6 New Reviews 12/6/14

OHHMS- BLOOM- CD/ Digital ( Holy Roar)

You know when the release is two tracks and over thirty minutes long you have some kind of adventure your about to begin and with OHHMS . Its a mix of Post Metal, Prog Rock and Sludge Doom all in one epic shell. If the Swans, Pelican, Giant Squid and Melvins invaded your stereo for a sonic assault that you never new was coming. There are so many Jazz filled Delicate post rock movement with the massive attack of low end guitars and bass and the unsettled vibe that only prog rock and sludge music can give you.  There is just so much expansive talent going on here words seem to lose meaning to it all. If Devin  Townsend made proggy Doom I swear it would sound like this .  You must just hear it to understand ...


Ghost Brigade-IV- One with the Storm- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

The term Post metal gets thrown around a lot these days but what Ghost Brigade is not that. They clearly have a love of Melodic Death Metal, Post Black metal and Gothic Doom. The elements I hear most in the band are bands like Amorphis, Green Carnation , Tiamat, Katatonia  and Godgory.  The music is powerful and haunting all at the same time and love to mix that black doom element with the gothic melody that I'm speaking of.  Ghost Brigade are every thing I loved int the late 90's early 00's about Peaceville, Black Mark, Napalm and Misanthropy labels ... This band loves to experimental with tones, sounds and textures and make it a full on listening experience not just an album you occasionally listen too.


Primordial- Where greater men have fallen-CD/ Digital ( Metal Blade)

This band has been around long enough most of you should know of them and if not I will help explain why they should no longer be in the shadows or lesser known realms. Primordial mix some of the best elements of metal into some very special and all the more interesting . They are parts of this whole Epic Thrash, Black / Folk Metal and a driving Classic metal over tone in to something that is as catchy as its dark and bleak for those of us with the love of occult in our music. The vocals are a mix of the heavier power metal meets that Folk metal vein. At times the are a kin to Slough Feg  older Man o war or Dawnbringer . You can just feel your Pagan soul attach to music and sounds of bands like this . I'm just a fan of this sound as this were melody meets metal its were The occult meets Heritage.. There is power and passion here my friends and a band that just bleeds the banner of Metal !!!


Dimesland- Psychogenic Atrophy- CD/Digital (Self Released)

So you all know how much the last release impressed me well there back with another dose of magic folks.  The madness and beauty of it all is these album seem a bit less focused and makes it all the better. I heard Voivod, Killing Joke, Ved Buen Ende and Ishahn all firing one one course here and then the band just get wierd as all the bands on labels like code666, Jester records and D.M.P all blend into something so very majestic. This album is as foward thinking you can make metal with out just blurring all the musical lines and spectrum's. Odd times, off kilter riffs and the madness of a musical architect is all the feeling and thoughts I get when listening to the new album.  They mix elements of bands like  WHEN, DHG and CODE into the mix as well as full on Prog rock .. It's the guitar tones that make the album so unsettling and Dimesland never ever change....


6:33- Deadly Scenes-CD/ Digital ( Kaotoxin Records)

Where have you been all of my live 6:33 you mix some of the musical  escapes that make me want to jump for joy Dog Disco Fashion, Faith No More, Purgatory Afterglow, Devin Townsend and Kontrust. This is arty, freaky, avant, heavy, electronic , dancey, jazzy and funky in the same song. There not much for I need to say other then if you don't at least experience this album a few times and see the power it had your miss out on a band that could expand your senses. 6:33 is just one of those bands when you find it you pull it in close and  let is grow and breathe over time.  Say what you want but  Deadly Scenes will get under your skin and you would be able to stop listening to it and you will begin to crave more like a warm blanket of a freezing cold night, There are even Beach boy elements as well going on here . Oh man this is quickly becoming one of my fave albums.


LAE-Break the claps- CD/ Digital ( The Compound/ Battleground)

This band is just twisted and fun to listen to. If a Spaghetti Western soundtrack, Post Hardcore band and an avant jazz unit got together and created a musical project it would sound like LAE. They have much in coming with bands like Polvo, Slint, Rodan, Kayo dot, Russian Circles,  Washing machine era Sonic Youth and Jesu . There is a hair standing on the back of you neck vibe this band gives you Post Hardcore and Post Rock are where they are firmly rooted with many experimental back drops. I'm so glad that a band like this is out there for the world to hear as there is just too much paint by numbers shit out there in the world and people need to open their ears and ideas on what music is and what music can be. LAE is years beyond the mainstream and I hope they will always be.