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Bloody Hammers- Under Satan's Sun - CD/ Digital ( Napalm Records)

Well Well well a fuzzed out 70's Death rock album with a very Spaghetti western soundtrack vibe is whats going on here .  I don't want to simplify this at all as there is a very interesting dynamic going on with the vocals, heavy bass and synth . If Kyuss, Foo fighters and Jack White created a band I think it would very much sound like this . As it's metal but is fringing on heavy rock and proto metal through out the tracks.  This North Carolina unit wants to be Classic doom at times but the just always stay more as a classic hard rock band with a more thundering rhythm section. At times there is very much a Deep Purple or Grand Funk Railroad. I kind of at a loss with this as they make good music but they come into territory that so many other stoner bands have and I feel its just another in long line in a worship of the fuzzed out riff..


Incantation- Dirges of Elysium- CD/ Digital ( Listenable )

This is a band that if you don't know this band by now where have you been. This is one the Dark Death Metal bands I have ever heard. Incantation mix  Doom/Death and Black metal into a stew of complexity , brutality and passion. The vocals are just spine tingling and have the power you have come to know and love with them. Incantation is always epic at moments as well and this is where the band wins me over the Slow crushing riffs with speed and tempo changes sometimes even in the same song.  If you love your extreme metal with an edge and creativity then you will not be let down here. Listenable is a risk taking label and are always on the bleeding edge of Modern extreme metal . Incantation after 20 + yrs are still making ground breaking death metal releases that inspire generation after generations of metal fans the world around.


EYEHATEGOD- S/T-CD/ Digital ( Housecore )

They're Back!!!!! The masters of  Nola Sludge Doom... Mike voice is just a lighting bolt of anger, fury and aggression. The Guitar assault of Brian and Jimmy could not be more then amazing . Those southern fried thrashed and dirty riffs are just giving me chills. If you loved the 1st two albums by EHG then this more of the magic you remember esp Take as needed for Pain this is were the full vibe of this album is taken form from. There are also moments of Dopesick where the more crust and punk came out as well. Just Phil and Housecore have given them a home and distro for the masses to hear it. The production on this is stellar for a Sludge release . It's a amazing mix of  Muddy and Crisp here everything can be heard and the raw power is still there. The rhythm section with new drummer Aaron hill (We Miss you Joey!!!) doesn't miss a beat and keeps the percussive fury and chaos alive and well in this camp of misfits , poets and tragedy.. Let's all welcome back the Nola sound in a form that will only get better and a band that is still break ground and blowning minds..


Floor- Oblation-CD/Digital (Season of Mist)

This time out of the fast comes a Florida Sludge/ Experimental Force by the name of Floor.. I started listening to this band in the mid 90's with Cavity another fellow band from Miami. There 7" was a power house of sludge and Doom and and the band progressed they added a more futuristic almost post hardcore element to there music . Now in 2014 Floor are a mix of  Voivod, Isis, His Hero is Gone and Black Cobra. Season of Mist has picked up a band that will challenge all you think heavy music should and could be. I know the band gets a stoner tag at times but they are way beyond that one dimensional thinking. Yes they have an element of this in the guitar tones but that is really where it ends. Floor over the years has grown more into the Post Hardcore/Rock side of music with a very Jazz and Prog overtone.  With Oblation they have a dark melody that is almost haunting in a way.  Floor is doing what the Melvins have done over the last decade become undefinable and just make music that interests them and with this all can say is more more more from Floor Floor Floor....


Decembre Noir- A Discouraged Believer-  CD/ Digital ( FDA Rekotz)

Early Opeth and Newer Katatonia is were I hear this band coming form also there are moments of bands like Fen, Saturnus and Enslaved.  The melancholic elements mix with the sorrow and blackened nightmares that come through out this release. Yes they are a doom/black metal band that has by choice to let in Gothic and Post rock elements to add the fragile and delicate nature of emotions and bleakness into the over all music. Let's be clear Decembre Noir have a huge love of Dan Swano as well . There are moments of Edge of Sanity and his solo material all over many of these tracks. I would not be shocked to see this band sign with Prophecy or Candlelight for future releases as they have the sound both the labels are looking for these days. FDA is a label that is really signing bands that are needed to be heard and will do great things as albums progress that are what labels like Season of Mist, The End and Profound Lore use to be. This a band to watch...

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