New Reviews March 3rd 2012

Therradaemon- Den Morke Munnens Sprak-CD (Cyclic Law)

You by now should know what your getting from the  Canadian force of Cyclic law they have taken off were Cold Meat Industry left all the Occult Dark Ambient , Dark Industrial and Minimalist Industrial elements are here with Therradaemon. This is not a safe journey by any means. You can just hear that sinister things are going on through out this release. If you like the 90/ early 2000 releases on Cold Spring Records this is another place that will feel very at home again. The emptiness and sorrow that is filled within the deep drones, moans, bass elements and dark loops makes me remember bands like Aghast and Sephiroth. Cyclic law has another great Dark Ambient release going on here what are you waiting for...

MuLm- The End of Greatness-CD (Cyclic Law)

So we have a new minimalist Drone/ Ethereal Ambient project from the members of  Norhtaunt, Avsky and Taphephobia. Right off the bat this reminds me of something more that Robert Rich, Steve Roach or Vidna Obmana would do its more Soundscape and Music Konkert in fashion and design. I could this this kind of ambience on the Hypnos label of old. There are very frail and fragile tones and drifts going on here in an almost desolate world or realm. The empty spaces are what make to sorrow come from this release. I love where MuLm is almost having you choose you own adventure in the way the music moves your moods. Mulm give me the since of a soundtrack to a lost thinking mans Scifi or Horror movie were lone survivor is trying to find any kind of living force to interact with. Well Done release by some of Norway's most impressive Dark Ambient artists.

ARCTIC PLATEAU: The Enemy Inside out now | Free streaming on Youtube

Arctic Plateau-  The Enemy Inside-CD (Prophecy Production)

This is Post Rock meets Shoegazing beauty on a level very few bands make it to and even less excel at. At 1st listen we can hear bands like Anathema, Alcest, Curve, Throwing Muses and Mira mixed with a good Dose of Lycia and Third and the mortal. The Delicate guitars, lush rhythms and soulful vocals. Arctic Plateau is what I loved about 4AD and Constellation records the fierce independence of creation of sound and ideals in the music that is designed. This is more for the solo member of Arctic Plateau to show to the world then any kind of sales or personal gain. This is something that needs to be released or it will haunt is very mind till the end of time. The Enemy Inside is a very important and powerful release do not miss out on it .

Bicentennial Picnic Cover Art

PLOW- bicentennial picnic-CDEP ( Self Released)

The very 1st thing I hear is a total love for all things called Down.. This sounds like the lost Down Album I swear he has channeled Phil of (Pantera and Down) vocally and musically its a mix of Down, Tool and Soundgarden in its presentation. Plow is a really good band at what the do and the production is 2nd to none on the lowfi dirty bluesy post metal sound there creating. People are using the stoner tag for this band but I don't hear it its more Blues Metal with Alt metal elements. I really hear the early Soundgarden and Down in Plow two bands that rules my world. If you like Ultramega OK from Soundgarden and had Phil sing on it this what this 4 song ep from Plow is to me. Hats off gentlemen. I hope to hear more soon.

Heidevolk- Batavi- CD (Napalm Records)

I said raise your Ale Horn and cheer on Heidevolk with me . This is Viking Folk Thrash with the power and fury that makes me love being an Asatru follower. Batavi gives me hope that the Gods above have not forgotten about us just yet. The fierce recording and full sound is what you want to go fight into the afterlife with. These are hymns of the world in the eyes of my fellow Viking brothers. The chorus vocals, Heathen music and orchestral arrangements on how its all put together is what makes its so impressive. You can feel every word this band projects. If you like Falkenbach or Vintersorg do not miss out on this band period..

Insense-Burn beautiful fire-CD ( Indie Recordings)

Post Metal mixed with Post Hardcore all with a very off kilter tuning is what is going on here. Is this the future of Modern Death metal (Tech mix with Melody mixed with Brutality??). I for one don't know but I can tell you Insense is kicking my ass musically right now its like if you mixed Opeth, Meshuggah and Entombed into one band then decided to let Crowbar and Sick of it all write some songs for them. I know it sounds weird but it works so damn well and comes out even better. A live sound of Insense must be amazing in itself. I swear Dan Swano and Peter of Hypocrisy are major influences on a band like Insense. The closest band I can say that this sounds like is Old Dead Tree but they don't have the Hardcore element these guys do. Wow just Wow get this album and be floored.

Frames- In Via-CD ( Steamhammer/ Spv)

Ah Glorious Post Rock full of Organs, Heavy Verbed Guitars, Prog Drum and Bass lines all with a very Earthbound feeling to the music with the odd sample and loop filled through out the music this is a homage to all the greats before them GYBE, Mogwai, Circle, Russian Circles, Isis etc. If you like that material them run don't walk to get the album from Emusic or Itunes as there are no dam CD or Record stores anymore. This would be amazing on Gatefold Vinyl (just saying). Vocals are over rated in Post rock and this isn't ruined by them at all. Frames is a secret on SPV I hope we can make a much bigger name as this band is stellar at the sonic rock sound they create.

If These Trees Could Talk 'Red Forest'

If These Trees Could Talk- Red Forest-CD (Self Released)

Most Inspiring Post Metal as I call it its not post rock as its so metallic in sound so I speak of bands like Russian Circles, Pelican and Isis  and I think you get the pictures the guitars become full crunch , the bass rumbles and there is massive percussion going on I swear today with Facebook, Bandcamp, Itunes and E-music you can do it all on your own as long as you get a good pr firm and this is just what If TheseTrees Could Talk did. They are having a limited vinyl release on Science of Silence. Otherwise this is DIY all the way and music like this is perfect for this as this is the kind of music you go see and talk to the band they add to there Webzines and  Internet radio shows and podcasts. Its the future now and its how the indie world will stay indie and how bands will sell music , shirts and keep the music alive with soul into the 22nd century..