5 New Reviews 7/29/2014

Mortualia- Blood of the hermit-CD/ Digital ( Moribund Cult)

Dark and unnatural is where I would start with this release as its a side project of Horna/ Sargeist member Shatraug. This is post black metal with a very spacial and avant in the cords and disharmonic element of the album it reminds me of the more occult and very ritualist mystery bands like Drudkh, Wolves in the throne room and Windir just to name a few. This is black metal of the ancient ways . Of summonings to those names can not be spoken. There is a punk, heathen and early raw thrash element in the mix as well. The vocals are incantations to a realm that no one in their right mind would want to be opened into this world.  Children's nightmares spawn from this kind of music. in other words this album is just down right fantastic from beginning to end. This is truly for those that want there black metal to unsettle and make them know there are dark forces working against humanity period.


Father Murphy- Pain is on our side now-CD/ Digital ( Aagoo)

Where did this band come from and how come I didn't listen to this sooner. Industrial Metal meet Electronic Noise meets Neoclassic mastery. Its as if When, MZ412, Sonic Youth  and Sanctum ( band of Cold Meat Industries) had a love child at a Sunn0)) show.. I don't really know were to go with this . This is experimental and harsh and as forward thinking as any release I've heard in years. Its so many extreme genres in one and never one directional period. This is what the last moments of life must sound like on a dying world. The power that Father Murphy presents is massive by any undertaking.   Power electronic on a whole new level, Industrial Doom with ethno elements and Droning Noise with odd rhythms . It's really up to the listener to make there own conclusion with something that is that much of a breathe of fresh air in an already creative underground world.


Lacrimae Mundi cover art

TeHOM- Lacrimae Mundi- CD/ Digital ( Cyclic Law)

Primitive Tribal Dark Industrial in the highest of regards. The throat vocals with deep occult vocals , Long dark percussion blasts of sound and waves of reverb through out the release. TeHom was one of my favorite bands on the Nero/Tesco Org labels in the late 90's early 00's . With TeHom you have a force a wave of ancient ideals that no one fully understands but a select few want to try to absorb and grow in that spiritual ideals. The Ethno dark ambient and death industrial comes from the same place bands like In Slaughter Natives and Sephiroth .. What we have hear is without doubt sinister music . There is just something about Eastern European underground music that has such a darker / refined element to it . So glad to have this artist back making music on these levels..


Martyrdod- Elddop- CD/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

Another album in the style that southern lord has fully excelled and shined. The Crust/ Hardcore/ Punk/Grind movement. with Martyrdod we have a very well produced chuck of music that is Fast, Melodic, Noisy and full of fury as you would expect none the less. If you a fan of those labels Slap a ham, Pushead, Pessimister and Hydrahead then this is going to be something that you will not be able to stop listening to. There is a very Doom feeling to this album as a whole and a mature nature to all that is being made. Martyrdod has added Thrash complexities to the musical arrangements as well.  I get the vibe of bands like early At the gates and mid period Carcass mix in as well. There really is a lot going on here and yes the more I hear that golden age of Earache shines here as well. Not an album to miss would be how I would close this review.


Rabbits- Untoward- CD/ Digital ( Lamb Unlimited)

Man does this band have my number  Noisy Sludge with a healthy dose of Heavy indie rock. If you a fan of bands like Melvins, Jesus Lizard, Today is the day or Tad then my friends this a must own album. The sonic destruction on this album is epic and just keeps up the wall of low end trickery. The vocals are those cross of filthy punk and nyc hardcore. This band would have band a label darling on Amrep, SST or Matador yrs back.  There is a true rebirth of this music style and I'm so glad for labels like Ipecac , Southern Lord and 20 Buck spin for seeing value in this music again and now we have a new label Lamb Unlimited doing just the same thing. Rabbit is the band that will let you release all the stress and aggressions we have and restart a new.  Every release I've heard from Rabbits is this good and they keep progressing or maybe degressing into a band that is 2nd to none in the style and inspiration of this genre. 

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