6 New Experimental Music Reviews 5/17/2014

The Body/  Thou- Released from Love- Vinyl Only ( Vinyl Rites)

This is a full on collab release between to acts that like to turn the volume up and mix Noise, Doom and Black metal into something Sludgy, dark and nightmarish and with this collab release they have hit the mark with fevered pitch.  I don't know where to go further then this is one of the nasty, syrupy Doom/Drone/ Noise albums to come out in years they channel bands like  Thergothon, Womb, Disembowelment , Khanate and Worship in way that you can not but just smile from. There are elements of bands like Gnaw, Khylst, Crisis and Noothgrush as well.  Bombastic is an understatement here my friends. If you can get your hands on this clearly do not miss out as the Vic Chesnutt cover of " Coward" will make you rethink of music is and should me..


T.O.M.B- Pennhurst/ Xesse- CD/ Digital ( Crucial Blast)

This material was release yrs ago as  CDR and Vinyl only limited releases  and now Crucial Blast has brought both releases on to on CD in a 6 panel fashion. If you missed these or didn't know of T.O.M.B in 2009 then you have a great way to hear the sounds of the past with this unit. Harsh cold droning  death industrial is what I hear coming from the Pennhurst CDR release and if your a fan of bands on Malignant or Deathfactory side of CMI this is a must listen. The terror and chill factor is strong on this album it reminds me of the more occult and noise release that came out on Cold spring as well.  Now with Xesse the soundtrack takes a very different turn in style and structure but no less creepy and unsettling at all. There is much more of a Ambient Dark Industrial overtone.  There seems to be more of drifting noise that flows through out the album if your into bands like  Schloss tegal or Sleep research faciluity then you know where Xesse is heading to there is a very Black ambient tone through out .  T.O.M.B is a band that  expands the minds and will always take sounds to the limits. Great Great release..


Dwellers-  Pagan Fruit- CD/ Digital ( Small Stone)

The 60's fuzzed out rock element is stone in this one with the Occult and Folk elements are what I hear the most. If you like bands that like to jam out like Traffic, Cream, Humble pie but then if you like newer bands like Sabbath Assembly, Beastmilk and Chelsea Wolfe.  I really should not like this but I think this kind of organ infused Stoner material is really getting into to my marrow and infecting me. The vocalist is so much in that  Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Mother Love Bone trip it really is what is drawing me in. I hear a lot of Monster Magnet as well another band I adore. Small Stone you keep getting me to like your bands. This needs to stop ok well maybe it doesn't good music is that good music...


Common Elder, King Elder- UKSUR-  Vinyl/ Digital  (Pesanta Urfolk)

Ritualistic, Occult. Folk , Nature Based, Dark Ambient, Haunting , Chiller, Outsider, Drone these are all ideals that hold true to this release. At times I would almost call it Ambient Black metal as it sounds like  Aghast, Lustre, Endvra, Aeoga you get the point of making of this. We are trying to reach a realm or dimension that has not been through this mortal coil for most . I am really disturb by the sounds coming from this. Some of the release is truly skin crawling but in a good way if your a fan of rituals perform to music then this is something you need to hear. It's done in a minimalist fashion but done oh so well. There is female, male, choir chanting and hymns going on through out with just drifts and drones of tones and effects something its just a chilling vocal piece. I need to hear more of Common Elder, King Elder ...


Trepaneringsritualen & Sutekn Hexen- One Hundred Year Storm Vinyl/ Digital  (Pesanta Urfolk)

Ah more glorious ritualistic occult noise from two artist that are as mysterious as talented. This live recording of a performance is of which nightmares and night terrors hide from. This was mastered by James Plotkin with tender loving and care as you can hear everything on this release each breathe, note, tone and torment as we ebb and flow through the madness that is One Hundred Year Storm. Releases like this are an illness on the world as those who it infects makes them want more and more and those it doesn't can not understand the beauty in a different way of being and out without Darkness there can not be light.  Its limited to 350 copies on vinyl and will be out in June. The album consists of just two very long brilliant track . These two forces need to record together again or the crimes on humanity will be great. Pesanta Urfolk is a label that is just a force all it's own and so glad to have them on my radar..


BLOOD and SUN- White Storm Fall- CD/Digital/ Vinyl (Pesanta Urfolk)

Very very rarely do I get 3 albums from a label this different that I fully enjoy but with Blood and Sun the trifecta is struck with an album of Power NeoFolk and Martial Acoustic that just draw me back to a simple time of bands like Of the Wand and the Moon, Fire and Ice,  Spiritual Front, Tenhi  and Boyd Rice. I love the dark acoustic and deep male vocals mixed with the very passionate female vocals. The Pagan theme plays even stronger as we go through out the release. The minimal percussion and celtic over tones work very much with this the more somber moment of Blood Axis and Sol Invictus really shine here as well. I miss good Neo-Folk and this is just that a band to take the next phase of this culture and sound to the new fans that care about their there heritage and heathen ways..

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