22 Favorite albums of 2014 from Absolute Zero Media ( In no order.....)

40.  Triptykon - <em>Melana Chasmata</em> (Century Media)

Triptykon - Melana Chasmata (Century Media)

48. Ides Of Gemini - <em>Old World New Wave</em> (Neurot)

 Ides Of Gemini - Old World New Wave (Neurot)

35. Krieg - <em>Transient</em> (Candlelight)

 Krieg - Transient (Candlelight)

Sister of...- Follow Me as a Ghost( Crowquill )

Woman is the Earth-This place that contains my spirit (Eisenwald)

Sabbath Assembly- Quaternity ( Svart)

Lord Mantis- Death Mask ( Profound Lore)

T.O.M.B- Pennhurst/ Xesse ( Crucial Blast)

EYEHATEGOD- S/T( Housecore )

Wolvhammer-Clawing into Black Sun ( Profound Lore)

Septic Flesh- Titan ( Prosthetic/ Season of Mist)

Father Murphy- Pain is on our side now ( Aagoo)

Lacrimae Mundi cover art

TeHOM- Lacrimae Mundi( Cyclic Law)

Empire Auriga- Ascending the solar throne  (Moribund Cult)


Abre Ojos- Gates ( Secrets of Giza Inc)

Secret Cutter- Self-titled ( Bethlehem Rust)

Aevangelist- Writhes in the murk (DMP/ Hells Headbangers )

Myrkur- S/t ( Relapse Records)

Wormwood- S/t ( Magic Bullet )

EMIT- Spectre music of an Antiquary ( Crucial Blast)

Maid Myriad- with haste on it's breathe ( Nefarious Industries)

6:33- Deadly Scenes ( Kaotoxin Records)