Bethlehem rust artist Secret Cutter Interview

Secret Cutter

1. So tell us how this sludgy prog noise rock unit  from PA came tp be?

Evan: We formed in 2007 . I ran a record label that released Ekim and Jared's old band Oktober Skyline. We wanted to play slower heavy stuff and it kind grew from there.

2. On your self titled full length you mix elements of bands like Melvins, Eyehategod, Today is the day , Jesus Lizard , Dillinger escape plan  and many bands on Amrep and Slap a ham labels. Where did the mix of Post Hardcore, Noise and  Metal come from?

Evan: There was no real plan to mix all the styles together. Its all just what sounds good to us. . We are frequently surprised by the bands we are compared to.

Jared: We all love different types of music. I personally feel like I take the aspects I love the most about certain genre's and sort of funnel them all together, but not on just happens.

3. This seems to be a self released album as well with killer production. Is Bethlehem rust going to be an outlet for other projects or just Secret Cutter?

Evan: I have some ideas for other releases, mostly records from old bands from our area, that were never released on vinyl. For right now Bethlehem Rust is just for Secret Cutter.

4. What is a live show for Secret Cutter like. How is different from the album?

Evan: Its loud.

Jared: Very loud, I need a drum PA.

5. In 2014 do bands really need labels any more or just good pr, social media, band camp and outlets to sell music? 

Jared: I think the initial push of a label helps but, clearly, with social media, your own fans can help get the music out to more ears.

6. What are the members of Secret cutters reading and listening to currently. It tell us almost about the artist..

Evan : I'm currently reading "The 12th Planet" by Zecharia Sitchin. He's one of the forefathers of the ancient aliens movement. I'm currently listening to Battalion of Saints a lot.

Jared: I've been in a musical null for a long time. Podcasts like JRE, Duncan Trussle's Family Hour. Kayo Dot, Murmur, Blutch.

7. What track would you make into a professional video for you tube and social media and how would you like it to look?

Evan: it would be the first track on the LP "MIrror Mirror". I would probaly want to film in Super 8. It would not be a standard ' Band plays song, and looks tough doing it" video.

Jared: I want to use that song, strap gopros to our heads and drink syrup of ipecac before filming.

8. Do you feel Secret Cutter is aligned more with the  hardcore/ punk ethos or do the extreme metal fans seem to embrace the sound more? 

Evan. People from alot of different sub genres seem to be into us. We all grew up in the Punk/Hardcore scene. We are punk guys playing metal for sure.

9. The artwork and name leave a mystery around the band. What is the story behind band name?

Evan. There is really no story to it. We were looking for a name that wasn't a typical heavy band name. Its about self hatred I guess. We like ambiguity in our artwork. Things that are more abstract and subtle.

10. Where do you see the sound reaching with future releases at more experimental or bombastic element?

Evan: We are shooting for both.

Jared: Whatever the tides bring. We're always trying to do different things and sometimes we just stumble on things that come from somewhere else, just by being in the moment.

11. Do the members of the band plan in other projects as well if  so let use know about them?

Jared: I have a recording project I do in my spare time called Orphan Donor. It's more improv grindcore with a touch of skramz, noisy nonsense.

12. What are you looking for the fans getting out of Secret cutters music. Is there a great plan to any of it?

Evan: We want to write songs that sound like the end of the world.

Jared: Just keep writing and see what happens.

13. Thank you for time any closing thoughts here..

Thank You