3 New Reviews from Moribund Cult 7/22/2014

Killgasm- A Stab in the heart of christ-CD/Digital (Moribund Cult)

Punk fueled Black thrash is what is the real sound of this band there are some very death metal over tones but as a hole Killgasm as a very interesting vibe going on. Its as if  Sodom, Bathory and Mercyful Fate all came together at an Exploited rehearsal and said you know what if we all formed one band we would be the dirtiest and nastiest blackened punks out in the world.  At times I swear they are on one single mission and that is to destroy all things of the light and plunge us into a new dark age. The vocals are full of so much venom and hate and the very raw and low fi what this is presented again is just a perfect mix . There are even a few gore/ grind moments on this beast of a release. Horns up....


Provocator- Antikristus-CD/Digital ( Moribund Cult)

So are you into Abruptum, Vond or Beherit then you know where this member of Bleeding Fist is coming from with this release. This is raw, industrial, noise filled black metal with the madness and torment you would expect with all the sickest of bands on the Moribund roster. Guitars, Drum machine , Over effected nightmarish vocals on one path and one mission the destruction of all mankind. I know this was recorded to sound like a demo from the 90's and it just adds all the more crude brutality that this album needs . Provocator is just one ritual into the darkest side of mental destruction..


Empire Auriga- Ascending the solar throne- CD/Digital (Moribund Cult)

Moribund is starting to have a theme here .They are moving more and more in the avant black and experimental Black metal sounds as with Empire Auriga we have elements of Burzum, Azrael, Blut aus nord and  altar of plagues.. there is so much ambience, spacial drift and cold industrial black metal going on here its a soundtrack to oblivion and we all know that can only end up one way. Orchestral suicide is a way of presenting what Empire Auriga will feed you till you see the other realms of both light and darkness.  These are more a collection of Nightmarish Hymns that we are favored to hear. There are doom elements through out the release as well as neoclassic movements. This album is something that must be experienced  to fully understood and I hope anyone into experimental extreme music will..


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