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1. Your part of Godless Rising we all know how
did Waxen about?
Waxen was around about four years before my brief period in Godless Rising. I recorded the debut "Fumaroth" in 2004 and just circulated it myself as a demo. Through a temporary license agreement a tiny indie label pressed up 1000 cd's in 2006. Over the course of years, "Fumaroth" gained a cult following through word of mouth. I had a black metal band prior to Waxen called Darken, whom released a self titled mcd on Defiled Records in 97', but the other guy left the "scene" and Waxen was born for my need to create this music.

2. I understand its a one man mission. The
chaos level is high this album is there a running theme to
the album?
I'd say unrelenting fury as I was extremely pissed off when I wrote and recorded it. The mindframe was, your friends are backstabbers...everybody is a big shot...this world is completely backwards. People for the most part sicken me, the world sickens me. This is a sick album for a sick world and basically for this world, I think the time is short. One day what one has achieved as compared to another won't matter. The ship is going down and we're all aboard and equalized.

3. I hear a strong mix of industrial, noise and
black metal was that the plan all along?
I think the drum machine really brings an industrial element, but not intentionally. However, it's fine if it's viewed that way because one of my favorite bands is Mysticum, kings of industrial Black Metal. The way it was recorded was stripped down to the basics. Part of the "art" of Black Metal is the noise factor, which was generated by buzzing guitars spiraling out of control and washed in a filthy wall of reverb. I didn't even use a microphone- I screamed through broken earphones- I think Burzum did that on "Filosofem".

4. If Waxen could make some professional videos
for what songs would it be and how would want them to
I really never thought about that, the visual. I think turning the lights out and sitting back with the album under headphones will give the listener some visuals. I used to fall asleep to Primigenium's albums because they pulverize you into a state of stupefaction....then when it's over, you wake up absolutely freaked out and anxiety ridden.

5. Your working with Moribund a label that
promotes their bands hard. What are you looking for from the
label for this release?
The album, as of this interview, hasn't even hit it's "street date". I've seen a little extra money, the album already has a specific audience. The reviews are coming in faster and getting better and better and damn, Waxen has had some great acknowledment from trusted press. Odin and the Moribund Cult crew have already exceeded any expectations I had.

6. With the digital age do you find good pr and
digital media is what is needed to get the word out of your
new band Waxen?
Yes, it's part of the way things are now. I miss the letter writing, photo-copying, distributing ads in snail it's social media. If I walk away from social media, I loose connection with the listeners. I just hate the whole "social media star" notion. I'm just a musician communicating with his audience who are usually musicians too and I don't say "fan" I say "listener". I'm not "above". It's sad when someone gets an opportunity, or signature guitar series and suddenly they change. See you on the way to the top and I'll see you on your way to the bottom. Nothing lasts forever. Success is fleeting.

7.Toby what are you currently listening to any
surprises for us?
I'm weird. I like the melancholy pop music of the sixties with strings and piano. The Walker Brothers, Chad & Jeremy, early Gordon Lightfoot and Glen Campbell, Donovan and Herman's Hermits. In addition to that I want to hear it in mono coming to me on a distant AM radio station so there is static and that high pitched faint buzz. It makes the already depressing music seem that much more icy, like a ghost from the past. I used to compile cassettes this way and I still listen to them.

8. Would Waxen want to perform live or is this
a studio beast only?
I never thought much about that....I think it's a studio beast. I guess I can't totally rule it out though, I never know what the future holds. Maybe I'll wake up one day and think Waxen should do a couple gigs.

9. I do hear element of And Oceans, Oxiplegatz
, Thorns and MZ412 in this project are any of this bands
that have influenced your sound
Out of what you named I've only heard And Oceans and didn't really get inspired. I have a heavy influence from Fredrick Soderlund's music like Parnassus, Octinomos and maybe some of that militant industrial sound comes from Puissance. Algaion are a big influence in addition to Niden. Div. 187. Burzum, Mayhem and Emperor are obviously present. King Crimson, Voivod, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Bathory. I love the old stuff. Some good stuff came a little later like Winterblut, Lugubrum, Ohtar, Moon and Xasthur obviously. It's so hard to name one band and not name another.

10. Were to you see the sound of Waxen heading
with future releases.
I think it's going to be darker. It has to be darker and that darkness has to be real or it won't happen. I just don't think Black Metal is a commodity or a trend. I just happened to make the right album at the right time, I think.

11. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts
Thank you for taking the time to listen to the music and ask some questions. Hails to the listeners and the true brotherhood of underground Metal.