkan : I can speak only for myself but I'm in a very Progressive mood these days. Lots of Yes, Genesis, The Moody Blues... I must admit I've been disappointed by the latest albums of a lot of bands I used to love, and feel the need to come back to a time where people had more inspiration. Speaking of books, I'm currently in "Blast" a four volumes comic by Manu Larcenet. One of the most fascinating comics I've ever red. Don't know if it has been translated, though.

13. France is a very vibrant musical outpost for extreme and experimental music. What bands or artist gave you the chances for the world to witness 6:33 ?
Howahkan : Please don't make me talk about Mike Patton and Devin Townsend once again :)

14. Your website  http://www.633theband.com/ is beatiful do you feel a good hub website its better then any social media page?

Howahkan : Thanks ! I think the "responsive design" aspect and graphic design are quite important nowadays, but so is a good social media page. That being said, our label manager keeps telling us : F*** Facebook, get a damn newsletter !

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here
Howahkan : Thank YOU for your interest. Cheers !