Interview with EYEHATEGOD 5/21/2014

Interview w/ MIKE IX

1. So we have not seen a full new release in over decade. Though the band has been active performing and doing side projects. How did the self titled release finally come to be?

Mike IX: Through much adversity and struggle and a lot of obstacles. We work at our own pace and make music that WE want to hear!

2. Your working with Housecore after yrs of issues and turmoil with Century Media in the USA. How did you come to work with Housecore? I know Phil is a huge fan.

Mike IX: Phil is an old friend, so it was basically a no-brainer, an obvious choice. Its a big family here in NOLA so you get the picture. CMR is doing the record in Europe and elsewhere and its a new set of folks over there who grew up with EHG. We havent signed a long term deal with anyone, we've licensed this LP out to three different labels. We own ALL the songs.

3. The tracks on your new album are a mix of "Take as Needed..." with moments of Dopesick with a production that the band never had before, It's full and you can hear everything with that great NOLA Sludgy sound in full effect. What was different on this release from earlier titles?

Mike IX: You know we HATE the term Sludge,... We mixed this album a bit more clearer than previous records is the main difference.

4. We are all saddened by Joey's loss as he was a major part of the sound and soul of the band. But I will have to say Aaron Hill has really stepped up and in to keep the vibe fully there. Does Aaron add a rebirth to the band or is it always just EYEHATEGOD ?

Mike IX: Both really. Aaron is great and Joeys drum tracks on the record are great... You can call it whatever you want.

5. When the band puts together a set list for a tour is it hard to get the list together with so many songs that everyone want to hear or the band wants to play?

Mike IX: We dont use a set list, its all spontaneous on stage decisions sometimes ending with complete stupidity...

6. EYEHATEGOD are road dogs with over 20 yrs of musical chaos. What would you say is similar ideal or mission the band has had since those early days?

Mike IX: 26 years as a band at this point and still counting. Nothing has changed at all. SAME passion, SAME heart, SAME energy, SAME mindset, SAME friendship, SAME alcoholism...

7. If you would tour with any band or project who would it be and why?

Mike IX: Black Flag circa 1981-1983, David Allen Coe circa straight outta prison, Butthole Surfers circa 1983-1985

8. Is there a running theme on the new self titled album or is it just a collections of sonic hymns?

Mike IX: No. We dont tell stories in our songs. We are THEE cryptic explainers of devastated legalized abstract confusion....

9. Mike, Jimmy and Brian you all have many projects outside of EHG ( Down, Soilent Green, Arson Anthem, Corrections House, Kill X Life, The Guilt 0f.., Outlaw Order... ) just to name a few. Has this been a way to let the expression of other loves released and keeps EHG the sound we all know and love? Also are there any new release from you gentlemens other projects we should be looking for in 2014???

Mike IX: Do NOT forget Gary Mader our bassist has Classhole & Hawg Jaw & is in 00% of course as well plus Aaron Hill our new drummer plays in Mountain of Wizard, Missing Monuments, Gasmiasma, Kakofoni etcetera. We put out records constantly; ALL of us. Joey Lacaze has Solemn Sickness Continuum, Outlaw Order and a number of noise/experimental projects.

10. Has the digital age changed the way underground and indie bands tour, record and promote. Is there a need for a label anymore or is social media and good PR what a band needs to get the word out today.

Mike IX: Who cares. Boring question.

11. What are the members of EHG currently listening to are there any surprises of gems you can tell my readers about?

Mike IX: I have no idea what these other SOB's are into this day today but I listen to AntiSeen, Gary Numan, Bl'ast!, Roky Erickson, Towes Van Zandt, Pagans, Fuck-Ups, Laughing Hyeneas, Double Negative, SPK, Throbbing Gristle, Autopsy, Abscess, Inepsy, Pinkish Black, Artic Flowers, Avengers etc....

Thanks for the interview.

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